Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Seriously need to read these!

Okay... SHHHHHHH today is my day off of writing as you all know. Tomorrow will be a grand post about Olive Garden and meeting some of my BBFF's.

So I leave you with two GREAT posts.

First one is a debate okay not a DEBATE yet, but believe me, it will be because it's on Stay at Home moms. Having been on BOTH sides. I know my take. So I'm going to leave a great comment when I get time. IT's a LONG post... and to all my PG to PG-13 rated friends... I think you should read it, but don't look at anything on the sidebar or other posts... just stick to this one and then WRITE your take on the situation.

I love a good debate! I bet you didn't know that about me with my goofy personality huh? Ask my husband, he will verify! :)

Second--This one is about HER IRRITATION... you are free to roam around on her site! She is one of my favorite people, but really, once you get to know her it's hard for her NOT to be someone's favorite people... ya know??? lol! :) So go and sympathize or maybe give her a suggestion on what to do! Mortgage companies and BIG BANKS suck... I like me a credit union!!! :)

Pictures tomorrow and my take on the OLIVE GARDEN meet and greet!!! :)


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