Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I have been putting off writing this page for my blog or site or whatever I'm suppose to call this, because as much as I love to talk about myself, I'm not good at selling myself, and this "ABOUT ME" page is like selling myself...ya know what I mean?

So let me just copy what some of my other friends have done and that is make a list of things about me... I'm not going to put a number to it, because then if I can't think of that many things then I fail myself and who wants to do that?

Here we go:

1. I'm a wife. (good start right?)

2. I'm a mom.

3. I dip my McDonald's French Fries in McDonalds Hot Mustard sauce, but all other fries in Ketchup or Fry Sauce.

4. I have two kids. One boy and One girl. We nicknamed the Boy DCAR and the girl PEEPS

5. I use to be a dancer. Now I either teach it or watch it.

6. I don't have favorite sports teams. None.

7. I am, however, obsessed with Bull Riding and UFC. For some people that's a deal breaker for friendship. I understand.

8. I like to write but I hate to correct my writing, so my grammar has a lot to be desired.

9. I run Real World Venus vs. Mars me being the Venus queen. You should check that out. It's good stuff about relationships.

10. I graduated from BYU in Marriage and Family Therapy...hence my interest in starting a relationship blog.

11. I'm LDS, or Mormon, or a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

12. I have worked in the airline industry for 5 years.

13. I love to travel.

14. I love people.

15. I love to travel to meet people (like blog friends)!

16. I like to take pictures. Sometimes I get paid for it.

17. I read. a. lot.

18. Romance is my favorite. Sue me.

19. Fantasy would be my second. It's my escape. Don't judge me.

20. I can't fall asleep at night unless I'm laying on my rights side with my husband cuddling up behind me. I blame him for starting that habit.

21. I birthed my first born natural. And yes, I'm a freaking champ for doing that.

22. I used the Bradley Method to do #21. I would do it over again exactly the same in a heartbeat.

23. I birthed my second born with an Epidural to help the pain. I'm a champ for that also. And I'd do it over again exactly the same.

24. Which one would I prefer? Natural or Epidural? DUH people... Epidural, it was like running a full marathon going natural but so cool once the baby was out and you get a adrenaline burst of energy... the Epidural was like running a half marathon and then needing a few hours to recover but no pain during the marathon part.

25. I life-guarded all through high school and the first two years of college. I could save your life using CPR if I needed to or save you from drowning or bandage up a minor wound. But I can't promise I'll do it well.

26. I was on the drill team in high school. I was a super star! In my mind anyway.

27. I was also in a few plays in high school and then help with the tech crew... I was the wolf hand in "Into The Woods"... I was a Super Star.

28. I played soccer. Not on the high school team, but city league and loved it... but chose dance over soccer when I had to make a choice.

29. I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers... all taller than me. I'm the runt of the liter. Go figure.

30. I had my first kiss when I was 18 on New Year's Eve.

31. I regret not kissing earlier.

32. I made up for that regret.

33. Like lots of times.

34. I was in a work out video.

35. I have a testimony of the gospel.

36. One of my favorite book series: "Fishers of Men" by Gerlad N. Lund

37. I LOVE country music.

38. Right now the Zac Brown Band is my favorite. Listen to THIS song or their performance of Devil Went Down To Georgia. for CMA's... yum.

39. I've taken a day to fly for hours to meet up with blogger friends, just to turn around and fly home.

40. I've also drove to do that same thing. :)

41. I stare at people.

42. I talk to strangers.

43. My favorite trip was to London, England.

44. Then Hawaii, my first and second times there.

45. I love change.

46. I'm obsessed with near death experience books.

47. I love to watch movies at the theater.

48. I rarely watch movies twice with the exceptions of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", "Dirty Dancing", and "Transformers" 1 and 2 and any Disney-Pixar movie ever made since I had kids. But I didn't choose that, it's what happens when you try to entertain a kid while you do other things--pop in a movie and they become zombie's.

49. I've lived in my parents basement with my family for the last 4 years.

50. I threaten to make voodoo dolls all.the.time on my blog to scare people.

51. I don't know how to make voodoo dolls.

52. Or ones that work anyway.

53. I can't sew to save my life.

54. Or craft to save my life.

55. But I can bake a mean peanut butter cookie, still may not save my life.

56. I got first place in the Peanut Butter Cookie cook off for my 4-H thingy.

57. I pooed in a pool when I was a kid and blamed it on the boy next to me.

58. I thought I was clever.

59. They figured out it was me.

60. I hate public bathrooms because weird things happen to me in them.

62. I don't paint my nails because I bite the nail polish of of them.

63. I chew gum. a. lot.

64. I only wear Victoria Secret Body Splash. The other kinds are beneath me.

65. Love Spell is still my favorite smell of VSBS.

66. I ran a half marathon and finished faster than I set out to. I was kinda proud of me.

67. I sometimes wish still that my little sister didn't have to experience her baby boy dying because I still want to be the older sister that helps everything go away or make it better.

68. I wish my BIL didn't have the disease he has.

69. I trust in God's plan. I'm lucky.

70. I still cry thinking about it though.

71. I sing really loud in my van.

72. I always get caught by the person that pulls up next to me at a Red Light. At least I make them laugh.

73. I text while driving sometimes ... I try not to, but sometimes it's like a drug and I can't help myself.

74. I love red licorice.

75. I love movie popcorn.

76. I have a sick obsession with pistachios. I should add here that my favorite food is Italian. But some days it Mexican.

77. I tell people I can't cook, but I really can. In fact, I'm pretty good.

78. I'm the kind of person that plans when someone suggests, "We should go to lunch/movie/have dinner sometime". I'm that person that pulls it all together.

79. I love being social, in fact, I live for it.

80. I'm pretty pathetically in love with my husband.

81. And then my two kids.

82. I LOVE to sleep in.

83. But have to wake up anywhere from 4 AM to 6 AM for work every morning.

84. If it has chocolate and caramel I'll eat it.

85. I struggle with my body image. Still. AT my age.

86. I broke my collar bone.

87. I broke it Cycling-it's not even a good story.

88. My only other broken bone is when I slammed my Left Pointer Finger in my Van Door.

89. I love to laugh.

90. at people.

91. and with people.

92. I try to be witty, but can't deliver a punch line to save my life.

93. I consider many people my friends, but only have a handful that I consider close friends.

94. I was a good girl all growing up.

95. Mainly because my Mom caught me the two times I tried to do something bad, like meet up with boys at a movie, or pool hop... I figured it wasn't worth the effort to out smart her.

96. I hope I'm as smart as my mom when my kids get old enough to try and get away with things.

97. I did gymnastics when I was younger. I was on a traveling competitive team. Yet I couldn't stand on my hands for longer than 30 seconds to save my life.

98. I've wasted a lot of hours in front of a computer screen reading blogs.

99. Thank goodness for crackberry's! Now I can waste my time reading them on the go!

100. I don't like to talk about myself. ;) Much.

Okay well there you go. A list of a 100 things about myself.

If you made it this far, I'm sorry, you'll never get that time back, hopefully you learned not to read these kinds of things in the future.


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