Sunday, July 26, 2009

Returning Home...

Baby Deyton Kash Sorensen returned to his Father in Heaven today at 11:10 am, peacefully, in the arms of his parents at their home.

The beauty of their strength combined with their faith has been something I'll always cherish that I witnessed.

They made the hardest decision a parent could ever make yesterday. They decided to take their baby home and spend what time he had left on this Earth to love, hold, and cherish him.

With their belief and faith they understand that Deyton needed to come to this Earth to receive a body, but he was so valiant and so perfect that his Father in Heaven needed him more with him.

I can attest that Deyton and his spirit has forever changed me. I will never be the same. An experience like this I always thought I would feel like it was the worst and hardest experience ever, but I can tell you this, even though it was hard to watch my baby sister and one of my best friends live through losing a child, I am honored and cherish the blessings, miracles, and genuine beauty of the experience. So many personal things happened during these last five days. My testimony has been strengthened, my love has deepened, and I will always from this point on work even harder to live my life so that I may honor Deyton's name in word and deed and return to him so that I can hold him in my arms and thank him.

I can't begin to understand what my sister and her husband are thinking or feeling or going through, but they have allowed me to be a part of it, and for that I will always be in their debt.

I love you Deyton! I love you Baby Sis! I love you Derek! :)

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