Monday, December 13, 2010

So we blew THAT fairy tale out of the water!

So Saturday I coherced my younger brother into taking our family pictures for us. There is a reason I stay behind the camera... I do a lot better behind the camera.

But for some odd reason I had it in my mind that MY family would be a bit different with pictures. That my kids wouldn't get bored after the first spot we shot, that they would smile and not make goofy faces, that we would all look right at the lense so that we could be fast and quick. That I would be creative since I've shot Upteen different families and they all have their own cute ideas of what pictures and settings they like...

Let's just say we blew that fairy tale out of the water.

My kids were climbing over everything and picking on each other. My husband couldn't open his eyes dreamy hazel green eyes for the life of him, they are sensitive, and he had a hard time looking straight at the camera... even I had a hard time keeping my smile or making it seem real!!!

My brother, however, loves to shoot Candid... and luckily he got us some that worked or fit our personalities!

I mean look at us... we are waiting for him to get the "right angle" he said... look at us all... I look like a mannequin, my boy looks silly, my girl looks bored, and my husband looks like he's ready to kill someone... probably me! :)

No creativity here... if you saw our last year's picture you'll recognize that this is our exact same pose.  We seem to rock the straight in a line all our faces together pose.

So my brother was like... okay, just be your normal selves... so we were--I think this is the best picture yet!!!

Now... all I need to do is get addresses of everyone special enough to receive such an awesome picture of us for the HOLIDAYS!!!

So how was your weekend? If you'd like a picture of us for the Holidays to grace your refridgerator send your address to my email at


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