Thursday, July 31, 2008

If this isn't dead sexy--FridayFotoFinishFiesta

If this isn't dead sexy...I don't know what is...


Just in case you SERIOUSLY can't tell...This is me. Snorkeling. In Hawaii.

P.S. Don't I get a surprise party or something for reaching over 10,000 visitors to my site? (Half of those are me getting on my own site over 30 times a day...) Numbers don't lie.

They don't.

P.S.S. If you want to join the cool crowd go on over to Candid Carrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where drop kicking and being content come together

I am ALWAYS behind the camera...because my man HATES to take pictures (jerk)...

let me be honest, I would LOVE. and that's not an exaggeration, to be in the pictures you have seen from my Flash Backs, I am use to the camera in my face...flashing lights...being center of attention.

But unfortunately when we are on trips or special events I am the one that has the responsibility to record our memories, which means I am responsible for taking my OWN pictures of myself. That is why you always see me holding the camera 10 inches away from my face.

In Hawaii while on a drive to the Byodo Temple I decide to take a quick pick of everyone in the car...and then snap a few, inconspicuously, of me. Then I loaded them onto my computer for editing...ummmm, yea...I guess my sis and bro saw that I was taking my picture and wanted to take away my glory--so typical

Suns Fan #2...she is SO jealous of my beauty she had to try do something that would draw attention to her (brat)--I'm glad you were caught with your tongue out...

I think they were saying something to me while I was taking this picture because I snapped the picture and broke character...I think they were distracting me so they could do what they were doing BEHIND me--just so you both know, when I see you next, I'm drop kicking questions asked!

On to better things...

I just want to show you proof that I haven't totally failed as a mother...I was on my way back to work and came upon this endearing scene...I, no lie, got choked up...
My son was reading to my daughter...READING to her. That apple did not fall far from this tree...that's right, my son likes to read! I could die tomorrow and leave completely content knowing I have passed on my love to read...of course, I don't want to die...I was just making a broad statement, I still have a lot of living to do and a lot of other scenes like this one to bawl about!
As soon as the noise of the picture caught their attention my little girl got a little distracted...
Again, the apple doesn't fall far from my tree...she began to ham it up...something else I'm extremely proud about...go ahead girl
Show your true STAR potential...look at that perfect body angle on the camera...girls got skills, all from me too!
Again, I am doing my duty as a mother...passing on reading skills to my son and passing along my extreme natural talent in front of the camera. Or maybe it's my talent of being distracted with a camera pointed at me...either way, I could die a content parent.

I don't want to die, I'm just saying...if I did.

Nevermind, you get it!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No Money and the day I almost got beat up...

Your guys' comments were so funny! SOME of you actually helped me and I'm going to take your advice and run with it. I'm not even going to give you anything in return, I'm just going to selfishly take it.

I just want to say that I don't know if there is any time in my life I have ever been envied. So I am soaking it up! No really...I have opened my blog and read the comments over and over and indulged in your jealous words...I closed my eyes and day dreamed, stripped down and dove into your pool of covetous-ness and it felt good! I see why those pretty, popular, and smart girls enjoy being them. I have walked a day in their high heeled stillettos and I don't feel feels OH SO GOOD!

The only thing that I didn't tell you and that might have you pulling your jealous, envious, covetous, and green-eyed possessiveness from me is...I'll be flat broke when I get back...

Our small puny savings will be totally depleted...none, gone, zilch...not kidding. Both our cars are sucking air because I refuse to spend precious money I could take to London to fill them up. I will be pimping myself out to make up for our trips back to back. Especially because I pay double over there...the U.S. dollar SUCKS.

Anybody need a photographer? My ratio is still like 50 bad pics to 1 good pic...but, if you like what I me...we'll do lunch, on you, because I won't have any money.

Here's some of my work:

I was thinking about it the other day and I was thinking that there are a lot of new people that I am getting to know through my blog...and I love it...if you are around me long enough I will have probably mentioned it at least 5 times. "So I was reading on my blog yesterday" or "you HAVE to hear what happened to this chic today" or "are those guys REALLY that mushy gushy in love all the time? It's unnatural"...stuff like that. (Frankly, I think my husband is getting a little bit sick of it).

So I want to start telling you little things about myself that might deter you from wanting to get to know me more, or might endear me to you more, but I want to be honest and straight forward in the beginning of our blogging relationship, not hold anything back.

So here is something you may NOT know about me. I stare. I am one of those people that you would say, "Stare hard retard" or "take a picture it lasts longer" (maybe that is why I like photography so much...hmmm...I might have to google that or ask a therapist or something...I'm not sure what affects the human brain holds from childhood).

Sometimes staring at people gets me into trouble, especially when I was younger and not so good at it. I would continue to stare even when people caught me. I'm going to share an experience of how I almost go beat up:

I was in middle school. It was right before an assembly. I was walking into the girls restroom just about to pass the sinks and mirrors where both boy and girl could wash their hands after they went to the bathroom. I looked over to see a girl, a scary girl. She was as close to a ganster as you could get in our small little town, and she was looking in the mirror and sticking her tongue out trying to look at her tongue ring. She also had other piercings and she did weird things to her hair. She wore deep black thick eye liner to line her eyes and charcoal black lipstick to line her lips...yet she didn't quite fill in the rest of her lips. She shaved her eyebrows and half way up the back of her head.

She was new and different. I, no lie, slowed down and stared at her, staring at her tongue ring. She looked over to me and stared back. Then she got an evil look on her face and I remember thinking, 'Wow, she has really pretty green eyes! I wonder if those are real or contacts'.

Then she yelled at me while looking in the mirror, bringing me out of my revelry, "What are YOU looking at, B*!#@*?"

I instantly looked away and started walking into the bathrooms. She turned around. "What are you looking at? You think you are so much better than me? You think you have the right to stare at me?" I thought to myself, 'yes'. No I kid...I couldn't think at all...I was stunned.

I started sweating and wanted to run and hide away.

At that point in my life I didn't like confrontation and I usually shut down and said nothing...especially if someone was ranting and raving. I wish I opted for that and continued to say nothing...except for some VERY DUMB reason...out of my body turned around and I opened my mouth and said, "I was staring at nothing. I didn't mean to be rude. I just need to go to the bathroom REALLY bad. Ummm...s-s-s-orry? What are you going to do...beat me up?"

Why I said that I don't know. If that isn't what set her off to say what she said next...maybe it was when I started laughing, (okay more like giggling because I couldn't believe I had just asked her if she was going to beat me up) yea maybe that was the last straw on the camel's back.

She said, "My LATINO boyfriend is here at the assembly and he hates people like you. You better not come to the assembly because if I see you there I'm going to have him kick your A$$!" Then she stormed away in all her gangster glory.

I stood there staring and shocked because first of all, she swore *gasp*, and in MY WORLD people just didn't swear. I heard it on rare occasion and almost always in a joking kind of giddy kid fashion not in a I'm-mad-and-am-going-to-kick-your-butt-fashion.

Second of all, she was going to have her boyfriend kick my butt.

I was scared. I vowed to NEVER stare again. I prayed to Heavenly Father that if he would this ONE time make me invisible I wouldn't stare at people ever, EVER again...because, you see, I was going to that assembly...I had to see the latest talent in our middle school and I was guaranteed to sit by my crush...he was saving a seat for my friend, who he liked. (Hey, opportunity knocks...I take it).

I went to the assembly, pale faced and scared out of my mind. I instantly told my friends and we spent the WHOLE assembly looking for the boyfriend.

Guess what? They ditched the assembly. I was scared, out of my mind, afraid for my freckled face, for nothing. I never saw the girl again, that I remember...or maybe I got over it quickly...or maybe I push the memories to the back of my brain and try not to remember...either way

I still stare. I spent five years of my life getting paid to stare as a lifeguard...but now I do it for free and a little bit more, look away when they catch me staring.

So there you go...

Anything you need to tell me?

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Okay don't HATE...but I DO need your help

Okay this was planned but not very logically (as my husband would say), but I'm never logical and don't think I will be in any NEAR future...SOOOOO, I planned a trip to London, England.

My extended family had a BIG reunion a couple of years ago very near my home here...all having to do with genealogy and tracing our routes back to the pioneers and all that stuff. It interests me...REALLY it does.

I showed my face at the reunion then HIGH tailed it out of there as soon as my husband and I could exit. You see, my extended family is filled with a BUNCH of crazy's and you never know what's going to happen, so your safest bet is to just slowly walk away so that you don't draw attention to yourself.

Especially because I don't know 95% of them.

Don't get me wrong, there are normal people, like me, in the family...okay, never you get my point, it's filled with crazy's,so let me continue with where I was going with this post.

So YES I am going on another trip next week I am going to London, England, for another Geneaology family reunion, for the geneaology, of course. So lets chalk this trip up to WORK, hard, hard, work...

I have ALWAYS wanted to go, I am as obsessed with their history as I am their accent-remember this post? Anyway, I will get SOME time to tour around London (5 days) then I will head over to Manchester to the reunion (1 day), then tour around the area (2 days) then go home. So see what I mean, I will be overwhelmed with work, hard genealogical work people!

But the few days I will be free to tour around I want to go to ONLY the best places. So those of you that have been, heard, or daydreamed about going...will you give me some advice? I don't want to waste my time.

I will, however, spend plenty of time trying to get one of those guards at the palace to crack! Should I video it? Should I take a picture of it? Or both?

Either way, I will continue to don't get all depressed and go into a fetal position while sucking your thumb...I'll be around, I knew you were worried. That's how I am, I'm here for people.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Letter to Man with Comb Over...

Dear Man with Comb Over: (the picture is not actually the man I saw-it's from google images!)

Hello it's know, the annoying lady who walked on after everybody boarded and sat 4 rows and to the right of you.

What you don't know is that because of my inherent weakness to laugh at anything and everything...mostly uncontrollable I might add, I received very weird and crazy stares from people around me when I laughed, from my gut, out loud, right before the door was to open on the plane and everyone was just waking up from the long 6 hour over night flight.

That's right, the insane, crazy, LOUD laughter was mine, and I was laughing at you...I would've laughed with you, but I don't think you knew what I was laughing at...sorry, it was you...I really didn't mean to do it out loud, I meant to do it in my mind, but unfortunately I couldn't control it, I was in a half induced sleep from all the peanuts I had eaten and your hair caught me by surprise sticking straight up off of you head like in the movies, and I laughed...from my gut...and out loud!

Then I look around and everyone is staring at me...some with pitying looks and half smiles, others with utter confusion and still other with understanding looks...either way, I was getting stared at.

I'm going to give you advice because you looked like a nice man and I wasn't meaning to be rude...really. So out of guilt here it is. Get it cut off, seriously, you will look a lot more have a handsome round head, embrace your baldness, it is part of you...who you are! Then you can avoid embarrassing situations like your hair poking straight up from your head after you fell asleep on the plane.

Yours Truly,

I'm not kidding when I say the last time I saw a comb over that was worse than the one I saw on the airplane was when Donald Trump was fighting with Rosie O' Donnell and he was on a show I saw while flipping through the television...

BTW I'm back from my trip and it was a GOOD time! The only thing that might have dampered it was the fact that we were frolicking in the ocean when baby portuguese man o war's were there. Apparently this is a common occurence seven days after a full moon. (We should have taken the hint when we saw that NO ONE ELSE was getting in the time people, have the decency to at least laugh at us so we got SOME kind of warning we were doing something stupid) See WE were staying on the East shore of Oahu in a private beach house.

There was not sign like this ...

nor had we read this before we left for our trip...I googled them and found this warning:

The beaches on Oahu's East shore, commonly referred to as the Windward coast, are infamous for the presence of the portuguese man-of-war. This is as there is a nearly constant inshore wind blowing.
We routinely notify the media when we anticipate or observe large
"swarms" - the press has been very cooperative in airing and printing these
warning and alert notices. Guarded beaches on O`ahu are posted with special
signs by lifeguards when there are portuguese man-of-wars or
swarming in the surrounding ocean. Observe these signs, stay out of the water,
to avoid being stung - a very painful, perhaps even potentially deadly

We did however hear the news after my nephew Z was stung twice by them and my niece Tae was stung once. We then stayed out of the water until they had passed our beaches or the wind died down.

It did damper our beach frolicking though...the crazy thing that my son DCar went in the water no matter what and never got stung once...when we weren't out touring the exciting things of the island, he was swimming and playing in the was a wonder he didn't get stung since Mountain Sport Man found 8 of the baby Jellyfish washed up on the's proof!

Crazy stuff...did any of you know about these?

Well now you do...and you can thank me when you plan your Hawaii vacation, because I'm cool like that.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Feet...where's the loyalty people

Seriously I have only been gone a few days and people are falling off like rocks in a landslide...its unnerving!!! Just cause I'm on Vacation doesn't mean you have to stop the comment love. I still look forward to reading them...even though I may not be able to reply to them while I'm out laughing and rolling in the beautiful sand, but really, is that the relationship we have? You scratch my back and I scratch yours kinda thing?

Okay, Okay, I promise, when you go on va-cay I'll comment on please, don't be shy, don't play HATE because I'm in the land of happy and you are stuck...well, wherever you are stuck...when the tables are turned...I'll be there. :)

For those of you that have stuck with me...I LOVE YOU...I really do, I feel the LOVE for thoughts turn to you while I am running along the beach with the wind blowing in my hair...LOVE, that is what it is! lol!

I'm totally kidding...totally being stupid and giddy and geeky because that is what this island does to you...besides making you illiterate!

Anyway, here are my pics for Friday Foto Finish Fiesta go on over and participate it's really easy!

I couldn't pick you'll have to deal with a couple. But the sand here is incredible!!! No seriously...those of you that live around the ocean are probably not surprised by this...but ME and my FAMILY are! We walk around here with NO shoes matter twigs, rocks, or's like everything here is made for feet! I love it!

It's cool right? The sand? Makes you want to roll around in it, doesn't it?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

On the beach

I thought it would be all cute to write my blog in the sand and take a picture of it, I did and I was so proud of it. Then I went to edit the picture...and umm....yea, I forgot the U in BlokThoughts. So then I thought I would put a corny saying like, "Missing 'U' over here in Hawaii at our Private Beach house", but I can't lie it's against my religion and moral character and stuff! :)

Then it washed away...good riddance...that is what this State does to makes you lazy and somehow...lazy for me equals illiterate! It happens to the best of us!
So we hit the beach yesterday. The beach is an anomaly to our see we grew up in the desert and most of us still live we don't make it to the beach to often. We frolick and play and have tons of fun...Some of the fam went walking on the beach...not me, I had to sacrafice and sit where I was a take's a hard life!
Some "special" people (if you know what I mean) went running. Or tried to pretend to go running...I again, sat, took picture, checked to make sure picture looked good, continued sitting!
Some people with extremely nice legs because she is a nutritionist and works out like its second nature decided to do an ab workout...again, sit, take picture...

This is what the rest of us did...just random shots! There is one of me that my sister took of me...but i'm posing and it's cheesy...but just so you knew that I did ONE other thing besides take pictures...

This tells you how COOL and geeky we are when we get near a beach...World Traveler found something in the ocean...picks it up...could be poisonous, but why worry about that when we could have discovered something NO ONE ELSE has...he has to show someone...then Tae brings it's a rock!

The little ones...hated the ocean...but loved the sand! So they tried to build a castle...but their attention span wasn't great enough for the vision they had...that pic on the left is as far as they got!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Letter to the Lady/Man...Family Reunion

Dear Lady/Man (?) who wasn't wearing a bra at the LAX airport:

All I am saying is that when you are traveling you MUST remember to wear a bra...especially if you are well endowed in that area of your womanly physique. I mean SICK...if I wanted to watch something off of the Discovery Channel I would do so (the over sized shirt did NOTHING in fact made it more prominent that you weren't wearing a bra...

there was no need for you to be giving me Reality TV in the airport while I am trying to eat my dinner...and then give me a disgusted look when I stare at you because I am in utter shock that a woman of your size with not-so-much-plastic-surgery boobs, is NOT wearing a bra. Get it? I almost lost my lunch and it wasn't pretty. At least tuck them in! Really!

Isn't it common knowledge that gravity does things to our womanly well-endowed anatomy? I mean Victoria Secret has made A LOT of money trying to spread the much so, that they actually have bras that would do for the comfort of your desire...its not hard, you walk in, they size you, you tell them you would rather not wear a bra and so would desire a bra that felt like you weren't actually wearing one...and viola, they come at you with like 20 different you need a pen? You might need to write that down.

I was tempted to give you money so that you could afford a bra...since I see that your well, hard-earned money, went to gas to get you to the airport and, of course, you needed your airport ticket...

Sincerely, Shelle

A Family Reunion with my crazy, always laughing, sometimes arguing, and bull headed family, is in Hawaii and we made it here late last night!

Let me take you back to our younger years. The years were filled with a lot struggles, with laughter through it all, that's how we roll...we laugh, ALOT, at ourselves! :) Which is why it is hard for me to take anything serious...because, in most serious situations, like our electricity getting turned off in the middle of the dead dry heat of summer, among many other things, we would end up making something of, gathering around our fireplace and roasting marshmallows in our living room. We laughed about it then and we laugh about it now. Good times...never seemed too much of a struggle while living it, at least as one of the children. My parents on the other hand were probably stressed to the Max!

So it's always great fun when we get together...we are pretty tight as a family, my husband thinks we are a little TOO tight...always telling me to cut the apron strings or whatever strings are attaching me to them...but it is what it is.

Here is my family: Minus my mom who is taking the picture...take out my Indian Sister who no longer lives with us...Minus my older sister Dance Masta who is probably at College partying her life away or studying and dancing every waking minute. You have my Dad, then Me--still thinking that a shirt 3 X's to big is sexy, my little sister, Suns Fan #2, in front of her Roburto with his dreaded dog BUBBA, my older brother World Traveler, Indian Sister, and Broadway's who's hair is always in our early years!
And we've grown...we are all going to Hawaii to's OUR kids, 2 of them mine, 4 of them my older sisters, and 1 of them my older brothers.
and the men...the boys...Roburto could not come to Hawaii, they are having a baby in a couple of weeks and his wife couldn't fly...we already miss you Roburto...we really really do! (He's the one giving you the lovely view of the triple chins)...
and the girls...the sisters in the middle, being supported by the Sister-in-laws...Mands on the end, the only one with blonde hair is the one having the baby in a couple of weeks (next time plan around our family reunion will ya...sheesh)
And here we all are! We've grown...we've added more crazy's...and We are going to have blast!

P.S. more pictures to come of the Lovely Hawaii!!! :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Is cousin luvin' okay?

Okay so I'm OFF again to good ol' Hawaii for a vacation...oh yea...and a family reunion! We are so stoked to go. I've only been one other time...and my brother, World Traveler, had to mess up our touring with his wedding. This time though, we have a house...right next to a beach...and I am going to be out there with my kiddos building sand castles!

Don't play hate...have you seen my soccer picture? What about my exercise video disaster? I deserve to be spoiled every now and then...

So...I'm going to TRY and post fill you in on some pictures that you are going to be TOTALLY jealous I have somewhat of an addiction to my blog and *ahem* your I don't want to have to go through the whole rocking-back-and-forth-while-sucking-on my-thumb withdrawal thing...the posts might even just be filled with pictures, which for some of you, might actually be a good thing (taking a reading class if you know what I mean). Either way...if I don't post one day its because my family has NOT allowed me to because they don't get the whole addiction thing... don't hold it against them and I'll try to sneak the laptop at crazy hours at night to post for you...for real, if I don't post its because I'll ACTUALLY be vacationing! Crazy, I know!

In other thoughts for this honest with me...when does cousin luv cross the borders of cute to ummm not cute?
I'm minding my business and reading my book when I turn over to see my daughter laying on her cousin Eth's back...they're close and love to hang out, but I'm on to them...I'm going to keep a closer watch...or maybe...
OK...they're just cute...when I asked PeePs why she was on the back of her cousin she just said, "Eth warm mommy!" a duh why would you be asking me such a dumb question kind of voice. And the lady in the back of the picture has been out in the sun to long...

Just saying...

P.S. My friend Merrianne is doing a Giveaway on her site to GIVE BACK ya know(Spencer who gave me that award over there on the left side bar, only one, can't miss it...yea well, she is the sexier, cuter, and probably smarter chic I talked about when the field trippers from CampCandid Carrie came over to my site!) jump over there and leave a comment for her (because she loves them) and you might when her Victoria Secret package! :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Two things I've done Right in my life...

I did this newborn shoot a couple of weeks ago for a friend. I was editing the pictures and a newborn always reminds me innocence, even the natural smell of them shouts innocence and purity to me. They should bottle it up...the smell would sell like hotcakes! It also reminds me of how dependant my kids are on me. Just watching the Mom take care of this little guy...his comfort, his nutrition, is all dependant upon her.

I think we have children to teach us lessons...of patience, joy, tribulations, obedience, excitement and what our parents had to go through. We have them so we know what our Heavenly Father goes through, if just a little bit, watching us go through life on Earth. We begin to understand his lessons, we begin to understand consequences, and we begin to understand the complete and utter joy of the success of it all or what it could be.

My daughter taught me how much I really am a BIG part of her little life just recently:

My cell phone rings and I pick it up:
PeePs: Mom, when you come home? (I had just seen her an hour ago)
Me: I'm coming in a little bit honey! (Said a little frustrated)
PeePs: Mom come home I miss you, I wuv you! Come home.
Me: Okay honey, I'm coming home.

So if I die tomorrow...there is TWO things that I have done right and they are pictured below! Have a good rest of the SUNDAY!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Shhhh...don't tell him, but I missed him...

You know that great spontaneous trip I took a couple of weeks ago...or maybe it was last week? I am losing track of time. Anyhow, the trip to Minneapolis where I packed my two kids and I up to fly out there and visit my cuter younger sister?

Yea, wasn't too spontaneous.

You see, my husband had this boys man trip planned where him an 5 other guys drove up to Canada to Mountain Bike for 3 days straight on Whistler Mountain. It's in the Providence B.C. is all I really know about the place...oh, and that it's a Mountain Bikers Heaven!!!

Well when I found out that he was FOR REAL going to doing something as INSANE as driving over 20 hours, especially with the way gas prices are now, and with stinky boys men...just to Bike down a mountain...well I panicked...

I try and give off this tough girl I don't care...I panicked!!! Because I DO care...

I'm going to admit this, right now, in front of all of you...I am a WUSS! I absolutely hate to sleep in my BIG king size bed with out my husband taking my covers and man handling me ALL night. Sure I complain about gets hot...and then when he turns away from me and pulls the covers with gets cold...but you see I am so use to it, that I hate to be with out that special routine we have, he kinda makes me still feel wanted with all that touching and stuff! :) I don't sleep as well and then through those sleepless nights I tend to miss to BIG BLOKE!

So I called my sister and told her I was coming to invade her space...and to test her on her Hostess abilities. Let me just sidenote here because this post is going to be about my husband and not my sister: Suns Fan #1 and Suns Fan #2 completely passed the hostess test. I let my kids run amuck and they still didn't twitch convulsively crying disease and making us go home early. When my little sis was cooking dinner or breakfast...I completely ignored helping her (just to test her you see, for the sake of research) and blogged on her laptop...she was like a rock solid wall not letting it show how irritated she was with me! I made sure to have our stuff strewn everywhere among her little apartment...and both of them just walked over it like they hadn't noticed their compulsive clean behavior was being ignored! They were champions...passed the test with flying colors!

Moving right along...I am just saying. I missed my guy. But please don't say anything, because his head is big enough with all the other chic's around town flirting with him and so I try to seem aloof when I am in his blessed and dang sexy presence...even though I am affected, like a dog to a fire hydrant, I am affected.

A recent example being...

We had to switch our Costco membership from a Business Member to just a Gold Member since my busniess was no longer setting us up with them anymore. My husband's job was to go and get his picture taken while I stood in line to pay for our WHOLESALE lie, it took me 20 minutes to get that done and I thought, FOR SURE, he would be done and waiting for me. I go walking toward the membership counter and this is the scene that lay before me.

My husband standing there with his arms folded and the chic on the counter leaning over laughing and smiling at him...then she leans back from the counter, husband must have said something EXTREMELY hilarious because she broke out in an unabashed, deep gut, laugh. My husbands face alight with amusement that he is making someone laugh continues with what he is saying...only to have her lean into the counter to pretend that she needs to get closer to hear what he has to say. She hands him the card. He puts it into his wallet...then turns around...sees me, and walks over like I hadn't seen what had just transpired.

Me: "That girl has a great smile...she smiles with her whole face."

Him: "Yea...she does, doesn't she!"

Me: rolls my eyes.

So here are some fun pictures of BOTH of our trips. I missed him...but we still had lots of fun! I guess he did too! :)

My Trip in Minneapolis Minnesota--Most at the mall of America in the Nickelodeon AdventureLand...some at Como Zoo!

MountainSportMans Trip: Whistler in Canada somewhere!

I had to post this picture of my friends husband Nate because My guy isn't to good at taking pictures so I thought I would post a picture of the guy that took pics of my husband...thank goodness for him!!!

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