Monday, January 28, 2008

Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley...till we meet again!

We thank thee O' God for a Prophet! What an incredible example of how to live life! He is now home with our Father in Heaven and back in the arms of his wife! What a legacy he left. What an example of living to serve our Heavenly Father. I will miss is wit and inspirational talks. Luckily I can read the books he wrote and the talks he gave in previous conferences. I remember that he visited our 9th ward one time. He wasn't expected and I believe he was in the Quorum of the Twelve at the time. I do remember he shook hands and greeted people after the sacrament meeting with patience. I remember feeling that I instantly felt akin to him and since that time he has held a special place in my heart...even before he was the Prophet. While I was watching his biography on the news they showed a clip of a speech he gave at the Nauvoo, IL temple dedication where he said that, and I'm paraphrasing "we have a lot of work to do and we don't have forever to do it!"...attending the temple and doing the work is his message and legacy...I will stive to do my part!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

DCar cuttin up the mountain!

January 19, 2008

So DCar has gotten so much better since his first time boarding. MountainSport Man and DCar have gone up pretty much every weekend since Brianhead opened! Now that DCar doesn't fall as much he is loving it! Enjoy the pics and video!

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DCar is getting so good at Snowboarding!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

DCar lost his first tooth!

December 29, 2007

DCar lost his first tooth...he was trying to open one of those mini M & M bottles and it popped out...his other bottom tooth right next to it is really loose also!

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Bringing in the NEW YEAR...Buh BYE 2007

December 31st, 2007-January 1st, 2008

Well the end of 2007 and the beginning of a new year! Yea...I'm not one to look back for too long...but I have grown a lot this year and am very thankful for 2007!

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New Years Eve Dinner

We brought in the new year with McDonalds!!! That's right...we asked the kids what they wanted...and of was kids meals!!! So I went all out and got some french fries....because I haven't eaten them for a WHILE and I thought I would let my guard down for one night...but my luck...they were cold and not very OH well.

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PeePs and DCar Entertaining us!

It was funny because DCar just all of a sudden dipped PeePs and kissed her on the cheek! But she turned her was hilarious!

We were watching the SNL in the 90's and the rugrats were copying the skit with Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze being Chip and Dale Dancers! It was so funny!
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Messing with the camera

PeePs and I got bored and started to mess around with the camera, while waiting for the count down!

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Going outside to make lots of noise! Watch fireworks!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We went outside to bang on stuff...but DCar was worried so I had to show him that it was okay to bang really loudly and run around screaming Happy New Year like a lunatic!!! I think that scared him more. He just said he was cold and asked if he could go inside!!! I just started I took some pictures of us and we went back inside...and then the rugrats went to bed! Exciting stuff!

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