Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Letter that invites Karma...

To anybody that takes glass bottles to sandy beaches/lakes:

Will you please try to help me understand the reasoning of bringing a glass bottle to some place where there is sand?

Because almost with out fail those bottles that don't get thrown away because you are A) to lazy or B) to drunk, will inevitably find a way of breaking!

Then they get pushed down in the sand.

Then some lone person will come along and minding their own business will proceed to dig and play in the sand with their feet, because sand is soft and tickles the foot while the sand is an exfoliate and so you kill two birds with one stone…

Then those lone people come upon BROKEN GLASS, or a child who thinks they found a pretty new toy!

All I can say is, may Karma come around and BITE you in the BUTT!!!


Lone Person (Hadabada to YOU--you'll understand that if you read the UNWORDS I post daily)

Anybody else find secret weapons in sandy beaches/lakes?

Random thought for the day: If I were to go back to high school and change ONE thing it would be my hair. I would have whacked it off short, well ya know to my chin or something, I think that fits my personality better.

Any Random Thoughts from you guys?


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