Wednesday, June 3, 2009


K... I honestly rarely get embarrassed, because when embarrassing things happen to you often you tend to become immune.

It's either that... or come down with a severe case of agoraphobia.

Here's a recent example.

I was at Costco. ON SATURDAY-- when I say it was busy... that is a COMPLETE understatement. I was blessedly alone, no kids to constantly look for as the play hide-n-seek with me.

I got the stuff I had come for and approached the check out line. Had a bit to wait, but it was cool--
I'm good with keeping myself entertained, I have my phone and my thoughts, plus I like to people watch. I had noticed the person, the girl, in front of me who was drinking a pop out of fountain cup. It's important you know this fact.

Soon,The Girl, was next in line, then me, then a WHOLE line of other people behind me.

Finally it was my turn. The cashier greeted me and rang me up.

I paid.

Put my Costco and debit cards back in my wallet, put my purse on my shoulder, and proceeded to leave. Completely engrossing myself back into my thoughts and my OWN LITTLE WORLD (there is a reason that is on my header).

But my purse hits something... and then I hear that HORRIBLE sound of a FOUNTAIN cup full of liquid splattering all.over.the.ground.

I froze.

With my back still at the scene that lay behind me... I prayed a silent prayer that the sound and the thing I felt my purse hit had nothing to do with each other.

I slowly turn around... when I say slowly... I mean the world was going at normal pace and I had slowed WAY way way down... turning a centimeter every other minute.

When my eyes hit the HUGE spot of liquid creeping it's way to the grooves and cracks of the floor... all I could think of to say was, "That wasn't my drink!" and then I repeated it 3 times while lifting my hands up in front of me, my fingers battling each other, and my eyes going cross-eyed!

The sound was loud enough that I swear all of Costco was looking my way. Everyone in unison giving me a moment of silence.

Really people... the etiquette on that, I'M SURE, is to pretend you don't see that I just knocked over a drink that some GIRL left on the counter!!!

I swear it wasn't my drink!

Completely at a loss of what to do... I ask if they need me to get towels from the bathroom...

???---see what I mean at completely at a loss? HA!!! I would have needed the whole ROLL and then I'd use another roll to have a WET set of towels so the floor wouldn't be sticky.

But my brain was functioning on

They told me it was "okay, ACCIDENTS HAPPEN", and they would take care of it.

I scream in my mind, BUT IT WASN'T MY DRINK... I DIDN'T LEAVE IT THERE!!!

I admit... it wasn't very observant of me NOT to see the drink on the counter... but it WASN'T MINE!!!


That was just Saturday.

I could have a daily blog dedicated to scenarios like that.

I just wonder how I missed the line up in heaven where they were handing out the ALWAYS COOL tickets... ya know those people. The ones that always do and say the right thing... where embarrassing is a word they are unfamiliar with and humiliation is a word they associate with OTHER people?

Knowing me... I was probably caught up in my thoughts and didn't hear them announce which line it was, that happens to me a lot also.

So... did I make you feel better about yourself today? I'm a giver like that.

Your. Welcome.



P.S. No they are not THOSE Jeffereson's... hahahaha!

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