Monday, July 27, 2009

Short Reprieve...

Hello everyone.

I'm going to get a little mushy here... so you are forewarned.

But I want you to know how much you all have strengthened me because I know that your comments are because you are my friends whether we have met in real life or not... and that means so much, and even though my sister and BIL are complete strangers to some of you, you have still helped them with your prayers and good thoughts and well wishes.

I want you to know that they are at peace as much as they can be... they know the road ahead of them is going to be tough... but they are also at peace for knowing that their special boy is up in heaven with his Heavenly Father.

The Funeral will be on Wednesday for all of you who are local and would like to be there. Please go HERE for further information.

I will take a short reprieve from blogging until after the Funeral. So I will be back again on Thursday with funny stories about New York.

I want you to know that although this experience as changed me, for the better, I am also who I am. I deal with things through laughter and humor and the beauty that comes through that. I want to continue to share my funny experiences and my life and my obsessions and quirky characteristics and continue to be a part of yours!

So don't give up on me (unfollow me) it would really be selfish of you guys to have me making VooDoo dolls during my reprieve! :)

Love you guys,

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