Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hit by the "Subway"

Okay the I've been hit by the Subway post!

Let me just state. I am not a hiker. I don't train for hiking I don't usually hike, I am NOT a hiker. Give me an easy, follow this trail, a few short hills to get over and I'm good.

My lil' Sis, her husband, her SIL and BIL, her MIL and a close friend convinced me and my husband that we needed to go on this hike with them called the, "SUBWAY". My husband was STOKED... he was all for it! Over excited if one asks me, but they don't.

Let me tell you, I found every excuse NOT to go, but in the end the peer pressure got to me and I decided to go. Here is how THIS website explained it, and their pictures are MUCH better than mine. Just remember, everything pictured there I SAW in real life! You can be jealous now... well to a point.

Harder Optional Route:
For the hardcore the "Subway" can be completed in the reverse direction of what is described here. This will require 6 to 8 hours and a vehicle shuttle. If you do the route in the reverse direction I suggest you have a climber along who can lead traditional 5.8 rated routes.

Willing participants will battle climbing down boulders, ledges and waterfalls that bar the way. The route contains several short swims through chilly pools and miles of wading in ankle deep water. The route passes through several narrow slots and near a collection of dinosaur tracks from the Jurassic Period.

Ummm the "climbing down boulders" = aka repelling. I've never repelled before.

This hike is 9 1/2 miles, it took us 8 hours from start to finish. We repelled 3 times, and swam through ICE COLD freezing water, like can't stop your stupid looking face this-is-so-cold-my-heart-has-just-stopped water.

At the beginning of the hike I was good. I enjoyed the scenery and talked everybody's ear off. (partly because I was scared out of my mind...because on the way to the hike they filled me in with the repelling and 8 HOURS worth of hiking and 9 1/2 miles!!!) They nicknamed me SID the SLOTH! (okay, it was funny, I grant you that)

We took a lunch break about half way through the hike, we had already walked straight down "boulders" so my calves were burning, repelled, and swam so I had permanent "RT", and I had probably peed in nature already about 10 times, I guess I felt the need to mark my territory??? Which resulted in my thighs burning...if you don't get why you don't need to know. When I saw that sun after the freezing cold narrow canyon water... I felt like a kid at Christmas!!! I lazed on the rock like a lizard basking in the sun.

At that point, 4 hours into the hike, I was done. I was exhausted. Here are those pictures... these were all taken within that first 4 hours... like when I had energy to hold a camera to take pictures. I don't own really OLD clothes that I don't care about... so my husband provided my wardrobe... you know you love it!

As you can see I'm smiling... so this was early on.

When we continued on after lunch it was just walking down this semi dried up river bed full of rocks and boulders to jump over, climb down, and slip on. My ankles were feeling it! Plus no more shade... we were out in the desert sun, and my body had warmed up and THEN some! I was sweating to the point that I took of my T-shirt and soaked it in water and carried it around my neck to wipe down my face, arms, and neck every 5 minutes because it was so hot!

When we finally got to the end I was seeing things, I'm not going to lie. I was past the point of exhaustion and I had been completely silent for the last two hours of it! If you know me, that TELLS you how tired I was. Hallucinations had become my friend and pain had passed to the point that "feeling numb" was an understatement. When we finally reached the path that was the last mile of our hike, our leader smiled ever so slightly and said, "This is the last part, it's grueling but you can do it" then she pointed up--as I cranked my neck back to look at the tallest mountain ridge, which to my mind could battle the tallest skyscraper or Mount Everest, I looked at her and laughed, "no really" she said, "I'm not joking this time". That hike was STRAIGHT up people. Straight UP!!! 400 ft. up and was the only way out.

I begged to have someone call in an emergency helicopter but conveniently nobody had brought their cell phones, something about the water ruining them or something!!!

I did it... I lived, and it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. It it right up there with having my first child natural!

But, like having a child, it was rewarding! And I look back on it and I think 'I could do that again' (I think, not do) and 'that wasn't so bad'. The beauty that lies in those canyons is incredible! The feeling of accomplishing that up hill 400 ft. hike at the end was euphoric!

No there were no pictures to journal it, because like I said, I could barely think straight.

For those of you who think you know where I live now... don't get your hopes up, I had to drive to Zions National Park... well I didn't, MountainSport Man did, but still.

As for that night of the hike and the following day... my eyelids hurt, I had to kick my legs out in front of me just to walk, and it even hurt to cry. I was SOOOOOOO sore! So SORE! Every time I sat down for even a minute, to get back up was like a 10 minute preparation! My brother thought it was fun to poke me where I was sore and MSM was to sore himself to massage anything to get comfortable. IB Profin was my best friend, and I'm not ashamed to say that!

So if you are ever over my way and you spend a couple of days here. Or you make your way to Zions National Park... hike the SUBWAY. It's not so bad ;)


P.S. no my kids did not go with us!

P.S.S. TysDaddy is writing the male perspective on Real World today about social networking... it's a good read!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ha! Gotcha! :)

Okay I KNOW I said I would let you how I have been hit by the "subway"... and it's ready to go, but I am also posting about my blogging obsession/addiction on Real World Venus vs. Mars today and I really want to hear what you guys have to say about it.

Plus it has a really hot pic of my guy on it!

And REALLY... who has the time OR patience to read me twice???

So tomorrow... tomorrow we talk about me and the "subway".


Monday, September 28, 2009

St. Jude's and Chili's, AND, I was hit by the subway teaser...

HELLO EVERYONE out there still!!! I miss you guys!

I wanted to pop in and say to go Eat at Chili's Bar and Grill today. 100% of profits NATIONWIDE go to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital!!! So go eat for LUNCH and DINNER! You get some good food AND you help to further the research for children's cancer!

Click HERE for more info!

Just wait for tomorrow guys... I have a post going up!!!

***A teaser for tomorrow... I hiked this (those of you that know me can pick your chins off the ground now, I'm NOT lying):

Click the picture to see other beautiful images from this photographer and the hike I went on!

And was hit by a subway!!! My fingers hurt with every PUSH of the key's!!!

It's funny the way I'm walking, but so worth the challenge!


P.S. We are having a "Group Therapy" session over at Real World Venus vs. Mars. Come give your advice it's much needed!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Nobody told me that!!!

Check out Real World Venus vs. Mars we are doing things a tad bit differently!!!

Or you can laugh at me while I talk on the video, because I make funny faces when I talk!

How come nobody ever TOLD me how funny my faces were when I talked!!!


P.S. BTW--I'm not DELETING this blog... I'll just be blogging only sporadically!!! I'm to much of a wuss to really delete the blog it makes me to happy!!! Now go laugh at my video!

Friday, September 18, 2009

i can't give a 100% to everything.

So my mind has been everywhere! It doesn't seem to want to focus and I think it is because I'm stretching myself to to speak...

I'm still laughing everyday, my life is good and I'm happy, but I'm also tired, and maybe a little OVER giddy because I'm putting myself through some kind of psychotic training on how one can survive and be normal on little amounts of sleep.

I'm happy, but if I step back, I think those that I love most are suffering because I'm not 100% there. I'm maybe 50% there for them, on a bad day lower, on a good day higher...but it's not fair to them and its not good for least I don't think so.

Its a balancing act that at one time I thought I was good at. Time for my real life, and real life responsibilities... and then time for my online life and making sure that I get around to see everyone and let them know that I do read them by commenting, because how else are you suppose to know?

I began blogging to make a life journal for friends and family of what was going on with us and our life, to stay connected.

Then I realized I could use it for an avenue of all the crazy things that I think about, laugh about, and want to spew about. It was great! I couldn't get enough... one post after another left my mind, through my fingertips, and out into the internet world.

Then I began to get my first comments from people I didn't know, validating how I felt, laughed at my stupid humor, and became, to me, close friends. I would email them, chat sometimes, and we would plan to meet each other because as they blogged about their lives I began to get to know them and love them. Meeting them has been such a special treat for me. You honestly feel like you are just getting back together with old friends, you have a bond, it's really indescribable unless you blog... it sounds funny when you try to explain it to people that don't blog, or hardly get on the internet for that matter, it sounds a little psycho to be honest... but it's real, it's people's inner thoughts connecting, connecting through personalities instead of body language and touch...there just isn't a word to call it or someone hasn't written a book to explain it or study it. There are relationships built... frienships, but through the internet, to someone who doesn't understand it, it doesn't seem real it seems fake.

And like real life there are those you connect more with then others for whatever reason.

I'm thinking about this out loud... because it is those people that I don't want to let down, because I am thinking about NOT doing my personal blog any longer.

It's just one to many things to handle on my plate at this time, for me, it is the last straw placed on the camels back before it breaks.

My family needs me to be there for them 100%, I can't seem to do it as well as the rest of you in balancing it. People have asked me how I do it all... quite frankly I DON'T. Something SOMEWHERE is lacking if I'm honest with myself...and like those Mom's that work out of the home like myself, we try to deny it, but it's true, you have to let something slide somewhere, sometime... because it's really impossible to give a 100% to it all, all the time. Sometimes it's my blogs, sometimes it's my work, and sometimes, I'm ashamed to say that it has been my family, and most importantly my husband.

So for's this blog that I choose to let lay by the wayside. My love and interest of the human bond will keep me at Real World, I honestly love learning from everyone over there and am not quite ready to let that go and I don't have to write EVERYDAY, I get to read and listen as well. My random thoughts will be on Twitter or Facebook because it's the easiest and fastest way to get them out there and yet you still have the fun of people commenting back at you... And of course my photography blog... because it's my creative outlet.

I will still come around to visit you, but now there isn't the pressure of you feeling like you need to visit me, unless you want to... come over and join Real World Venus vs. Mars or my PlushMoments... because for a blog that is where I will be...other than that... laugh with me and make fun of me on the other two things... Twitter or Facebook :)

BTW--if you have followed me on twitter and I didn't follow you back, it's probably because I didn't recognize your Screen Name!!! So just email me and say, "HEY dork head! I followed you on twitter, this is my screen name @ipickmynose... so follow me back or ELSE!" I promise I will follow you! :)

And when it comes to FaceBook--if you don't want me to know your REAL name, then I can't let you know mine. Sorry, I don't have a BLOKTHOUGHTS facebook... it's my real name. So... sorry, but do you blame me?

I'm sorry... I'm not sure for what, but I am. I just can't do EVERYTHING even if I LOVE it and it makes me completely happy...

Love you all, email me at, chat with me when I'm on... I would love that... follow me somewhere Yahoo Id (same thing applies to screen names on this one) is shelleblok add me if you'd like!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

See PeePs... the wannabe picture book!

You know when you had to read in school but you brain was just TOO tired to read???

I remember that.

I loved reading... but sometimes my brain just couldn't take one more plot!

So I would look at pictures books and make up my own stories in my mind. I kid you not!

Since my mind is still temporarily out of service.

Here is a picture post about PeeP's last day of summer and first day of school... and then, and THEN, she...sniff...well, you'll see...

See PeePs wear her swimming suit and rain boots for the last day of summer, may they R.I.P.

PeePs loved her rain boots. She wore them almost everyday like her swimming suits.

See PeePs sick of Mom taking her picture of her last day of freedom! (Mom's first day of freedom, at least for 2 1/2 hours! Can I get an A.Men.)

See PeePs' first day of school outfit. See PeePs giddy and excited.

See PeePs humor Mom and take a picture in front of her pre-school play ground! :) Take a look for the last time of PeePs' long, long, hair that she hated to get combed because "Cinderella's rats slept with her at night".

See PeeP's long hair intact for the last seconds of it's life. (can you tell this was a bit unnerving for me?)

See PeePs' excitement that her hair was cut/hacked off! PeePs loves loves loves her "bouncy" hair!

See PeePs happy and content that Mom finally allowed her to cut off her hair.

Hope you enjoyed your picture book, reading level 1. Now you can sign off your fifteen minutes and turn in your homework!!!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mind is Temporarily Under Construction...

Mind is Temporarily Under Construction.

If there is anything you need to know about me that I haven't already divulged please don't hesitate to comment about it.

Other than that. My mind seems to be off on vacation. I'm not sure when it will be back up and running.

I kind of feel like this David after the Dentist:

I love you guys... no really, I LOVE you guys! :)

I am, however, reading, responding, and writing posts on Real World Venus vs. Mars because it completes me and it's my baby... check it out if you have another .2 seconds to spare :) If you would like to contribute to the blog or Guest post there please PLEASE email me and let me know... I'd LOVE to have you! :)


Friday, September 4, 2009

10 RANDOM things about me... what about you?

Just Jules tagged me for a meme today. I HATE tags. But I LOVE Jules. SO I'll do it. But I'm putting my own RANDOM twist to it!

I guess I'm suppose to tell you 10 things about me that you don't already KNOW! HELLO?!?!?! I don't have any secrets. I wish I could keep a secret about myself to save my life... but sigh... I don't have a chance.

So 10 things about me Random Style aka stuff that's just stupid and weird:

1: When I'm on something really tall or high and look down, for example the roof of my house or on top of a mountain, I have the biggest urge to just FLING myself off to fall to my death, I literally think, "What if I just jumped off right now!"

I am in no way suicidal... yet...

2. When I go work out and I don't have my wedding ring on, I feel like a piece of meat... and secretly I like it.

3. When I eat pancakes I have to do the following: spread peanut butter all over it, add jam, and douse with Sugar Free pancake syrup. Don't ask me why. I try and stay away from pancakes.

4. At McDonald's on the rare occasion I have french fries I HAVE to dip them in their HOT MUSTARD... that stuff is the manna of McDonald's and a lot of people don't understand what they are missing. I try and stay away from McDonald's and french fries.

5. In high school I got my first role. I was so excited and practiced and practiced my part so I got the timing JUST right. The play was, "Into the Woods" and I stood behind a tree back drop and stuck my hand out from behind it... on my hand was a wolf paw and I had to slyly move my fingers. People stood in line for HOURS to get their picture taken with my wolf hand. It was a great moment for me :)

6. For one week out of my WHOLE life I had a date EVERY NIGHT with a different guy. I married MR. Tuesday! :)

7. I have to give people 1 syllable nick names if they have more than 1 syllable in their name. For example, McKenzie after our first meeting I would proceed to call "Kenz".

8. I HATE talking on the phone. I LOVE to talk, but I HATE talking on the phone. Unless, it's the first time we have talked and/or it's the only way we can communicate. Then I'm okay to grin and bear it.

9. On that same note. I screen my calls. If I don't answer your first call right away then don't try and call again. Take the hint. It's usually when I'm taking a nap or I'm working on photos... but really, I don't need an excuse.

10. I get nervous to meet people that know me solely from this blog. I don't want to disappoint their expectations of me and even though I I'm not really a touchy feely person... First thing I want to do when I meet fellow bloggers is HUG them?! Track record proves it. Ask anyone that's met me.

11. BONUS: I can make my chin quiver, usually on cue, it's helpful in many situations... I can also make my ears and nostrils move separately. Stupid human tricks will be worth something to me someday... like if I do late night talk shows when I'm blog famous.


Random things about me.

So what I'd like from you is first of all... steal the tag if you are into those things and/or you don't want to think of a post.

Secondly, what's something random about you? Tell me... and just so you know I might tweet it! hehehehe


Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm talking over HERE today...

I'm over at Real World Venus vs. Mars today! Come over and harrass me there!



Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who I was in high school...

Who I was in High School. Inspired by THIS post and THIS post.

You know guys... I KNOW I'm different because I'm older and have matured and been through stuff that just makes you change and grow up but high school for me was three things: dance, SCHOOL (like actually study), and social.

*Hello Glamour shot! hahahahaha! OMGOSH gotta love High School*

That's it.

I KNEW a lot of people, was invited to a lot of parties, could kind of adapt to whatever group I felt like hanging out with... but like I commented on the other two blogs that inspired me, I was more two dimensional, black and white, good and bad.

I loved me in high school. I was a nice person. I just didn't KNOW a lot hadn't experienced enough. I knew a lot about dance, I was pretty BOOK smart, but as far as the WORLD goes... I didn't really know a whole bunch. And I'm glad.

My voice was those who influenced me the most. My parents. I believed what they believed, that includes religion. I repeated what I had been taught to know and repeat... that is just how it went.

After a few times of getting caught doing the wrong thing in middle school I learned that getting into "trouble" took to much time and effort. So I did what my parents said, thought what they told me to think, and lived my life the best way I could with my boundaries.

I loved almost every minute of it, high school was good to me.

I crushed on boys... a lot. I had 3 REALLY close friends in High School and we would jump from one group to another never really staying or hanging with the same group of people. I learned to love my Father in Heaven. I trusted WAY to easily and was burned a lot because of it. I made Dance my life.

I still get this when I see people from high school, "Oh Shelle right? You were in (Drill Team Name) right?" It defined me... and I loved it.

That was me.

That was who I was.

The thing that I wished was different was I wished I let people in more. Sure I made people feel that way, but I put on a front. I appeared ALWAYS happy, when in reality it was all a facade. I had normal emotions like everyone else, but I only allowed myself to show one emotion. My closest friends were the only ones that really KNEW me and I was okay with that.

I was happy to say that almost everyone I graduated with I hung out with at one time or another... I just LOVE people. And I'm still that way.

So although I liked who I was in high school, I would NEVER want to be her again though.

I think that changing and becoming a better person than who you were is a must. The worst kind of person is the one who is stuck back in high school and the "what could have been" mind frame.

I love who I am becoming. I love that there are more dimensions to me... some shallow and some deep... but there nonetheless. I think more now when I speak to people (still working on that though); I smile more, I laugh harder, but I also get mad, sad, and I cry; I am a mom and LOVE being a mom (one a completely natural birth. Labor use to be one of my greatest fears) even when I get frustrated with it; I take pictures and continue to work at being and one day becoming a Professional Photographer; I work at a job that I have to listen to a co-worker tell me about her life and WO-BE-HER everyday because she needs me to; I married my best friend and continue to get to know him and who he is changing into; I blog and meet interesting people everyday who let me share a part of my life with them-because I NEED it, I have traveled and learned about other cultures and walked through dirty cities and small towns; I've fought when I felt like I needed to, I've bitten my tongue when I would have rather not, I've been passionate about certain issues and made my voice heard or debated; I've experienced death of a close one and birth with the ones I loved; I've compromised; I have a deeper understanding of my religion and am thankful that I was blessed to have it in my life and the peace and perspective it gives me; I'm definitely more curvy (my kids fault); I exercise and watch what I eat, most of the time, but still splurge when I'm really happy or really sad; I like to scrapbook but don't have time; I like to write and would one day like to write a Romantic Comedy novel :); and I adapt better to change.

There is just A LOT more to me now (that wasn't MEANT to be a fat joke)... and I hope in 10 years when I'm blogging through my brain into a blue tooth that then types it onto my blog... I hope my list is longer and I hope that I am better because I've grown and changed and learned.

What about you guys? Who were YOU in high school?

P.S. Chief is the winner of the $10 Amazon Card, her comment is in the comment of the day if you want to link to her.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Your laughter for the day... VIDEO

Today I have a feeling you are in need of a funny video... I have a sixth sense about these things! :)

So here you go, you can thank me later!

The end is the best part! I was crying laughing, crying! :)

HAHAHAHA! My favorite part... "I might do a duck!" lol!


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