Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where drop kicking and being content come together

I am ALWAYS behind the camera...because my man HATES to take pictures (jerk)...

let me be honest, I would LOVE. and that's not an exaggeration, to be in the pictures you have seen from my Flash Backs, I am use to the camera in my face...flashing lights...being center of attention.

But unfortunately when we are on trips or special events I am the one that has the responsibility to record our memories, which means I am responsible for taking my OWN pictures of myself. That is why you always see me holding the camera 10 inches away from my face.

In Hawaii while on a drive to the Byodo Temple I decide to take a quick pick of everyone in the car...and then snap a few, inconspicuously, of me. Then I loaded them onto my computer for editing...ummmm, yea...I guess my sis and bro saw that I was taking my picture and wanted to take away my glory--so typical

Suns Fan #2...she is SO jealous of my beauty she had to try do something that would draw attention to her (brat)--I'm glad you were caught with your tongue out...

I think they were saying something to me while I was taking this picture because I snapped the picture and broke character...I think they were distracting me so they could do what they were doing BEHIND me--just so you both know, when I see you next, I'm drop kicking questions asked!

On to better things...

I just want to show you proof that I haven't totally failed as a mother...I was on my way back to work and came upon this endearing scene...I, no lie, got choked up...
My son was reading to my daughter...READING to her. That apple did not fall far from this tree...that's right, my son likes to read! I could die tomorrow and leave completely content knowing I have passed on my love to read...of course, I don't want to die...I was just making a broad statement, I still have a lot of living to do and a lot of other scenes like this one to bawl about!
As soon as the noise of the picture caught their attention my little girl got a little distracted...
Again, the apple doesn't fall far from my tree...she began to ham it up...something else I'm extremely proud about...go ahead girl
Show your true STAR potential...look at that perfect body angle on the camera...girls got skills, all from me too!
Again, I am doing my duty as a mother...passing on reading skills to my son and passing along my extreme natural talent in front of the camera. Or maybe it's my talent of being distracted with a camera pointed at me...either way, I could die a content parent.

I don't want to die, I'm just saying...if I did.

Nevermind, you get it!

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