Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Sis! Suns Fan #2!

April 8, 2008
Okay Kissy Poo...Here is your SHOUT OUT!!! Happy 23rd Birthday! I just have to say that my lil' sis is one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out! She is also one of the most determined. I don't know if there is a thing that she sets her mind to that she doesn't accomplish! She is amazing! As sisters we have dance in common...we all were bred to love it and the creativity that comes with it! Kiss is SO creative in her choreography, she doesn't get enough props for it, since she has to shadow Dance Master and Me, but as a dancer I believe she was the better dancer of us three girls, but that just means we taught her well!
Kiss, you have alot going for you, a wonderful and fun husband, a baby on the way, and your ability to befriend and love everyone around you! I love you and wish you the best Birth Day ever!!!
I had to pull out some fun photos...since we are in the process of scanning them in! Enjoy!

See we were always close friends...those times I shouted at you and told you I wish you would go away and never show your face around me again...well I was young, and you were my annoying shadow...plus Mom made me take you everywhere with me and it was just PLAIN embarrassing! Hello I had such and important life at age 10!!! This proves I loved you before all of that...
That is Kiss how I remember her! Always with her dang thumb in her mouth! It did keep her quiet though...oh how I miss those days... lol!
Kiss was also fortunate enough to grow up when Mom discovered bows...BIG bows...and Kiss got to wear them almost EVERYDAY...okay, I did too...but I revolted, Kiss was too young and didn't have a choice...

I knew that deep down you have always wanted to be a singer! I think your husband wrote that you sing like an Angel...but he has husband ears...I'm just glad we caught a picture of you living your dream! Don't be ashamed...sing and BE PROUD!!!

Here's her with the Red bow...I believe there was one in EVERY color! Lucky Kiss!

Had to put the HOT pink one in there...and you get a sneak peek of Kiss's sensitive skin...the girl would break out in cold sores every year, right under her cute nose...poor thing! Nasty cold sores...I hate them!

Well here we are...best friends by choice...sisters by blood! I know...I'm lucky!

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