Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pink IS a guy color!

I spent the weekend with my husbands family.

They came down for a family reunion.

We spent time at the lake and at the Condo pool.

When you lather yourself with sunscreen, then spend the WHOLE day out in the sun, you feel you silently smirk at those that felt sunscreen was for wusses and you start seeing the signs of 3rd degree burns splotching their skin... then you get home and realize you missed some spots... oops, OUCH, and I HATE that.

It was a great weekend other than I couldn't sit down on my burned "missed spots" rear.

We only had one little mishap.

DCar and Peeps slept over at the CONDO with everyone while MountainSport Man and I went home to our comfortable bed.

The next day when we went to pick DCar up he was already out at the Condo pool. So we headed over there, sat and chit chatted with family, and read some Reader's Digest material.

I finally yelled at DCar to get out of the pool or he would soon grow gills. I had his flip flops ready for him to put on... so you can understand when I yelled, "
DCAR!!! What the WHAT? WHO did that?"

His Aunt had painted his toe nails...PINK! (it's sad that he has prettier feet then me)

ME: I don't mind that you painted your toe nails bub, just next time, dude, pick like BLUE or something!?!

DCAR: Why?

ME: Cause it's a guy color and it balances the fact that you are painting your toe nails in the first place.

DCAR: Pink is a guy color too since I'm wearing it... DUH!

Who was I to argue with that?

Cool thing about my boy, and if you knew him you would know this to be true, he TRULY doesn't care what people think about him. He feels that if he's sportin it... it's cool!

Get's that from is Fa-JA (father).


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