Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm NOT here, but look at my NEW crush!!!

I KNOW I'm not here.

HA! Totally tricked you, cause I'm NOT here. I put my Auto Robot on assignment.

But if I were here.

I would show you my new crush...

Locks of Love has already asked him to DONATE his hair.

I'm such a good photographer I got him to look straight into the camera... either THAT or he happened to open his eyes because he was naked and cold, either way...

And he smelled so good... can I just tell you!

So I fell instantly in love.

And look at those feet... oh my GOSH, look at those cute itty bitty feet!

I would tell you my new NEPHEW's name... but it's HIGHLY classified and if I told you then I'd have to kill you... and I like you guys to much! :)

*comments are off for this post because I KNOW how adorable he is. But if you feel the URGENT need to comment, scroll down to the next post and give me your BEST random thought... and I'll twitter it to make you famous!

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