Thursday, July 23, 2009

Forget about BlogHer...this is CrashHer Lunch '09!

Okay people everywhere... Crash's BLOGGER lunch!!!

Can I just tell you how amazing it was! I don't mean to rub it in your faces all who weren't there... no wait, scratch that, I DO mean to rub it in your faces because seriously, ya missed out!

You know that friend or that person you have in your life that you only see maybe once a year but every time you get together with them you feel like you start just where you last left off? That is HOW it felt with these ladies... especially the ones that I knew and have built a relationship with. Some of the ladies were new... I had never met them before but it didn't matter, we all meshed so well and talked and laughed and consoled... it was truly a GREAT experience!

I highly recommend meeting bloggers you have built friendships with you guys... I'm being serious here. I love it because with gmail we have the option to chat with each other or just email back and forth. I love chatting with my girlfriends online... it's almost better than talking on the phone!

Getting off track...

Here is everyone that was at the lunch! Front Row: Funny Farmer, Deb from Cranberry Fries, and Barbalootsuit. Back Row: The Crazy Lady, Julie from YoungBlood, Crash, Nutty Hamster Chic, Kristina P., Val of the South, ME, Brittany, and JillyBean.

K now that I have linked up to them all I will just refer to their names without linking up again...cause I'm lazy, deal with it.

I was RIGHT on time for me... which means I was about 15 minutes late. Pretty much everyone was already there, so I made my grand entrance and Crash barreled me over hugging me and jumping up and down. I loved her instantly! :)

Kristina P had her famous snuggie that was bedazzled by Jillybean so of course I had to try it on, I even walked the catwalk in Olive Garden showing it off. It sort of felt like a hospital dress, not going to lie. Crash had me throwin up her Hawaiian gang signs... like, I'm SO tough.

See in the corner there... that's Deb trying to get out of the pic... hahaha... we got ya Debbie!!! :) It was so good to meet you and talk with you!

Barb... freakin cute as all get out had her turn in the snuggie also... but I took the picture to show off her famous red shoes!

But the first one to put on the snuggie was, of course, the person of Honor who got us all together... Crash herself, co-habitating it with Kristina P.

So then I needed a picture of the famous Kristina P. If you don't read her, you should. She is just as funny and cute and easy to talk to as she seems on her blog. She's hilarious and fun and look at her eyes people, they are MORE gorgeous in person.

Here is ME, Crash, and NHC. NHC I had already met at a lunch down where I live...but she had done something new with her hair and she looked SO great! She is one of those people that is magnetic. She laughs and listens and just makes you feel important. She pretty much awesome.
Barb is honestly So fun to talk with. She is bright and yet could hang out and have a conversation with idiot me...she's amazing I tell ya! I don't understand why she is single, but it HAS to be because she's picky... no lie, she to beautiful and smart to not have guys knocking down her door. And she is little and petite...take my word for it... GUYS she's single, snatch her because she's a catch. Barb be warned... I LOVE setting people up! :)

Okay... Val of the South is SOOOOOO fun! She walked in while we were all seated and she had wrapped up in a hand towel WARM bread. She had made home made bread for Crash! And Freezer Jam! I bonded with her instantly! SHe is bubbly and happy and OH SO witty! She had me laughing the whole time we got to talk or just listening to her talk... she just has that special characteristic that you can't explain but that you are definitely thankful you got to partake of it, ya know?
AAAAHHHH YoungBlood...Julie. She is definitely my partner in crime. Her and I are SOOOO alike in personality, well to me anyway. We both are open about what we talk about and we both hit our prime's with something that is shhhhhh hush, hush... She also admits to being a neglectful parent... I'm in the closet, but she is helping me out with her regular friday posts on her blog about neglectful parenting! :)

Had to end with this picture of doing the Nutty Hamster Chic face. I heart this pic so much. These ladies were really just a blast!

But I wanted to finish with Crash. She IS someone that draws you in... her personality is Bright and Beautiful. Her smile reaches all the way to her eyes and you can't help yourself but be happy and smile back at her. She is caring and made sure everyone felt included. She bought us little caramacs and key chains... each one of us. She also brought little snacks that are her favorite but that Barb deemed styrofoam... it was funny--HA... it explained what it looked like so well! I had TWO Tim Tams, they are like twix bars, and they were delicious! We didn't slam them though. She is just a remarkable person and I am so thankful that she is my friend and a part of my life!

I guess I should officially thank Funny Farmer, who is witty herself, she wrote the post that lead me to Crash...

Thanks everyone for such a great lunch. I didn't even take my good all my pictures are grainy and yucky... I apologize in advance.

So who wants to meet??? It's my new addiction! :)


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