Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Tuesday... get your random thoughts out!


I'm joining Random Tuesday by UnMOM. I'm recently new to her blog. But seeing how random comes easy for me. I'm joining in!!! I kinda feel like the new girl in school... anyway...

*Why do people stare at you when you are waiting at the stop light in the Left turn lane and they are turning left heading your direction. It seems like people stare at me, like I've done something to their Mom or loved one or family and they are the Mafia boss or something. Really unnerves me. Yet, I still stare them down and yell, "HA, you looked away first!"

*I still wish upon stars

*I also make a wish when the back of my necklace slides its way down to the front and I have to put it back behind my neck.

*I eat ice cream out of the carton... but I only like soft ice cream in a cone.

*Whenever I'm late for something, without fail, a slow driver gets in front of me... two if it's a two lane and they drive at the same speed.

* Why in the world do foreign countries have their own design for plug ins? Why can't we have a universal electrical socket?

*I get into long grocery lines on purpose so I can read all the celebrity gossip without buying the magazines... I also judge others by what they have in their grocery carts.

*I lied about the judging others by what they have in their grocery carts which brings me to this... do people lie to get people to laugh? And how can that be bad if they do? Not that I do that, I was just giving you an example... :

Okay... put in your random thought for the day! LUB YOU GUYS, thanks crash for making LUB a universal blog word!!!

OH and Southern Sage is over at RealWorld Venus vs. Mars today talking about a marriage contract he wrote up before him and his bride were married... interesting stuff, go give him your opinion on it!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Something I swore I would never do!

Something I swore I would never do, that my parents did, was tell my kids they had to eat something they didn't want to eat.

I can't tell you HOW many times I sat across from my Mom for HOURS trying to see if I could out last her "just THIS time". I was stubborn. But NOT as stubborn as her. As I was getting food I didn't want to eat put in my mouth I remember thinking, "when I have kids I won't make them eat stuff they don’t want to eat."

I was at the dinner table last night and this is how things went:

PeePs: "I don't like broccoli"--note, the girl has eaten the stuff since she could pick it up and put it in her mouth. Both Cauliflower And Broccoli. So I was all kinds of frustrated from the very beginning and OUT comes the following conversation.

Me: "Well, to bad, you are going to have to eat at least one broccoli and one cauliflower. You might like them."

PeePs: Gets the pouty quivering chin look. "But I don't WANT to eat broccoli. My stomach doesn't like it."

Me: "Okay, that's OKAY. Don't eat the Broccoli. But you also can't have any COOKIE for dessert."

PeePs: Pout lip and real tears start to form. Her hands cross in front of her chest and she looks up at me from under her eyelashes.

Me: "Go to your room and pout. It isn't going to make a difference. You don't eat those on your plate and you don't get a dessert. Whether you cry about it or not."

This went back and forth with DCAR getting in the groove to try and help his sister out of the situation by offering butter and ranch and other condiments to assist her in "choking" it down for at least a 1/2 hour.

But she wouldn't budge.

I was getting bored of it and just wanted to move along that is why I am NO good at this kinda thing!

All of us finished eating and she was still in pouting position. Real tears had begun to flow silently down her cheeks.

And I knew EXACTLY what she was thinking as she stared at me like I was the WORST person on Earth!

MoutainSport Man got up and cleared some dishes, then began to divvy out the cookies. DCAR comes walking in eating one.

She eyed it and I KNEW I had her… so I compromised, something ELSE I said I'd never do.

Me: "If you take THIS bite of Broccoli and THIS bite of Cauliflower then you can have your cookie."

PeePs: Stands her ground. Until Bampa (traitor)picks up her fork and assists in putting the offending vegetable in her mouth by using AIRPLANE sounds no less. Then she began to LAUGH hysterically.

I went and grabbed her a cookie. As I set it down next to her plate I said, "Now eat the rest of your dinner before you eat that cookie".

I'm not gonna lie, I was feeling like a bit of a failure, until I pulled THAT one on her! :)

Okay now my question is… what is the thing YOU swore you would never do, that your parents did?

I think I'll join a random Tuesday posts tomorrow and name a bunch more. I have loads!!!

Hope you all had a good weekend. And if you missed THIS post over at REAL WORLD you missed some GREAT fun in the comments!

Go over there today… KRITTA is trying to become a baby making machine, poor girl, go give her some love!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Serious Sunday

There are two scriptures that have made a big impact in my life.

I'm only brave enough right now to tell you about one.

Enos chapter 1:4 "And my soul ahungered; and I bkneeled down before my Maker, and I ccried unto him in mighty dprayer and supplication for mine own soul; and all the day long did I cry unto him; yea, and when the night came I did still raise my voice high that it reached the heavens."

At the time I read that scripture, I was burdened down and I felt so empty inside. It was a really dark period in my life, for me, and I was relatively young. It didn't fit well with my personality and it was really hard work to fake happiness throughout the day. It wore me out.

Doubt is a horrible thing. And I was filled with it. See I had a friend that questioned my faith. Being the small seed that it was, it shook me.

She was taught well, seemed to know a lot, and had a lot of questions to challenge my faith with... and I didn't have the answers. I had been taught, sure, but up until that point I looked at the gospel as something that was just there, that had always been around, but never something I desired to question or try to gain my OWN testimony of. The Gospel made sense, so what was there to question?

I don't remember specifics of all the conversations we had or really what questions she asked. I just remember the doubt, despair, and total emptiness for not knowing!!!

Then one day during a religion class we began to learn about ENOS, and I was asked to read that scripture out loud. That tingle of recognition began. That warmth of the spirit spread throughout my body, no I did not recognize it as such, but that phrase "my soul hungered" put words to what I was feeling for the first time! I went home and I prayed. a.lot. The answer to the despair came while I was on my knees in my pink and green room...then the doubt was gone. I can't even begin to describe what that feels like. But faking "happy" was no longer a problem and hasn't been since.

I still didn't have all the answers because I realized I never could and when I finally realized that and told my friend that, I found out she didn't have the answers either.

So it won't surprise you that whenever I listen to Oh My Soul Hunger-Kurt Bestor song I get a little emotional.

"Oh, my soul hungered,
My heart cried out:
"Please Lord, release me
From pain and from doubt."
Oh, my soul hungered
The moment I knelt down to pray,
And felt all my doubts Wash away.

Oh, my soul hungered-
Things that were old became new
When I learned to feel
What I already knew.

I realize that I'm especially lucky to find that out at such a young age... that I'm truly blessed and loved.

Hope you guys have a good Sunday! :)


Friday, June 26, 2009

Family FOTO 2009-your opinion?

K guys I need your help.

We had family pics taken and I just LOVE them. But I can't decide which one to choose so I thought I'd ask for your input.

EEEEEEKKKKKK!!! I'm so excited.

Family Foto 2009:

Option 1:
I think what draws me to this photo is that we are all looking so mysterious, except for PeePs she just looks bored. But 3 out of 4 ain't bad right? We all have those family pics where one person isn't doing what the rest of them are! :)

Option 2:

I just love how this accentuate's PeePs dirty face and that MSM is showing everyone where we fit into his life! The way I did my hair, CLASSIC! :) Aaaaahhhh so tender.

***Now this one I'm debating putting up for my new profile pic. But I think it might flash my gap a little to much and shows off a little more of my chin than I usually like?

Okay well let me know, and you guys have a great weekend!

Random Thought: I twitter-pated this yesterday but my Confirmation Code for my flight today is RUN48T!!! I'm just sayin, should I be worried?


Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Letter that invites Karma...

To anybody that takes glass bottles to sandy beaches/lakes:

Will you please try to help me understand the reasoning of bringing a glass bottle to some place where there is sand?

Because almost with out fail those bottles that don't get thrown away because you are A) to lazy or B) to drunk, will inevitably find a way of breaking!

Then they get pushed down in the sand.

Then some lone person will come along and minding their own business will proceed to dig and play in the sand with their feet, because sand is soft and tickles the foot while the sand is an exfoliate and so you kill two birds with one stone…

Then those lone people come upon BROKEN GLASS, or a child who thinks they found a pretty new toy!

All I can say is, may Karma come around and BITE you in the BUTT!!!


Lone Person (Hadabada to YOU--you'll understand that if you read the UNWORDS I post daily)

Anybody else find secret weapons in sandy beaches/lakes?

Random thought for the day: If I were to go back to high school and change ONE thing it would be my hair. I would have whacked it off short, well ya know to my chin or something, I think that fits my personality better.

Any Random Thoughts from you guys?


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pink IS a guy color!

I spent the weekend with my husbands family.

They came down for a family reunion.

We spent time at the lake and at the Condo pool.

When you lather yourself with sunscreen, then spend the WHOLE day out in the sun, you feel invincible...as you silently smirk at those that felt sunscreen was for wusses and you start seeing the signs of 3rd degree burns splotching their skin... then you get home and realize you missed some spots... oops, OUCH, and I HATE that.

It was a great weekend other than I couldn't sit down on my burned "missed spots" rear.

We only had one little mishap.

DCar and Peeps slept over at the CONDO with everyone while MountainSport Man and I went home to our comfortable bed.

The next day when we went to pick DCar up he was already out at the Condo pool. So we headed over there, sat and chit chatted with family, and read some Reader's Digest material.

I finally yelled at DCar to get out of the pool or he would soon grow gills. I had his flip flops ready for him to put on... so you can understand when I yelled, "
DCAR!!! What the WHAT? WHO did that?"

His Aunt had painted his toe nails...PINK! (it's sad that he has prettier feet then me)

ME: I don't mind that you painted your toe nails bub, just next time, dude, pick like BLUE or something!?!

DCAR: Why?

ME: Cause it's a guy color and it balances the fact that you are painting your toe nails in the first place.

DCAR: Pink is a guy color too since I'm wearing it... DUH!

Who was I to argue with that?

Cool thing about my boy, and if you knew him you would know this to be true, he TRULY doesn't care what people think about him. He feels that if he's sportin it... it's cool!

Get's that from is Fa-JA (father).


Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm feeling kinda sentimental tonight.

I went on a flight up North to drop my son off for a football camp. It was a quick flight.

The plan was to take him in the morning, hang out with my sister and her kids for the day, and then fly home that night.

I got a slew of texts all day from MountainSport Man (MSM)--not normal. Some decent and some indecent, but all good.

The one I loved the most though. "When are you getting home? I miss you already". That was sent at 3 in the afternoon-- he SELDOM says stuff like that. I think I re-read it like 10 times.

When I got home this evening, I walked into the baggage claim area and there was My Guy.

Sitting there.

All by himself.

Waiting for me.

It had been less then 15 hours, but he was there to greet me when I got in, like I had been gone for weeks!

You see, he didn't need to be there. I drove myself to the airport and parked in 1 day parking.

Yet he had himself driven up to the airport so that he could drive me home.

It has to be one of the most romantic things he has done for me... because it was romance the way I like it... simple, small, yet such a moment of grandeur!!!

And I guarantee, I'll remember it always.

See I'm strange like that. I remember words and phrases because of how they made me feel. Those words or phrases once ordinary, become something extraordinary and special just to me, and between him and I.

One example of this is the word AMAZE...

To hear the rest of this story, and it's kinda worth it if I say so myself,
CLICK HERE... and comment over there because I'm turning comments off over here today! :)


What Would You Rather... LIVE!!!

I'm a game person.

I love to play games.

I LOVE games that challenge your mind. Like scrabble and trivial pursuit and CLUE... cause I rock at that game!

But I also love the game of chance, where even your 7 year old son can beat you when the cards are right!

My husband? Not a game player.

Sure he'll play them if I barter with him or if his kids ask him.

But normally, he's not a game player.

Right now we are sitting watching T.V. together... his choice of entertainment for a Sunday evening.
But he's always okay when I ask him questions that he can give one worded answers to... like, Would You Rather questions. Being the game person that I am... that game is HILARIOUS if you have the right people answering the questions.

So anyway... this is LIVE. I'm going to ask him some What Would You Rather questions and give you his answers.

1. Me: WYR (Would You Rather)- Suck on someone's toe who has worn flip flops all day or eat their booger?

MSM: Why are you asking me that?

Me: Just answer.

MSM: Eat the booger.

2. Me: WYR- Have a freakishly huge smile or a freakishly small nose?

MSM: Small nose.

Me: why?

MSM: Cause I don't want a big mouth!?!

3. Me: Would you rather lick an old man's stinky armpit or chew on a rotten yellow toenail?

MSM: Those are sick... that is SICK!!! Neither one... nuthin!

Me: You have to answer.

MSM: No neither one of those... that's sick, that's making me want to puke.


MSM: Stinky armpit... but that's SICK, not even FUNNY Sick Shelle.

On that lovely note.

So What Would You Rather???

These are great ice breaker questions when you need to cover awkward silence!!!

Your. Welcome.

Remember, I'm always up for a random thought-I'm a giver for all you non-twitter-ers!


P.S. Spydriana stole my Dance photo! hahahahaha!

P.S.S. Also I lost a follower over the weekend. May we all have a moment of silence while I prepare my VooDoo Doll... just sayin. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day 2009!

I wanted to give a shout out to the best thing that has ever happened to me... MountainSport Man.

As a father... I can say, he comes as close to perfect as a man possibly can!

And to my Daddy! Happy Father's Day... I LOVE YOU!

If you have a minute... THIS VIDEO is a great definition on what it means to be a man!

Happy Father's Day to ALL you deserving MEN out there... I hope you are truly appreciated! :)


Thursday, June 18, 2009

PeePs turns 4 and twittering your random comments! Fx4!

K-- Can I just say, Twittering your Random Thoughts yesterday was SO much FUN!!!

You guys are freaking hilarious! OH I LUBBED IT!

So I've decided that if you feel the need to say something random, PLEASE do it in my comment box, but be forewarned, I MIGHT Twitter it! :)

My daughter turned 4... FOUR people! That means NO MORE BABY... she's a little girl.

Here's highlights of her Birthday cause I KNOW you're on pins and needles to see what outfit she wore for her BIG party and her BIG day... drum roll....

That's right... her SWIMMING SUIT! Surprise surprise!!! Here are some of the presents she got!

Sleep wear...
Princess toys, that will be lost within the week...

And the ONE Thing she kept asking for, "A DORA that can go under the water MOM!"

At WalMart the NIGHT before her Birthday... guess who scored the last MERMAID Dora in the store! That's RIGHT ... ME!

This is her and cousin AFTER she opened presents. That's right folks, she CHANGED her swimming suit... again!

I also scored this cake order at WalMart, the NIGHT before her birthday, AND the bakery was suppose to be CLOSED. It's funny what running around nekked chanting, "I need a cake, I need a cake" will do for ya. Well I wouldn't know (we just happened to snag a worker as they walked by and they helped us), but that WOULD be funny.

I was actually REALLY impressed, not gonna lie.

That's cupcake under there guys. It's BRILLIANCE I tell ya. A CUP CAKE CAKE! AND it's shaped in a Princess crown, AND, It's got her 3 favorite princesses, AND it tasted delicious! (this was before I decided I hated bread, FYI)

She pretty much thought we rocked!

And when we were driving home from bowling there were fireworks going on for some festival the city was having. I turned around and said to PeePs, "Look PeePs! Look what Daddy did for ya! He got them to do fireworks on your BIRTHDAY!"

She got the biggest smile and then a shy little batting-her-eyelashes look and said,"Thank you Daddy!" little giggle.

Yea, he owes me for that one.


Now check out who else is playing Friday Foto Finish Fiesta!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random Thursday... you in?

People usually do this Random Tuesday thing a ma jig.

And I've never participated. Because who has any random ideas left when you twitter?

Not me I say!

Well... I've decided to make my OWN way and do a Random Thursday post, just because.

*** I think next time when I plan for my kids to be gone for the week, that I plan for my husband to be gone also... that way I can veg and read to my OWN lazy hearts content.

*** On the Flip Side. I have one Organized closet that I will try to keep! Yea for hard working, organizing, hot husbands!

*** I've decided I'm going to tell myself I hate bread. It is to blame for all the extra pounds that surround my perfectly sculpted body. Bread is of the devil, and I mean ANYTHING that remotely involves bread.

*** On the Flip Side. Apples and Grapes are my two favorite main courses. I honestly eat at least 12 apples a week and who KNOWS how many grapes. It helps everything flow in the belly better... I SWEAR!

*** Last food Random... did you know you can get CALLUSES from de-shelling pistachio's? Neither did I. But I have them and now I can de-shell faster than anyone I know.

*** Do you think they have the world's fastest De-sheller of Pistachio's in the Guiness Book of World Records? Someone check that for me and get back to me.

*** When you type out LOL... are you REALLY laughing out loud? I'm not. When I type lol I'm laughing REALLY in my mind. So it should be typed limm (Laughed In My Mind) but when I type LOL in caps... I REALLY laughed out loud--now ya know.

*** The one song I NEVER get sick of and repeat over and over on my IPOD... Come Thou Font-- but THIS version only.

*** I try to show up at Hip Hop right after they've warmed up, but right before they do their ab and push up sequence. I'm horrible, cause when I teach class... I get irritated if people miss the warm up.

Okay enough random for today!

Have a good Thursday!

In comments go ahead and write your random thought for the day! I just might Twitter it, and then you'll be famous! :) Your. Welcome.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

VIDEO: 2:43 minutes of time you'll never get back.

Okay... this video was done without any prep... and you'll be able to tell, because I talk in circles and make little sense. But if you're a girl, you'll probably be able to decipher cause you know CHIC LANGUAGE! :)

Here's my question-VIDEO STYLE:

So basically I want to know... is the design of a blog a BIG deal to you???

I'm thinking about shelling out money to get my blog redesigned, but I don't know if it's really
that big of a deal for those that read my blog??? (I would guess probably not, since you still read it and it's a mess... like my shoe closet in the post below)

And then, what are some of your pet peeves or what turns you off when you are blog surfing and come upon a blog? What will make you click right off of it just by design alone?

And then if you HAVE a favorite, funny/comedy/make you laugh everyday blog that you would recommend (besides MINE which is your FAVORITE, I know)... will you leave the web address in the URL or email me?  And I'll, periodically, through the day post them on this post for others to check out!


HERE is the post I was talking about where I had written about pet peeves before... but they really don't have anything to do with each other! :)

OKAY here are some blogs you guys told us to check out!

I'm keeping my Brilliant ideas quiet next time!

We left our kids with their Aunt this week. WE thought it was about time they destroy someone else's house for a change.

In the mean time... I told my husband last week that I wanted to be more ORGANIZED.

I'm not even a LITTLE bit organized... I mean, I am one of those people that live in an organized mess but want to live more organized.  (Don't worry folks it gets worse)

So every once in awhile, usually when my organized older sister comes to hang out with me, I get a spurt of an idea... a sliver of confidence that I can tackle my weaknesses and become a more organized person.

If you wait point 2 seconds it usually goes away.

In which case it did.

Only MountainSport Man seems to feel that it was a GREAT idea and that we would actually FOLLOW through with it while the kids were gone!

I've tried EVERYTHING bar getting nekked and throwing myself at him to distract him, and stop him from going through with this COMPLETELY insane idea I had.

I am now preparing myself for the LAST resort people, mentioned above, because he has been a SLAVE driver!!!

MY GUY: Let's just start with the closet.

Me: How about we eat first, or pick our toe nails, or, or, or...

MY GUY: Just tell me what you want to get rid of and what you want to keep, ok?

Me: Fine... hmmph...

Then he proceeded to do all the work while I said "yea" or "nay" to different articles of clothing.

Me: Yes, I want to keep that.

My Guy: but you haven't worn it in 3 years.

Me: Yea, but now that we have found it under all the other clothes I have the perfect idea of what it will go with!

My Guy: But you didn't even miss it and you have 4 others shirts that look the same just vary in shades of Black.

Me: But they are all different cuts!!! You never know which shirt will got best with which pair of jeans!

It was hard work people. Let me tell you.

Here is just a sneak peak of our shoes we had to sort through...

...just so ya'll know, more than HALF of those are HIS. He's a collector of shoes WORSE than I am!!!

Just saying...

Tomorrow he wants to tackle the armoire!!! EEECCCKKK!

Someone dial 9-1-1!!!

(Okay really, anybody have a good organizing book for dummies laying around?  I know half of it is habits that need to be broken so we'll need like a 7 step program)


Monday, June 15, 2009

We were one of THOSE families this weekend

I realized something about my family this weekend. We are one of THOSE families.

Back in the day when I life guarded and it was a RAINY day where the clouds where black and the lighting was just seconds from showing itself along with the Thunder. You could smell the rain and the always HOT and DRY temperatures of the summer would drastically drop and I would have to wear a sweatshirt and long pants.

The rule at the pool was that if we saw lighting we would close the pool.

So when I would drive into work and see that it was going to be one of those days I would always think to myself, "Who in their RIGHT mind would come on a day like this?" and then I would dream about what I would do with my day off, because FOR SURE they were going to close the pool down!

When I'd show up to work there would always be THAT family. The one that still came because that is what they had planned for the day and whether RAIN or SHINE they were going to swim!

You better believe that on those cold, always windy, and dreary days when I was wearing a hoody and sweat pants that A-there was NO WAY I was jumping in to save someones life--they were stupid enough to come when it was cold and there was a chance of rain, i believe they should have to endure the consequences. And B-as my eyes were shooting them daggers behind my sunglasses (I never guarded without sunglasses on, even on cloudy days) I was SCOPING out ANY sign or flash of lighting!

I mean... how DARE that FAMILY ruin my carefully thought out plans for my GUARANTEED day off???

So when my family woke up Saturday morning with dark clouds looming overhead and the sound of thunder by the mountain slowly moving the direction of the water park we were going to and informed me.

"The storm will pass... it usually does. We are still going!"

We became THAT family to those lifeguards at the water park!

I hang my head in shame.

Not an hour into our water park adventure... a MONSOON hit the park and we were told that the park was shutting down.

The relief on the completely covered from head to toe lifeguards faces was exactly the same relief I probably showed years ago when WE would finally shut down the pool on THAT family.

FTR-I was against going to the Water Park--but my family was determined... it was planned and they were going.

But we DID get FREE passes to come back again on a SUNNIER day! :)


Friday, June 12, 2009

I found a sketchy trend going on in these photos...

As I went through and sorted pictures I've taken of events for the past few weeks... I picked up on a trend throughout my daughters pictures from her Preschool End Of Year Party at one of the million splash pads we have around my city.

This is PeePs and her Bestest Friend who she thinks lives at the school.

Her, her friend, and two twin boys.

Her and her friend teasing the boy...

This pic is just fun!

Okay... so is this one...

OOOOOOO and we're back... Her, her friend, and another boy...

Her... by a boy, playing coy, seriously, if you were only there to witness it!

My daughter is a FLIRT! I think she may come by it naturally, her Dad's a HORRIBLE flirt! :)

It starts at a young age boys...

Anyone have anything EXCITING planned for the weekend?

Click over at Candid Carrie's to see who else is playing for Friday Foto Finish Fiesta!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vote for the Worst!

Warning: This post is dripping with sarcasm and shouldn't be taken seriously--except for the cool part I'm being serious about that, OH! and the part where I tell you about the "Other Nominees" that is true and unsarcastic.

The first time I found out about the site, VOTE FOR THE WORST.COM was when Sanjaya on American Idol season SIX kept getting through. My co-worker walks in STEAMING mad and plops himself down on my desk and says in a huff, "I found out through reading on (random website) that the only reason that *$#* Sanjaya is getting through is because of this website called VOTE FOR THE WORST.COM." Then he proceeds to grab my mouse and type in the designated URL to show me what he was talking about.

Sure enough. It said on the Headliner…"help us get Sanjaya to the finals" or something similar to that.

I huffed and puffed with my co-worker, supporting him in his disgust, and then when he left I spent the next hour laughing my butt off at the blog posts, cause I have wicked twisted humor like that!

Why am I telling you this you ask?

Well you know that HOT little button up there on the right hand side bar that says I have been nominated for "Hottest Mommy Blogger". (Actually I paid Crash really well to nominate me--anybody need to earn a few bucks next year? Or better yet… WHO WANTS TO WIN A MILLION DOLLARS and be my campaign manager?)

Well I've been surfing along the internet and have noticed a crime happening. There are like UMPTEEN MILLION people nominated for that SAME blog award!!! Here I thought I was special, loved, and adored… yet I looked through those other nominees, and I'm not going to lie to you folks… I'm the Sanjaya of the group!

My best PHOTOBOOTH picture EVA!

If they had a VOTE for the WORST-shouldn't-have-paid-someone-to-nominate-them BLOGGER.COM site--they would be beggin for votes for me!

The only thing I have going for me is that I lose a pound for every vote!

And yes, that was TOTALLY a fat joke!

But the other nominees, and these are just the few I know,Scary Mommy, Alyson, and Heidi… are incredibly worthy of the button, have blog stalkers because they are funny and excellent writers, and deserve to win. So they REALLY should get all the votes.

That's what I think about that!

So ALLS I'm sayin is… VOTE FOR THE WORST… or at LEAST put me up for Best Blog Design award… cause if that header isn't the coolest thing you've ever seen since Fraggle Rock, I don't know WHAT is!

PlusI have a family reunion I need to lose 15 pounds for cause nobody wants to be known as the cool FAT Aunt and I've already got ONE thing against me… I'm WAY cool!

*Please put in comments what you would like me to nominate you for and where I send the money when you vote for me. Thank. You.

1. For every twitter where you pimp out my nomination you will get a new car of your choice.
2. For every Facebook post you do to YELL out my nomination you get paid vacation time and trip ANYWHERE you want to go.
3. If you open multiple accounts, vote for me, so that I can illegally win, you will win the BAIL OUT money.
4. If you start a website called VOTE for the WORST-shouldn't-have-paid-someone-to-nominate-them BLOGGER.COM site and put me in the headlines everyday you will get three wishes from a Genie in a bottle.
5. If you nominate me for BEST BLOG DESIGN--I'll drop kick you.

P.S. In order to vote you have to tell the story of your life and give your SS# and all Acct#'s to get an account, then, and ONLY then, will it allow you to vote. I'm towards the END of the list, push past all the actual HOT Mommy's and then you'll see me.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flashback: So I found out something about myself!

This is my Flashback post. One of the first things I wrote about. I have been wanting to participate in ScaryMommy's FlashBack Fridays, but I'm already participate in something else, so I am writing this today and then linking up on FRIDAY for Scary Mommy's thing.

The smarts come all natural over here.

Published March 06, 2008:

I learned something about myself--

I was out to lunch with some co-workers (who invited me) and we were sitting there having a great conversation.

I commented how it was funny that sometimes when you talk to someone you see that person listening to you, but you know there mind is somewhere else, (growing up around my brother, Broadway, it doesn't really faze me all that much I was use to being ignored.) So I usually finish what I'm saying anyway and then ask them a question about themselves to bring them back into the conversation. (brilliant I know...)

I also said I hate when there is a lull in the conversation...it's awkward to me...so I usually try to become the HERO and fill in the gaps, ya know, cause I'M never at a loss for words.

You know what they said after I mentioned these little quirks of mine? One girl said, "Shelle it IS hard to get a word in edge wise when you talk", and "You can carry on a whole conversation just with yourself!" the other girl flings at me with a surprised look on her face.

Oh NO THEY DIDN'T just say that??? I seriously sat there and had NOTHING to say!

I mean heck, I don't care what people say BEHIND my back because I truly believe in what I DON'T KNOW doesn't hurt me, but come on...(tell me if you silently agree, or forever shut your mouth), but wasn't that a tad bit RUDE to say to someone? When did petty girls lose their tact? :)

Luckily I am not easily offended or I might have said something I later regretted...since I tend to talk before I think

Okay, all of my "FRIENDS" (and I'm using that word lightly right now), why did nobody say anything to me about this apparent problem I have!

I am telling you the truth when I say that I have never heard this before! I really would have rather heard it from someone that knows me, then hearing it from people that I'm not quite sure really even LIKES me.

Oh well *shrugs* I'll try harder not to dominate our conversations in the future but I can't make any promises!

I wonder if they will invite me back to lunch?

***Just so you know, they did invite me back to lunch with them, MULTIPLE TIMES, and I made sure I allowed each one of them to ask ME a question so that they felt like they were involved somehow in the lunch conversation! hehe!

QUESTION: Anybody ever throw a FAULT at you to your face like that? What would you have said? Just curious!


P.S. We need some IDEAS over at the REAL WORLD VENUS vs. MARS... come HELP ME!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

What I would have given to be a fly in his truck!

MSM related this story to me yesterday.  So it receives my honorary STUPID SIGN award this month/or week/or whenever I do it.

He was at a stop light waiting for the light to turn green.  The cross walk was counting down telling the imaginary people how much time they had left before the light turned green and they wouldn't be allowed to walk anymore.

My guy told me that some REALLY SMART MAN jumped out of his truck (must have REALLY been in a hurry) and ran OVER to the cross walk post and repeatedly jabbed at the button to make the light turn faster!

Here's your Sign Dude!

P.S. He didn't make it back into his truck before the light turned green either!!! 


Karma is awesome!

Anybody else want to give a stupid sign away??? They are free today!


Splash Mountain is deceitful!

I'm going to go ahead and show you that I'm not always perfect.

That I don't always have it all together... cause I KNOW that is how you think about me.

That Splash Mountain RIde is deceitful... and I don't know how I feel about that, being that it was at Disneyland.

You start off and everything is happy and makes you feel all warm inside. Then as you progress further into the ride the music gets creepier and the atmosphere gets darker... it's not fun anymore... no MR. NICE BEAR and RABBIT.  TOTALLY DECEITFUL!!!

Then you hit your first Drop... not the BIG one... but a medium size one... and if you are sitting inside the first 3 seats... and have a 6'4" 260 pound mostly-muscle-retired-college football player behind you adding more weight to the boat.  You'll get DRENCHED! 

Then you hit the BIG KAHUNA!!! I'm not gonna lie... it scared me.  My poor little girl!

OH!  And make sure you wear shorts that don't dry and look like you have peed your pants.

Just saying.

OH! and also OPEN your eyes on the drop or you'll look like a goof ball for your INFAMOUS picture! :)

Bet you don't know which one is me!!!  Love ya guys... hope your weekend was FUN!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

One hair cut is NOT like the others...

I want to blame my kids sense of humor... his quirky, ridiculous, need-to-make-people-laugh sense of humor on my husband.

But that
TOTALLY comes from me.

DCar has had his cousins down here this week.

They are all attending a soccer camp.

YES, for those of you who have been with me for that long... the BRITISH SOCCER CAMP... the same one I stalked last year because it was necessary for me to soak up their wonderful accents. This year I didn't stalk though... I was twittering, working a real job, and blogging... my life is HARD! :)

And so on Tuesday they come home and announce that it is CRAZY HAIR day the next day.  So my older sister gives them the brilliant idea of shaving their heads however they would like.

My son thought this was the coolest thing EVER.  She pretty much walks on water to him now.

So I told my husband he was on Crazy Hair Shaving duty and I sat and watched So You Think You Can Dance.

And then out walks my little, sweet, crazy-nut, boy... and his two cousins.

Which one is NOT like the others???

Z (on the right) wanted a lighting bolt... E. (in the middle) just a mohawk. But my guy... just wait...

wait for it...
DCar's brilliant idea:  "Dad, I want to look like an OLD MAN with a Mohawk... ooohhh yea" he says as he swings his hips around and circles his arm over his head like a cowboy!

I couldn't see through the tears I was laughing so hard!  I probably should be very afraid for the future of that kid... but I'll think about that after I stop laughing!

Join Candid Carrie this week and see who else is playing in Friday Foto Finish Fiesta!!!


P.S. Check me out THE REAL WORLD VENUS vs. MARS today also... and I DON'T want to know if your husband isn't like this, it wouldn't be nice.

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