Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Shelle is not in right now at least not here--in the post section of blogger writing new posts or pre-posting any posts.

You will find her twittering/facebooking (thank you tweetdeck), reading YOUR blogs and commenting, connecting through comments on Real World Venus vs. Mars comments (such a fun community!)--preparing for new idea of THEME week starting next week with COMPATIBILITY on RWVM, wondering how Sage and Kritta can be alter ego's/same person yet live in two different time zones (read comments below) and READING YOUR BLOGS and COMMENTING.

She might also be doing but can't promise... vacuuming, scrubbing bathroom walls and floors, dusting, laundry, and/or cooking. HAHAHAHAHA--okay you're right, that was to make me look good.

She will be working her full-time job. Getting to photos she has neglected to edit...edited, taking her kids somewhere doing SOMETHING.
Paying attention to her husband, scripture reading, and meditating in prayer.
You may find her via google chat, through email, by leaving more RANDOM THOUGHTS in her comment box so she has something to twitter, or on someone else's blog.

So she has NO TIME to rub two sentences together to make even a remotely funny thought or post for blogger.

She will be back after the holiday but will only be able to show up three times a week for the rest of the summer, but she will show up nonetheless, here, sometime, so please do not de-follow her because she doesn't have time to make VOODOO dolls.


AKA her Blog-Gone Insane-Responder!!!

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