Friday, July 31, 2009

The Real Famous Naked New York! :)

HELLO HELLO HELLO one and all!!!

I only had to make TWO voodoo dolls so I'm way impressed... and I've come to meditate on this whole cultish follower thing we bloggers have come to rely on... and I have decided that I'm okay with people de-following me as long as they stand up in our close knit group we have and tell us WHY.

We have a right to know... they're not just letting ME down... but they are letting YOU guys down also... by not following through with their FOLLOW commitment.

I mean, its not just like ANYONE can follow me!?! There is a whole process you have to go through, a lot of hard work and dedication... and I only pick the BEST of the BEST to follow me. Some people just can't take it though, and I HAVE to understand that... only the most elite can withstand the rigorous daily mouth vomit I put out. So be PROUD oh strong ones... YOU are the special ones... YOU are the brave and the strong.

Moving along...

This is the 3rd time I have been to New York. I'm practically a native. So when I went this year and packed my point and shoot camera around in my purse I thought to myself... 'Self, it's time to show the world the REAL famous people and sights in New York!'

And so I did.

I mean, how many pictures have you seen EVEN this summer of the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, The Letterman Show... I could go on and on...

But I must put out a WARNING. This isn't for the weak of stomach. My pictures are REAL, they are ORGANIC, they tell the true story, the story New Yorkers are scared to tell...

Today I show you ONE... just ONE of them, because these pictures need their own special time, it would be WAY to much for a human being to be thrown these pictures all at once.

So you know the Naked Cowboy? It's a hoax! First of all he's not naked. He wears a speedo??? He should be called the Speedo Cowboy ya know? My first time going to New York I found this atrocity out...

So when I was taken down the dark alleys to see THIS real life famous person... where we were told that NO pictures were allowed, for YOU guys, I snuck this picture in... I sacrificed my precious time for YOU guys...

Here you are... the REAL naked COWBOY... or should I say...

COWGIRL! Sorry for the quality of picture... as you can see I didn't have much time to get this photo. I did find out some facts about her though. She started her career in the early 1700's and she is immortal... that and that she is Southern Sage's Grandma.

Have a good weekend everyone! More famous pictures to come! I am so happy to be back and I missed you guys! :)

Check out the others over at Candid Carrie's.

P.S. I want to shout a special THANK YOU to Emily from Art-N-Sewl... who painted this painting for my Sister and BIL in memory of Deyton. Your talent has always amazed me, but this painting, to me, is your best work! You have also made, in me, a friend forever and if there is ever ANYTHING you need please don't hesitate to ask! :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Short Reprieve...

Hello everyone.

I'm going to get a little mushy here... so you are forewarned.

But I want you to know how much you all have strengthened me because I know that your comments are because you are my friends whether we have met in real life or not... and that means so much, and even though my sister and BIL are complete strangers to some of you, you have still helped them with your prayers and good thoughts and well wishes.

I want you to know that they are at peace as much as they can be... they know the road ahead of them is going to be tough... but they are also at peace for knowing that their special boy is up in heaven with his Heavenly Father.

The Funeral will be on Wednesday for all of you who are local and would like to be there. Please go HERE for further information.

I will take a short reprieve from blogging until after the Funeral. So I will be back again on Thursday with funny stories about New York.

I want you to know that although this experience as changed me, for the better, I am also who I am. I deal with things through laughter and humor and the beauty that comes through that. I want to continue to share my funny experiences and my life and my obsessions and quirky characteristics and continue to be a part of yours!

So don't give up on me (unfollow me) it would really be selfish of you guys to have me making VooDoo dolls during my reprieve! :)

Love you guys,

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Returning Home...

Baby Deyton Kash Sorensen returned to his Father in Heaven today at 11:10 am, peacefully, in the arms of his parents at their home.

The beauty of their strength combined with their faith has been something I'll always cherish that I witnessed.

They made the hardest decision a parent could ever make yesterday. They decided to take their baby home and spend what time he had left on this Earth to love, hold, and cherish him.

With their belief and faith they understand that Deyton needed to come to this Earth to receive a body, but he was so valiant and so perfect that his Father in Heaven needed him more with him.

I can attest that Deyton and his spirit has forever changed me. I will never be the same. An experience like this I always thought I would feel like it was the worst and hardest experience ever, but I can tell you this, even though it was hard to watch my baby sister and one of my best friends live through losing a child, I am honored and cherish the blessings, miracles, and genuine beauty of the experience. So many personal things happened during these last five days. My testimony has been strengthened, my love has deepened, and I will always from this point on work even harder to live my life so that I may honor Deyton's name in word and deed and return to him so that I can hold him in my arms and thank him.

I can't begin to understand what my sister and her husband are thinking or feeling or going through, but they have allowed me to be a part of it, and for that I will always be in their debt.

I love you Deyton! I love you Baby Sis! I love you Derek! :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Update on Baby Deyton.

***Donations are now being excepted for Deyton there is a donation button on Deyton's blog and a donation button on my right hand side bar :) Love you guys! :)

Update on Baby Deyton

Deyton's has a heart condition called Hypo Plastic Left Heart syndrome. That is just one thing, there are other things also but that is the main thing.

After they were life flighted up to Primary Children's Hospital Daddy was told that surgery was no longer an option. Deyton's heart had 4 strikes against him and there wouldn't be a surgeon that would do the surgery. The doctors also told them that Deyton's case, HIS heart, was the WORSE case they have seen in the 200 cases they have done.

So now Mom and Dad are living a parents worst nightmare. They have a few choices of what they can do for little Deyton and it's like trying to choose between walking on nails and walking on glass you don't like either choice but in order to get across you have to choose one.

They have a VERY VERY hard decision to make.

They have asked me not to go over their choices, but they haven't decided what they are going to do.

Mom and Dad are the type of people that not only LOVE their family but the LOVE their friends, in fact, their friends ARE part of their family.

They wanted me to let you guys know that they are so amazed at the love and support that quickly came in after the news started spreading. They feel the strength of the love and prayers offered for them and for Deyton. They are very thankful that they have the Gospel to help them understand the bigger picture. And have just asked that you continue to pray for Deyton.

Thanks. For further updates and pictures one of Mom's really close friends has set up a blog for BabyDeyton that we will both update. It tells where you can donate money for hospital expenses if you feel so inclined. Pray 4 Deyton!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Forget about BlogHer...this is CrashHer Lunch '09!

Okay people everywhere... Crash's BLOGGER lunch!!!

Can I just tell you how amazing it was! I don't mean to rub it in your faces all who weren't there... no wait, scratch that, I DO mean to rub it in your faces because seriously, ya missed out!

You know that friend or that person you have in your life that you only see maybe once a year but every time you get together with them you feel like you start just where you last left off? That is HOW it felt with these ladies... especially the ones that I knew and have built a relationship with. Some of the ladies were new... I had never met them before but it didn't matter, we all meshed so well and talked and laughed and consoled... it was truly a GREAT experience!

I highly recommend meeting bloggers you have built friendships with you guys... I'm being serious here. I love it because with gmail we have the option to chat with each other or just email back and forth. I love chatting with my girlfriends online... it's almost better than talking on the phone!

Getting off track...

Here is everyone that was at the lunch! Front Row: Funny Farmer, Deb from Cranberry Fries, and Barbalootsuit. Back Row: The Crazy Lady, Julie from YoungBlood, Crash, Nutty Hamster Chic, Kristina P., Val of the South, ME, Brittany, and JillyBean.

K now that I have linked up to them all I will just refer to their names without linking up again...cause I'm lazy, deal with it.

I was RIGHT on time for me... which means I was about 15 minutes late. Pretty much everyone was already there, so I made my grand entrance and Crash barreled me over hugging me and jumping up and down. I loved her instantly! :)

Kristina P had her famous snuggie that was bedazzled by Jillybean so of course I had to try it on, I even walked the catwalk in Olive Garden showing it off. It sort of felt like a hospital dress, not going to lie. Crash had me throwin up her Hawaiian gang signs... like, I'm SO tough.

See in the corner there... that's Deb trying to get out of the pic... hahaha... we got ya Debbie!!! :) It was so good to meet you and talk with you!

Barb... freakin cute as all get out had her turn in the snuggie also... but I took the picture to show off her famous red shoes!

But the first one to put on the snuggie was, of course, the person of Honor who got us all together... Crash herself, co-habitating it with Kristina P.

So then I needed a picture of the famous Kristina P. If you don't read her, you should. She is just as funny and cute and easy to talk to as she seems on her blog. She's hilarious and fun and look at her eyes people, they are MORE gorgeous in person.

Here is ME, Crash, and NHC. NHC I had already met at a lunch down where I live...but she had done something new with her hair and she looked SO great! She is one of those people that is magnetic. She laughs and listens and just makes you feel important. She pretty much awesome.
Barb is honestly So fun to talk with. She is bright and yet could hang out and have a conversation with idiot me...she's amazing I tell ya! I don't understand why she is single, but it HAS to be because she's picky... no lie, she to beautiful and smart to not have guys knocking down her door. And she is little and petite...take my word for it... GUYS she's single, snatch her because she's a catch. Barb be warned... I LOVE setting people up! :)

Okay... Val of the South is SOOOOOO fun! She walked in while we were all seated and she had wrapped up in a hand towel WARM bread. She had made home made bread for Crash! And Freezer Jam! I bonded with her instantly! SHe is bubbly and happy and OH SO witty! She had me laughing the whole time we got to talk or just listening to her talk... she just has that special characteristic that you can't explain but that you are definitely thankful you got to partake of it, ya know?
AAAAHHHH YoungBlood...Julie. She is definitely my partner in crime. Her and I are SOOOO alike in personality, well to me anyway. We both are open about what we talk about and we both hit our prime's with something that is shhhhhh hush, hush... She also admits to being a neglectful parent... I'm in the closet, but she is helping me out with her regular friday posts on her blog about neglectful parenting! :)

Had to end with this picture of doing the Nutty Hamster Chic face. I heart this pic so much. These ladies were really just a blast!

But I wanted to finish with Crash. She IS someone that draws you in... her personality is Bright and Beautiful. Her smile reaches all the way to her eyes and you can't help yourself but be happy and smile back at her. She is caring and made sure everyone felt included. She bought us little caramacs and key chains... each one of us. She also brought little snacks that are her favorite but that Barb deemed styrofoam... it was funny--HA... it explained what it looked like so well! I had TWO Tim Tams, they are like twix bars, and they were delicious! We didn't slam them though. She is just a remarkable person and I am so thankful that she is my friend and a part of my life!

I guess I should officially thank Funny Farmer, who is witty herself, she wrote the post that lead me to Crash...

Thanks everyone for such a great lunch. I didn't even take my good all my pictures are grainy and yucky... I apologize in advance.

So who wants to meet??? It's my new addiction! :)


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If you don't mind keeping him in you prayers

See this little beauty! He's a tough guy. He's minutes old and holding his head up looking around...

He's my new nephew!

We just found out not an hour ago that one side of his heart is over compensating for the other side of his heart and him and his daddy are being life flighted up to a big hospital where they will be performing surgery on him.

I sit here with tears streaming down my face... and a prayer chanting over and over in my heart. It's my youngest sisters baby... she delivered him not even 12 hours ago all natural with no medicine... it took them TWO years and a lot of struggle and heartache to finally get this little tough guy here...

I had another post ready for today... was working on it when I got this news.

So if you will just keep him in your prayers today?

Lots of love guys.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Seriously need to read these!

Okay... SHHHHHHH today is my day off of writing as you all know. Tomorrow will be a grand post about Olive Garden and meeting some of my BBFF's.

So I leave you with two GREAT posts.

First one is a debate okay not a DEBATE yet, but believe me, it will be because it's on Stay at Home moms. Having been on BOTH sides. I know my take. So I'm going to leave a great comment when I get time. IT's a LONG post... and to all my PG to PG-13 rated friends... I think you should read it, but don't look at anything on the sidebar or other posts... just stick to this one and then WRITE your take on the situation.

I love a good debate! I bet you didn't know that about me with my goofy personality huh? Ask my husband, he will verify! :)

Second--This one is about HER IRRITATION... you are free to roam around on her site! She is one of my favorite people, but really, once you get to know her it's hard for her NOT to be someone's favorite people... ya know??? lol! :) So go and sympathize or maybe give her a suggestion on what to do! Mortgage companies and BIG BANKS suck... I like me a credit union!!! :)

Pictures tomorrow and my take on the OLIVE GARDEN meet and greet!!! :)


Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm BBBAAACCCKKK--but still in surgery!!! :)

I'm BACK!!!

Apparently my surgery isn't done.

I'm so undecided about things that I have been a pain in the designers(surgeons) butt... I'M SORRY!!! Apparently I have a lot more to say then I thought I did and I'm sure I'm driving her crazy.


I have a lot of pictures to laugh and cry, cry because I'm laughing so hard, about. Weird things happened. Even a toilet story, but HELLO, it's NEW YORK, of course I have a public restroom story.

So I am going to talk so much about my trip that you will want to VOMIT! I won't even care, I'll just keep talking and writing and talking about it.

I had a GREAT time! GREAT GREAT GREAT! And I'm actually so tired and so crazy from traveling that I'm in a good mood and happy to be home to go to work and get back to exercising. I gained like 10 pounds while in NYC... FOOD IS EXPENSIVE... can I just tell you that? So I had to stuff myself with carbs so that I could eat less and spend less on silly food!

Anyway, so much to tell you yet I have to jet off to work.

Here's somewhat of an outline:

I met ALL OF THESE ladies... OH MY GOSH the best lunch ever! I'm not even kidding... it felt like I was throwing back with old friends (not like they are old, but like we had KNOWN each other in real life for a LONG time)!!! And my Blog Twin Crash is one of the most incredibly sweet and easy to talk to people I have ever met... thank you SOOOO much for getting this lunch together! :)

Don't know what happen with the quality on this photo???

You know how Crash wrote about her NYC trip and took pictures of all these famous people??? Yea, well I got the REAL famous people of NYC... not silly people that you see on TV... Like can anybody tell me whose famous in THIS picture???

But answer me this... why would someone come intoxicated to a movie??? Especially HARRY POTTER??? Crazy crazy crazy people!!! I had to cover my nose and eat lots of popcorn (totally sacrificed) so that I didn't have to smell fermented apple juice :) hehehe...

But seriously...WHY?

Love ya all... more tomorrow!!!

We are talking FINANCES at Real World this week!!!

P.S. I really really liked this post-- Sage had it on his Political blog it makes you think. 545 People by Charlie Reese Here's a quote from it...

"Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them."

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kritta slapped me from behind! FFFF Pics!

I'm leaving on a Jet Plane you guys... and its about FREAKING time!!!

MSM and I are going on Vacation. Kids get to spend time with Grandma, Grandpa, and cousins and we are taking off!

But guess what is happening during that time?

Guess what my BBFF did for me?

Ya'll know Kritta? Sewing and Mom extraordinaire??? She wants to pull me out of my HOMELESS corner... she wants to save me from pimping myself out so to speak.

Remember how I told you that I have been entering all these contests to win a BLOG Makeover?

I've been sitting on my street corner panhandling and Kritta finally felt sorry for me and put money in my cup! Or got me a BLOG MAKEOVER!!! Can you believe that? She didn't do it in front of my face either... she didn't it behind my back! (The best kind of friend if you ask me) My eyes runneth over as I jumped up and down for joy! I was going to be getting a face lift! But the kindness doesn't end there... I get a tummy tuck, microdermabrasion, and boob job... I might not look the same from the OUTSIDE... but I will still be the same on the inside... just looking more like a Victoria Secret model instead of my current state of homelessness, dirty, white trash who has chocolate letter cut outs.

All of this is happening starting this weekend into the next week.

So I will be taking my REAL LIFE vacation AND my Blog cation at the same time.

If I get a chance to update and/or post... ya KNOW I will cause I'm highly dedicated to this blog and don't go anywhere without my lap top. But if you don't hear from me here... you will know why!

But I'll still be on TWITTER!!! Your. Welcome! :)

In the mean time.

My kids are not allowed to get on my computer. They get it dirty and ruin stuff fast... so mine is off limits. We have another one for them... our old one.

So you will understand that I was surprised when I saw this evidence that they don't listen to me!!!

They even involved their friend on the crime!!!
I can't believe they would do that behind my back... it looks like that is happening a lot around these parts.

Well here is some pictures to remember ME by... until we meet again!

Join Candid Carrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta!

And THANKS KRITTA... I LUB YOU!!! And I can't wait for Creative Blog Designs to do my major surgery!!!

***I will still be getting your comments on my phone while I'm away... so PLEASE PLEASE comment and give me your funniest random comment to keep me entertained!!! PUH-LEASE!!!

When I get my new makeover I'm going to be starting a MOST FAVORITE COMMENT OF THE WEEK series... ya'll be the stars and YOU WILL love it!!!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day off: Gravity--addiction--people at cross walks

Today is my "day off"

But I had to tell you about something.

So You Think You Can Dance was on last night.

Mia Michaels piece last night moved me. Her inspiration for the piece was addiction... the song, Gravity by Sara Bareilles

It was beautiful... maybe it's one of those things that you only understand if you understand dance, but I don't see how that is the case with this dance. Just the song is incredible in and of itself, but she creates a story.

Maybe I understand it because I understand addiction. Maybe not a drug addiction, but I do understand addiction in my own way. Things I've had to solve, things I'm still trying to overcome...but I understand it.

Anyway... I'm sharing it with you if you weren't able to see it. Not my addiction :), but the SYTYCD piece from last night. (Start watching it at about 1:16) The guy in this piece is from HAWAII--just thought I'd let all my Hawaiian peeps know that! :)

Random Thought: Why when people cross the road on a cross walk do they slow down and then look at you with a smirk while you sit in your car waiting for them. WHY? Don't they remember driving in a car? Don't they remember what it's like to want to run those cross walk people over who are walking slow just because they feel that POWER of control???

Karma people... Karma...


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

VIDEO: Snuggie vs. Last season's Grim Reaper

WE were wandering through Kohl's on the 4th of July weekend when out pops (sitting in the middle of the aisle) about 10 boxes left of the SNUGGIE.

The REAL deal here guys, the AS SEEN ON TV, was clearly marked on the box.

I actually asked for this for Christmas... HELLO, I read, I NEEDED one--want had NOTHING to do with it.

THEY WERE ON SALE!!! Yea me!!!

I wrinkled my nose, then furrowed my brow, and thought about buying one for all the time it took to lift one box up and into my cart.

And all became right in the world.

See I have been GREEN BLUE with envy since Kristina P. started flaunting hers around on her site. She even has a SNUGGIE OF THE WEEK picture! It was like stabbing me in the heart each and every time I went to her site.

Torture of the worst degree.

But now I have my own. And my prayers have been answered. Can I get an AMEN???

So knowing now how much I love the SNUGGIE, sorry T., but I do it's pretty much genius, you will imagine my dismay when I found my kids disrespecting it!!!

That's right... first of all, my SON was calling it a dress! A DRESS!!! What the what???

And then...and then...gulp... they put it up against the grim reaper halloween costume of 'O8???

Like the two could even co-exist in the same room!

I hang my head in shame.

Here is the video evidence:

(No children, grim reapers costumes, or Snuggie's were TRULY harmed in the making of this video)

I punished them people... I did. They will NOT be allowed to see the new ICE AGE movie until MSM and I get back from our week long trip!

That will show them.

Questions for the day: Would you wear the Snuggie to work? Would you wear it to church as a dress, somewhat toga style? Would you send me money if I did either of these as a dare??? I kid I kid, I'm a wuss I couldn't do it... but would you send someone money if they actually DID and I got evidence of it? Anybody willing to do it for money?

Okay, talk amongst yourselves.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Video, well kinda...


Hope you all had a great HOLIDAY! I did.

I actually stayed off the computer quite a bit.

Does being on my blackberry count?

Anyway, I was going to write this post about the SNUGGIE we bought ON sale... and how my kids dishonored it, sorry Kristina P... but instead for today...

I have a video of my husband, MountainSport Man, LIVE and in person... thought you might enjoy it.

But I posted it over at REAL WORLD Venus vs. Mars. So head on over there... and Please be safe, don't crash into any other bloggers while you make your way over, but DO stay awhile and it's BYOW (Bring Your Own Wit).


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day... 4th of JULY!

Happy Independence Day!

It's funny how strong bold colors put on a piece of material can stir emotions within a person who truly cares for what it stands for.

Since I'm not here and am ON a Blog Break I thought I would send you to this post (Cause remember I am still reading YOUR posts and commenting)... there is always something about reading someone's words that truly feels passionate about what they are writing, kinda stirs something within...

HERE is a message on Freedom that is awesome.

From BlokThoughts

Okay, Okay... AND I'm really looking forward to this FRUIT PIZZA... my own personal freedom to CHOOSE what I get to eat on a holiday, ha! That's pretty sweet right??? :)

Hope ya'll have a good holiday!


Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm NOT here, but look at my NEW crush!!!

I KNOW I'm not here.

HA! Totally tricked you, cause I'm NOT here. I put my Auto Robot on assignment.

But if I were here.

I would show you my new crush...

Locks of Love has already asked him to DONATE his hair.

I'm such a good photographer I got him to look straight into the camera... either THAT or he happened to open his eyes because he was naked and cold, either way...

And he smelled so good... can I just tell you!

So I fell instantly in love.

And look at those feet... oh my GOSH, look at those cute itty bitty feet!

I would tell you my new NEPHEW's name... but it's HIGHLY classified and if I told you then I'd have to kill you... and I like you guys to much! :)

*comments are off for this post because I KNOW how adorable he is. But if you feel the URGENT need to comment, scroll down to the next post and give me your BEST random thought... and I'll twitter it to make you famous!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Shelle is not in right now at least not here--in the post section of blogger writing new posts or pre-posting any posts.

You will find her twittering/facebooking (thank you tweetdeck), reading YOUR blogs and commenting, connecting through comments on Real World Venus vs. Mars comments (such a fun community!)--preparing for new idea of THEME week starting next week with COMPATIBILITY on RWVM, wondering how Sage and Kritta can be alter ego's/same person yet live in two different time zones (read comments below) and READING YOUR BLOGS and COMMENTING.

She might also be doing but can't promise... vacuuming, scrubbing bathroom walls and floors, dusting, laundry, and/or cooking. HAHAHAHAHA--okay you're right, that was to make me look good.

She will be working her full-time job. Getting to photos she has neglected to edit...edited, taking her kids somewhere doing SOMETHING.
Paying attention to her husband, scripture reading, and meditating in prayer.
You may find her via google chat, through email, by leaving more RANDOM THOUGHTS in her comment box so she has something to twitter, or on someone else's blog.

So she has NO TIME to rub two sentences together to make even a remotely funny thought or post for blogger.

She will be back after the holiday but will only be able to show up three times a week for the rest of the summer, but she will show up nonetheless, here, sometime, so please do not de-follow her because she doesn't have time to make VOODOO dolls.


AKA her Blog-Gone Insane-Responder!!!

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