Monday, December 27, 2010

I wasn't going to post anything...

I wasn't going to post anything this week... I thought most of you would probably be taking a bit of a break while spending time with family, but I came upon a quote and thought I'd share it... It completely applies to me. :)

“People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas”

Isn't that the truth!? :)

Hope you all are still having a great holiday!

See you next year!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays... my card to you...

Hello out there!!! I wanted to send you each a card in the mail, but I understand having a relationship/friendship with you online doesn't warrant asking for your address... so instead I made you a card from our family!

Thanks so much for coming by and being my friends... I really do appreciate it and love the friendships I have made and that you guys read whatever I write... no matter how painful my grammar is.

Click to see it bigger! :)


Monday, December 20, 2010

I really do READ you guys! Check these people out! Great posts! My way of giving back :)

I do actually read from my reader and forget to come back and comment... it's a bad blog character trait.

So I wanted to link up to some great reads I read just this morning.

SciFi Dad has been one of my faves for a long time now... he put together a survey and figured out the html and everything for it I'm sure (cause he's nerdy like that :) and then posted the results.  Way interesting and I thought a really fun read!  Good idea for a post so you should steal the idea if you like it enough... only you have to be somewhat nerdy to figure out how to post a survey and have the results go to somewhere that calculates the percentages or whatever... Anyway... :) read it HERE!

Momma Sunshine is just cute.  Seriously.  And she's fun to read.  I read her mostly on reader and comment every blue moon cuz I suck like that... but I loved THIS post entitled, "I can't read your blog anymore"-- I hate this about some blogs and so I totally picked up what she was putting down.  It's worth the time to read it and I dare you not to comment with your opinion.  Love posts like that.

Now I love when people do great things for charity.  PapaK had a child he knew that passed away recently and he is doing something in his memory.  You can read about it HERE... but basically go over and comment on his blog... for every comment he will donate a dollar!  So if you have time then help a brotha out!

And I do need to mention my Real World blog.  I've been neglecting it yes, but I've had some great DEAR YOU letters written and if you have time you should hop on over there and read them and give your advice or opinions on them.  Fantastic stuff!

So see... I promise I read... I just have been way stick-me-in-a-corner-for-time-out bad at commenting!

Love you all,

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I felt completely naked without it...

Image taken from HERE.  The actual phone I own-
except not my actual phone!
So my husband and I decided we needed to run to the store when it was close to midnight. Both of our cell phones were charging (we don't have a home phone-just another cell phone we keep at the house for our kids to get a hold of us while we are at work) so we decided we didn't need our phones, we would just run to the store and be back.

I should note right now that us "running" to the store isn't a physical run-- nor is it ever a "quick" run. We tend to go to Wally World because it's cheaper and we always, and I mean 95% of the time, take more time then necessary and find more stuff we "need" then we planned on buying before we got there in the first place. This phenomenon happens at Costco also... and sometimes a Super Target.

Anyway, we left without our cell phones.

As we are getting IN our car I am feeling a bit out of sorts and I realize it's because I don't have my phone with me. I didn't want my husband to think I was a complete ninny for worrying about not having my cell know, "just in case", but I felt completely naked without it (and remember nothing FAKE on me yet, so me and naked equals much therapy for anyone). See he badgers me about not being able to live without it already all.the.time... so I didn't need to provoke him anymore to further getting badgered. Those of you that know me, been to lunch with me, or hung out with me for any amount of time KNOW that I have my cell phone on me pretty much ALWAYS (and that may be understating it a bit).

We get in the car and pull out of the driveway. As we get to the end of the street my husband says, "I feel weird with BOTH of us not having a phone, you know, just in case the kids need to get a hold of us".

Of course I was like, "Babe, they are already asleep" I casually shrugged my shoulders and continued, "so it's fine. We can live without our phones for however long we are at the store. Plus Grandma and Grandpa got them if they are in dire need of anything. So stop worrying about it...seriously, paranoid much?"

He just looked at me...

So I was like, "Fine, me too, let's just hurry to the store and get back as fast as we can."

Fastest trip to the store probably ever. Never leaving my phone, it got mad at me, totally froze on me while I was checking my friends facebook statuses and wondering why in the world they were up past midnight!!!

How about you guys?  Anybody else feel this way with their cell phone?  Married to it?  Feel safer with one on hand? Think I'm completely insane?  Wait... don't answer that last question...


Monday, December 13, 2010

So we blew THAT fairy tale out of the water!

So Saturday I coherced my younger brother into taking our family pictures for us. There is a reason I stay behind the camera... I do a lot better behind the camera.

But for some odd reason I had it in my mind that MY family would be a bit different with pictures. That my kids wouldn't get bored after the first spot we shot, that they would smile and not make goofy faces, that we would all look right at the lense so that we could be fast and quick. That I would be creative since I've shot Upteen different families and they all have their own cute ideas of what pictures and settings they like...

Let's just say we blew that fairy tale out of the water.

My kids were climbing over everything and picking on each other. My husband couldn't open his eyes dreamy hazel green eyes for the life of him, they are sensitive, and he had a hard time looking straight at the camera... even I had a hard time keeping my smile or making it seem real!!!

My brother, however, loves to shoot Candid... and luckily he got us some that worked or fit our personalities!

I mean look at us... we are waiting for him to get the "right angle" he said... look at us all... I look like a mannequin, my boy looks silly, my girl looks bored, and my husband looks like he's ready to kill someone... probably me! :)

No creativity here... if you saw our last year's picture you'll recognize that this is our exact same pose.  We seem to rock the straight in a line all our faces together pose.

So my brother was like... okay, just be your normal selves... so we were--I think this is the best picture yet!!!

Now... all I need to do is get addresses of everyone special enough to receive such an awesome picture of us for the HOLIDAYS!!!

So how was your weekend? If you'd like a picture of us for the Holidays to grace your refridgerator send your address to my email at


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Real or Fake?

Well I get on Facebook once in a while and about a week ago a friend of mine asked the question, "Real or Fake".

I thought she was talking about boobs. So I chimed in, "REAL! Until I get fake ones or a boob lift".

No really I didn't chime in with that response, but I really did think she was talking about breasts.

But she wasn't.

She was talking about Christmas Trees.

Image came from HERE
It's a pretty big debate, which is surprising... okay, really it's not.

Anyway... here's my opinion on the matter because I know you want to hear it.

Fake is how I like them.

Here is reasons. First of all, I'm a self-proclaimed couch potato...or lazy. When I can rest from my jobs and home life, then you better believe I am NOT trucking up a hill to saw down a tree... for FUN. Doesn't sound like one OUNCE of fun to me... add snow to that whole scenario and it's a Helk no! Secondly, I like knowing I can make my tree look perfect or make it have that special hole in it where the fake squirrels lived. In other words, I have control of how my tree looks. Thirdly, no up keep. This goes along with being lazy, but I won't have to vacuum fallen pine needles or water my tree everyday.

Now I get people whining to me that the smell of a real Christmas tree is why they get real over fake.

Well that was easily solved. There are plenty of good smelling companies out there that make PINE smelling candles or scents. Hide that sucker and let the smell tease our senses and remind us of outdoors and pine syrup.

Another thing for those of you that choose to buy a real tree every year. I save money by buying a really good fake one, ONE year, and continuing to use it over and over again. That way I can spend that savings on someone for Christmas... namely me.

My fake one comes with lights also! I don't have to string lights!!!

So basically we slap some ornaments on there and stick a bow on top and we call it a day.... it's awesome and the kids always think I'm a super hero when it's done because they love it so much.

But my way isn't necessarily the right way... just the logical one. So tell me friends and foes and stalkers alike... Real or Fake?

And no... I'm not talking about boobs.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Take out your blankets and your pillows.

I was at Harmons today at 9:38 pm to buy me some popsicles. I had a craving and I needed some PACE BAR popsicles--the best ever popsicles, mark my word.

But anyway, I was at Harmons, picking up my popsicles and as I was checking out the checker said, "Isn't it a bit cold outside to be buying popsicles?"

I had never really thought about it before because I do SOOOO many odd things. But yea, I guess it is kinda odd.

So pull out your pillows and blankets and gather round for story time, let me reminisce:

When I was young I would go and visit my Grandma Louise and Grandpa Jack every summer for at least a week. I LOVED visiting them. They lived in this old mining town in Nevada and it had charm. Now, as I grew older I didn't appreciate the charm so much, in fact, I abhorred the lack of technology my grandparents lived without, but looking back it really did have charm.

It was simple.

Now the one thing I remember MOST besides the charm and simple was that every time it rained, and it got cold, even in the summer, every time it rained my Grandpa Jack would have my Grandma pull out the vanilla ice cream and the hard cones and take us outside under a tarp and listen to the rain, in the cold, while we licked our simple vanilla ice cream cones.

Because of my Grandpa Jack I crave ice cream when it rains. I eat popsicles in the winter. I dream of life more simple.

Thank goodness for being odd... and for cold air and cravings for popsicles!

So what's your oddity that you picked up when you were younger?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Next year I think we should skype!

So our Thanksgiving was a blast. For the first time in, well a long time, my whole family was here. All of my brothers and sisters and their families. There was a lot of eating, and laughing, and tons of fun. Maybe also some bloating and napping and tons of fun...

As you can see in these pictures below taken of my kids and nieces and nephews:

I just had to add this in here because my daughter seriously wants a career in fashion and modeling so I told her to pose for me and this is what I got... lol... I hope it works out for her because, I may be bias, but I think she has that something special :)... PASSION! hehe.

My 13-year old niece and the oldest of the bunch... that makes me super old... sigh... she's one of my best friends, love the heck out of her.
So here's the thing. We had SUCH a good time during Thanksgiving.  My cup filleth over with happiness to be around all of my family... I'm a big family person.  

There is only one negative that came out of all of this and will change my way of thinking of having family over ever again...

Come Sunday when everyone left... we all got sick.  The 24 hour flu bug.  EVERYONE of us.  23 in all.  From baby to Grandparents.  We all got hit with it from Sunday to Tuesday.

I didn't have it on Sunday... which was convenient for my family because I became their nursemaid aka slave for a full 24 hours.  THAT's HARD work!!! Just saying.  They were throwing up out of their mouths and out the back end.  It was bad.  

Then come Tuesday, if you follow me on Facebook (which you should) you would know that I was sick, sick, sick.  I haven't been that sick in FOREVER.  I didn't eat anything, I was afraid to. Everyone was working and going to school so I had to suffer it alone.  Moaning to myself... you know how sad it is to moan to yourself???  It's sad, take my word for it.

So as much as I love my family I think Skyping Thanksgiving to be together next year might be the way to go... just a suggestion.

So anything exciting happen with you guys???  How bad did you feel for me when you read I had to moan alone???  Don't hold back... tell me in comments.


Monday, November 29, 2010

The Motorcycle Cop and I, and my late registration...

Image taken from HERE.
So here's my story about me, a cop, and late registration.

See I got the thing in the mail that reminds you to register your car because it's coming due.

I saw it and put it in my pile for me to "remember to follow up on".

Then it sat there.

For three months.

My registration came and went... for two months I drove around on expired plates.

It's not that I didn't have money to do it... no... it's because I have somewhat of a lazy-last-on-my-priority-list-to-get-van-inspected-so-it-can-get-registered bone. I just never found "time" to do it.

Let me sidenote here: We have places around here that can inspect your vehicle AND register it... all right there. One convenient stop and you are all done.

Continuing on with my story...

Let me just remind you I have a sixth sense. I hadn't worried about driving on late plates for weeks and weeks... but this day, this particular day, I was a bit paranoid about it. Driving and looking around to see if there were any police officers around... for which I find out I had good reason!

I'm stopped at a red light and all of a sudden a motorcycle cop comes up next to me on my driver side window and gives the universal sign to roll down my window. I rolled it down. He proceeded to tell me that he needed me to pull into the gas station (as he pointed his whole arm diagonally). I nodded my head okay... knowing full well why he was pulling me over.

He then... pulls around me and stops traffic... so that I could get over to pull into the gas station. I'm pretty sure I made his day with all the humiliation. I may have huffed a few names that I shall not repeat, in my head, at him-- (they may have sounded like tummy but with a D).

Anyway... I pull into the gas station and he pulls up behind me and parks his bike and walks up to me.

Cop: "Soooooo... tell me the story. Why haven't you registered your vehicle?"

Me: at no time in my life have I ever been able to lie when someone straight out asks me a direct question like that face to face... so this is what I said, "Ummm" shrugs shoulders, "I just haven't found the time."

Cop: proceeds to quote somebody about "not finding the time" and "wasting" something or other. Then he sees the silly bands I wear because my kids gave them to me to wear and I couldn't say no (So yes, I wear silly bands, and with PRIDE!) and the cop tells me a story about how some little kids circulation was cut off from them, we are getting chummy, or so I thought, and then he says, "License, Registration and insurance card please."

Me: I say in my mind, "crap, he's going to write a ticket some friend HE is". Give him my registration and I.D. but can't seem to find the insurance card. I'm calling my husband, who doesn't answer... I say, "Uuuhhh I can't find my insurance card. I swear I put it in here? But it's not anywhere??? Let me call my husband again." He walks back to his bike while I continue to call my husband 10 times and he has yet to answer... so I leave a mean mean message... frantic and mean.

Cop: walks back up to the van and says, "It says in my system you are insured... so I don't need to see your card. I only gave you one violation (he could have ticketed me for not having my insurance card in my van) which will cost you $40.00 blah blah blah..."

The rest you know.

 I pull out of the gas station and my husband calls...convenient.

So I go on my trip to Missouri. As soon as I get back I go to this place where we know the owner and my husband follows me there. We pull up and our friend is working, so we walk over to him and shoot the breeze. Then... my husband proceeds to tell him what happened to me. I tell him WHY I hadn't registered the car yet, because I hadn't found the time to get it inspected... he asks me what year my van is. I tell him. He starts to laugh. Apparently, my car didn't need an inspection this year!!! I could have registered it online ANYTIME!

That's right.

I got myself a $40.00 lesson in reading all of the reminder when it comes in the mail.

Our friend registered our van and I was off to wallow in my stupidity.

So NO I didn't go to jail... but now that I registered my van, as long as I show proof of that... my ticket gets reduced to $30.00..lucky me...pppfffttt.

Learn from me people... learn from me.

It still didn't stop me from being P.O'd at the cop for writing me a ticket in the first place! Just sayin...


P.S. If you have a Letter to write or want to Guest Contribute about a Holiday story, click HERE for more info!

Monday, November 22, 2010

One of THOSE posts... Sneak Peek!!!

So, if you couldn't tell, I'm still busy.

I'm sorry. I really suck.

Anyway, here is what I've been up to. I had a huge headshot job out in Missouri. So I flew out there for 5 days and snapped my little heart away, taking pictures of what I KNOW will be up and coming actors and actresses on Broadway and Television. These students were absolutely amazing. It was so fun taking headshots for them.

I have also had families contacting me for Christmas card family shoots.

So I've been in my editing dungeon... alot.

But... remember my crush? Well at 10 days old we decided, as in his mom and me and my creative genius SIL (Mandi Wright), to give him a newborn baby shoot. There are SOOOOO many pictures. But I did finally up date my photography blog with some of the pictures of him that I loved.

Here is a sneak peek:

If you want to see some of the other ones click HERE to go to my photography blog.  FYI, I haven't updated that blog for over a year.  I had someone tell another someone to check me out, so they jumped on my blog and reported back to them that, "She hasn't updated her blog for over a year!"  Apparently that was a turn off.  So I am repenting and will be posting there often with families and headshot shoots I have been doing for the past year and a half!  Catch up and procrastination are two things I'm often found doing.

Next post... my story that involves a police officer, me, and late registration plates.

I want to try something new for Thanksgiving whether it be a new tradition such as playing or doing something... or a new recipe?  Any ideas?


Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Our Savior lived again. The most glorious, comforting, and reassuring of all events of human history had taken place—the victory over death."

Wendy my heart, prayers, and thoughts are with you!

Please go over to her site and give her your love and support.

No Botox Allowed

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bloggy Boot Camp, My New Crush, and Super Girl and Nerd Boy!

I've been majorly slacking around here. I've been so busy with my other job that I just really haven't had time to update you guys on everything I need to update you on!!!

First of all, there is going to be a Bloggy Boot Camp in St. George, UT and anyone that lives close is encouraged to go! It will be awesome. It is sponsored by the SITS girls, who anyone that is ANYONE... knows that they are awesome. Check out their website and more about the event which is this Saturday, November 13, 2010, HERE.

On top of that, I am helping my wonderful awesomest friend T from You Asked For It and April to host a GNO the night before for all those attending the event! CLICK HERE for more info on the event... but I need people who would like an opportunity to promote themselves! If you'd like to donate your talents of creating incredible things to the GNO then we will hand out your card and promote the heck out of your stuff as well as giveaway what you donated with a promise from the blogger to Post about it on their blog to all their followers! SO email me at

In greater or greatest news, my sister whose son passed away a year and a half ago from a heart condition, had her 2nd baby boy almost a week ago! He is healthy and beautiful! You guys judge for yourself. I'm partial because I've been munching on his gorgeously fat cheeks for the last few days!

I've never been a part of such an easy, happy, more beautiful natural birthing experience.  I mean, she was flawless.  Not one complaint.  In fact, she was happy go lucky up to the time she pushed, and she was only not up beat at that time because she was focused on her goal.  Maybe a hand full of pushes later and her 9 lb 5 oz baby boy came out.  I think Heavenly Father was definitely watching over her, her husband, and their sweet new baby boy.  I definitely have a new crush.  His parents are having a hard time keeping me away from him... I'm a bit obsessive! :)

Last but not least.  My kids' Halloween Costumes this year.  Gotta love last minute creativity!

Super Girl and a NERD!

A little closer look For Nerd Boy.

A little closer for Super Girl...

An even CLOSER look at Nerd boy!  Your Welcome.

And of Course we have to have an even closer look for Super Girl!  And don't judge me, it's the one day she can wear make up I humored her!  And yes, those ARE her natural and real eyelashes.  I hate her too.

Okay... so I threw a lot at you!  Please though, if you know of anyone that would like to Donate a giveaway gift for our girls night out... let me know!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Creepy Story and Scare them Video!

As much as I said in one post that I don't believe in Ghost or Paranormal activity... I actually do. The reason?

I've had stuff happen.

Creepy stuff.

Like, awhile back I fell asleep on the couch in our family room watching T.V. My husband woke me up I'm sure to come to bed and then went into the bedroom and proceeded to fall asleep, where I drop dead as soon as he left the room.

So about two in the morning I get woken up by what I THOUGHT was my daughter. A girl off by the door to the hallway that went to the rooms was just standing there staring at me. Since it was dark I tried to rub my sleep heavy eyes to see her, again what I thought was my daughter, more clearly. I said, "What, PeePs? What do you need honey?" And then the figure just faded away.

It was creepy... and I jumped up off the couch and ran into my room and woke my husband up as I shoved myself next to his warmth and said, "I just saw a girl standing in the family room and it freaked me out. Please hold me!"

He flipped me over to my other side, cuddled up next to me, wrapped his arm around me and said, "I'm sorry baby," as he sleepily drifted off into a snoring slumber.

So I believe.

And as I've told you before, I scare super easy. I rarely scare people back, because I hate the feeling of getting scared myself. But for a game I did in blogland I was suppose to scare someone as part of the competition. So in true Halloween spirit and pranks... I bring back ME scaring my Mom and Son. No wonder people love to do it so much!

Hope you all have a Happy, creepy, scary Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Couples Costume Ideas...

Hey! I posted some Couples Costumes ideas over HERE.

Check them out... you won't regret it.

If you have time, leave a little comment love.


Monday, October 25, 2010

My Weekend and cell phone pics

PBR was a blast! For the second year in a row I have attended and been so sad that I didn't buy a ticket for more than one night.

My husband and I had SO much fun! Seriously.

We went down earlier in the day and stopped at the Premium Outlets. Usually my hubs and I argue when we do this kind of stuff because I tell him how and where to drive and he tells me to mind my own business and it just keeps going on and on. But ever since we bought our GPS thingy and use the Australian male accent... it has saved our marriage... no seriously. We just type in the address and Mr. Hot Australian Accent takes us right to our destination.

Back to my man's birthday.

We went to the Premium Outlets. My plan was to take him to get his Nike Shocks at the Nike Outlet, but he wasn't feeling good, yet... I was in a shopping mood. So, I got stuff, and he well didn't "feel like it". I told him that shopping always makes me feel better, but he didn't seem to go for that.

Just as we were leaving the Outlet mall he started feeling better and we headed to the PBR Event.

We sat by guys just out of high school, I swear, but they were super friendly and offered to buy us Beer and Peanuts. They kept talking, and drinking, and chewing (as in tobacco), and talking. It was all a smelly combination... but it didn't take away from the event. They gave respect when the bulls were riding--and man oh man we saw some great action from the Bull Riders, Bull Fighters, and the hot little girl holding up the sign that said, "Bring the Noise".

We had such a good time I didn't think to pull out the camera until the end. So here is what I got of that night.

This is Austin Meier, who was leading overall so was last to ride.  Which tells you when I pulled out my camera after I put it away when we first got there!  Cell phone pic, I apologize

This is us in the car after the PBR Event, cause I'm an idiot! Sorry it's a cell phone pic.

Today my daughter had my Mom take pics of her and my niece with her camera. My camera takes a bit to take the picture-plus my Mom is kinda phone handicapped. I thought they were funny because the first picture my daughter was posing... something I have trained her to do since she could smile on cue. But then the next picture took so long to take they have that-tired smile on both her and my niece, I don't know why, but that always makes me laugh.

How was your guys' weekend? How about them Rangers? Nascar? What else was this weekend?


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yay us! And Publicly Apologizing

Ask me what I'm doing this weekend... go ahead...

ask me.

I am going to the PBR Finals!!!

I'm so stoked! I loved it so much last year that this year, for my husband's birthday, I got us tickets!

Now... he is all for going with me... on his birthday, so he says...

I know this seems like a present more for me than him, but it's in Vegas, so he wins also!

YAY us!

Now for all seriousness... not that I haven't been serious, but let's talk.

I've sucked it up at commenting on your guys' blogs lately and I want to publicly apologize.

Here's the thing.  I read your blogs on reader, in between routings when I'm at work.  But we can't access blogs.  Which is probably a good thing or I'd never get any work done.  But I do READ what you guys are saying everyday or whenever you blog... I just don't always get to comment.

If I do get to comment, it's because I have a free minute after work when I'm not taking pictures or driving kids to classes, games, and practices, or editing to make a comment.

It doesn't excuse me however.  I am going to make a better effort to comment on your blogs because I know it counts in the grand scheme of things with bloggers.

I really really really do feel bad that I haven't been around and I do want to reconcile that.

And I love even more that you guys still come over to my neck of the woods and either privately email me a comment or comment in my inbox.

Seriously, thanks.

Love ya all!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm featured! Mad Libs and Is This Really My Life!

You guys!!!

Someone totally likes me. They spot lighted me on their BLOG. Okay, that may not mean she actually likes me... but anyway, that is besides the point.

All I that...

This girl, EMILY, I have met in person. She is, by far, one of the greatest human beings around. I can say that because I have met her in REAL LIFE. She is easy to get along with, vibrant with energy, and completely beautiful. I'm not kidding. She's gorgeous. Up close and personal too!

I feel like I've been accepted by the popular girl... so go over there and don't leave the comment box stranded... my ego depends on it!

Click on the pic!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"I don't care what people think", and other random stuff

Hello Everyone... I have things I need to get off my mind... but first, THE UPDATE.

Dun DUn DUN...

Well, went again and there she was, a wearin my jacket again, this time my Hubs was there to verify. He BB'd me this snarky comment, "That is a cool sweatshirt that she is wearing, didn't you have one like that?"

I didn't ask for it back. Let's leave it to me being a sissy.

Okay, next on the Agenda. Brett Farve.

What The Helk?

Are you freaking kidding me!?

A guy with his reputation should have SOMETHING more, uuuhhh, impressive to send out then what he's got goin on... can I get an Amen??? Go HERE to see what I saw... but I'm warning you, you might need a vomit bucket.

Last, but certainly not least, we need to talk about the phrase, "I don't care what people think".

Total lie.

I don't care WHO you are... you care, to some degree, you give a rat's butt.

I don't know why that phrase sounds like fingernails scraping a chalkboard, or teeth squeaking on a balloon, but it makes me go into a short bout of tourette's. I start twitching and saying things I wouldn't normally say when someone spouts that phrase.

Here's the thing, and ESPECIALLY with bloggers, you care. You KNOW how I KNOW you care... cause you BLOG and complain about it and then say YOU DON'T CARE what people think. BWAHAHAHA.

It's not true.

Of course you care. Everyone does. Nobody likes a random inconsiderate email. Nobody likes to be called fat. Nobody likes to be told their a douchebag for putting their opinion out there. Nobody likes to trip in front of a crowd. Nobody likes to be seen by an old high school flame, overweight-hair and clothes a mess-and snot from your 5th kid wiped all over you and them. Or pot bellied and unsuccessful. Ya know what I mean?

You care.

I know it's easier to try and convince yourself of it. But nobody is immune to caring what people think, because there IS someone out there that their opinion matters... stranger, foe, or friend.

So please spare me the twitches.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Serious Thought Sunday: Laughter

Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.” -Bill Cosby

I love this quote, because for me it is exactly how I get through anything besides, of course, Heavenly Father.

I have found my laughter because I believe, no I know, that life here is to experience and to learn and then when it's done, which is inevitable because someday it will be, there is the world after this which brings eternity and peace, and that encompasses happiness.

Most of what life throws our way we have no control over... so better to laugh and work through it then to throw yourself into a deep pit of darkness.

I'm not sure what those of you who don't believe in God or a Father in Heaven or a power beyond this life believe, but I just can't believe there isn't something more incredible after this life, nothing to look forward to, nothing to live life here for.

I do hope, whether you believe in God or not, that you find your laughter.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

But I want it back! Let's Discuss...

Okay the weirdest thing happened to me.

Let's just say I was going to work out at this place that I have been going to for a long time... k?

And I'm there, minding my own business. And having fun... of course.

And all of a sudden, the boss's wife walks in... wearing a jacket I haven't been able to find in MONTHS!!!

Now, I know it is mine, because it was faded, old, and had the white stain on it exactly where I had accidentally bleached it while washing it. Now, it might be pure coincidence, but I'm assuming and going with that, that jacket is mine.

It's one of my favorites.

Now, obviously I had left it at this place and since it hadn't been claimed... I guess she liked it enough to wear around. I don't blame her...

But I honestly wanted to ask for it back! And I've been all this time without it and haven't really cried over it, just knew that I couldn't find it, but seeing someone else wear it... I automatically can't think of anything else!

I'm NOT going to ask for it back, I'm not going to say anything at all... but why do I feel like a child that has just gotten their favorite toy taken away!?

I hate when life happens like this and one realized that they haven't quite matured as much as they thought they had after high school...


Don't lose hope for me guys... k?

If you were in this situation... would you say something? Or not?


Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm talking about Facebook... I'm sure you have an opinion...

I wrote a post over at Real World talking about Facebook and Relationships...

Ruin or not ruin... does Facebook play a role in the recent divorce rate?

Here's the beginning of my post... Click the Real World image below to go to the post...

My BIL’s favorite saying since Facebook came about, “Facebook is of the devil”. At first, I admittedly scoffed when he said that, chalking it up to him not understanding Facebook... or the technology world in general. But now? Now I believe he may have some kind of freaky intuition.

You see. The last two friends who have gotten divorced that I know of... BOTH because of Facebook infidelity. I’m not even fibbing. That doesn’t count the ones before that. But the last two which have been in the last two months... Facebook has been a contributor. People spending hours and hours on Facebook with games and updates statuses... neglecting family and responsibilities, an Internet addiction of another kind.

NOW CLICK and read the rest!!!

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