Tuesday, June 16, 2009

VIDEO: 2:43 minutes of time you'll never get back.

Okay... this video was done without any prep... and you'll be able to tell, because I talk in circles and make little sense. But if you're a girl, you'll probably be able to decipher cause you know CHIC LANGUAGE! :)

Here's my question-VIDEO STYLE:

So basically I want to know... is the design of a blog a BIG deal to you???

I'm thinking about shelling out money to get my blog redesigned, but I don't know if it's really
that big of a deal for those that read my blog??? (I would guess probably not, since you still read it and it's a mess... like my shoe closet in the post below)

And then, what are some of your pet peeves or what turns you off when you are blog surfing and come upon a blog? What will make you click right off of it just by design alone?

And then if you HAVE a favorite, funny/comedy/make you laugh everyday blog that you would recommend (besides MINE which is your FAVORITE, I know)... will you leave the web address in the URL or email me?  And I'll, periodically, through the day post them on this post for others to check out!


HERE is the post I was talking about where I had written about pet peeves before... but they really don't have anything to do with each other! :)

OKAY here are some blogs you guys told us to check out!

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