Friday, July 24, 2009

Update on Baby Deyton.

***Donations are now being excepted for Deyton there is a donation button on Deyton's blog and a donation button on my right hand side bar :) Love you guys! :)

Update on Baby Deyton

Deyton's has a heart condition called Hypo Plastic Left Heart syndrome. That is just one thing, there are other things also but that is the main thing.

After they were life flighted up to Primary Children's Hospital Daddy was told that surgery was no longer an option. Deyton's heart had 4 strikes against him and there wouldn't be a surgeon that would do the surgery. The doctors also told them that Deyton's case, HIS heart, was the WORSE case they have seen in the 200 cases they have done.

So now Mom and Dad are living a parents worst nightmare. They have a few choices of what they can do for little Deyton and it's like trying to choose between walking on nails and walking on glass you don't like either choice but in order to get across you have to choose one.

They have a VERY VERY hard decision to make.

They have asked me not to go over their choices, but they haven't decided what they are going to do.

Mom and Dad are the type of people that not only LOVE their family but the LOVE their friends, in fact, their friends ARE part of their family.

They wanted me to let you guys know that they are so amazed at the love and support that quickly came in after the news started spreading. They feel the strength of the love and prayers offered for them and for Deyton. They are very thankful that they have the Gospel to help them understand the bigger picture. And have just asked that you continue to pray for Deyton.

Thanks. For further updates and pictures one of Mom's really close friends has set up a blog for BabyDeyton that we will both update. It tells where you can donate money for hospital expenses if you feel so inclined. Pray 4 Deyton!

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