Monday, June 15, 2009

We were one of THOSE families this weekend

I realized something about my family this weekend. We are one of THOSE families.

Back in the day when I life guarded and it was a RAINY day where the clouds where black and the lighting was just seconds from showing itself along with the Thunder. You could smell the rain and the always HOT and DRY temperatures of the summer would drastically drop and I would have to wear a sweatshirt and long pants.

The rule at the pool was that if we saw lighting we would close the pool.

So when I would drive into work and see that it was going to be one of those days I would always think to myself, "Who in their RIGHT mind would come on a day like this?" and then I would dream about what I would do with my day off, because FOR SURE they were going to close the pool down!

When I'd show up to work there would always be THAT family. The one that still came because that is what they had planned for the day and whether RAIN or SHINE they were going to swim!

You better believe that on those cold, always windy, and dreary days when I was wearing a hoody and sweat pants that A-there was NO WAY I was jumping in to save someones life--they were stupid enough to come when it was cold and there was a chance of rain, i believe they should have to endure the consequences. And B-as my eyes were shooting them daggers behind my sunglasses (I never guarded without sunglasses on, even on cloudy days) I was SCOPING out ANY sign or flash of lighting!

I mean... how DARE that FAMILY ruin my carefully thought out plans for my GUARANTEED day off???

So when my family woke up Saturday morning with dark clouds looming overhead and the sound of thunder by the mountain slowly moving the direction of the water park we were going to and informed me.

"The storm will pass... it usually does. We are still going!"

We became THAT family to those lifeguards at the water park!

I hang my head in shame.

Not an hour into our water park adventure... a MONSOON hit the park and we were told that the park was shutting down.

The relief on the completely covered from head to toe lifeguards faces was exactly the same relief I probably showed years ago when WE would finally shut down the pool on THAT family.

FTR-I was against going to the Water Park--but my family was determined... it was planned and they were going.

But we DID get FREE passes to come back again on a SUNNIER day! :)


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