Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Tuesday... get your random thoughts out!


I'm joining Random Tuesday by UnMOM. I'm recently new to her blog. But seeing how random comes easy for me. I'm joining in!!! I kinda feel like the new girl in school... anyway...

*Why do people stare at you when you are waiting at the stop light in the Left turn lane and they are turning left heading your direction. It seems like people stare at me, like I've done something to their Mom or loved one or family and they are the Mafia boss or something. Really unnerves me. Yet, I still stare them down and yell, "HA, you looked away first!"

*I still wish upon stars

*I also make a wish when the back of my necklace slides its way down to the front and I have to put it back behind my neck.

*I eat ice cream out of the carton... but I only like soft ice cream in a cone.

*Whenever I'm late for something, without fail, a slow driver gets in front of me... two if it's a two lane and they drive at the same speed.

* Why in the world do foreign countries have their own design for plug ins? Why can't we have a universal electrical socket?

*I get into long grocery lines on purpose so I can read all the celebrity gossip without buying the magazines... I also judge others by what they have in their grocery carts.

*I lied about the judging others by what they have in their grocery carts which brings me to this... do people lie to get people to laugh? And how can that be bad if they do? Not that I do that, I was just giving you an example... :

Okay... put in your random thought for the day! LUB YOU GUYS, thanks crash for making LUB a universal blog word!!!

OH and Southern Sage is over at RealWorld Venus vs. Mars today talking about a marriage contract he wrote up before him and his bride were married... interesting stuff, go give him your opinion on it!


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