Thursday, December 16, 2010

I felt completely naked without it...

Image taken from HERE.  The actual phone I own-
except not my actual phone!
So my husband and I decided we needed to run to the store when it was close to midnight. Both of our cell phones were charging (we don't have a home phone-just another cell phone we keep at the house for our kids to get a hold of us while we are at work) so we decided we didn't need our phones, we would just run to the store and be back.

I should note right now that us "running" to the store isn't a physical run-- nor is it ever a "quick" run. We tend to go to Wally World because it's cheaper and we always, and I mean 95% of the time, take more time then necessary and find more stuff we "need" then we planned on buying before we got there in the first place. This phenomenon happens at Costco also... and sometimes a Super Target.

Anyway, we left without our cell phones.

As we are getting IN our car I am feeling a bit out of sorts and I realize it's because I don't have my phone with me. I didn't want my husband to think I was a complete ninny for worrying about not having my cell know, "just in case", but I felt completely naked without it (and remember nothing FAKE on me yet, so me and naked equals much therapy for anyone). See he badgers me about not being able to live without it already all.the.time... so I didn't need to provoke him anymore to further getting badgered. Those of you that know me, been to lunch with me, or hung out with me for any amount of time KNOW that I have my cell phone on me pretty much ALWAYS (and that may be understating it a bit).

We get in the car and pull out of the driveway. As we get to the end of the street my husband says, "I feel weird with BOTH of us not having a phone, you know, just in case the kids need to get a hold of us".

Of course I was like, "Babe, they are already asleep" I casually shrugged my shoulders and continued, "so it's fine. We can live without our phones for however long we are at the store. Plus Grandma and Grandpa got them if they are in dire need of anything. So stop worrying about it...seriously, paranoid much?"

He just looked at me...

So I was like, "Fine, me too, let's just hurry to the store and get back as fast as we can."

Fastest trip to the store probably ever. Never leaving my phone, it got mad at me, totally froze on me while I was checking my friends facebook statuses and wondering why in the world they were up past midnight!!!

How about you guys?  Anybody else feel this way with their cell phone?  Married to it?  Feel safer with one on hand? Think I'm completely insane?  Wait... don't answer that last question...


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