Monday, June 1, 2009

Tweet and Twitter you Twit...

This is one of those therapy sessions for me... I have a problem and so I'm getting it out there.

Guess what... I've found another, itsy bitsy, teeny tiny, obsession.

I blame it on whoever invited me to Twitter. It was a while back... it's been THAT long for me to give it a chance.

At first I just signed up to be nice.

But then I would hit other peoples blogs and read about what they were writing on twitter... and laughing at what goes on in peoples brains these days.

HONESTLY... people are funny.

Take for instance, That Blue Yak, who totally pimps himself out all the time... wrote a post about following him on Twitter... so I did, cause I always follow mindlessly (okay, he's actually pretty funny)... I didn't know someone's brain functioned like that...

or Cameron from Get the Stink Off--very witty that guy, but also... a little crazy in the head, you would know if you follow him on Twitter what I'm talking about... or you can READ HERE about why he is crazy! :)

Sometimes I wonder if those two are the same person.

Mariah and TentCamper got me stuck on some RIDICULOUS spy game... that I still don't know what the HELK I'm doing so I keep trying, and minutes drag into... well you know.

Anyway... these guys are good at twitter.

It's like being a fly on the wall in people's minds... sometimes it's downright scary.

But then you start to realize it's a nice outlet to say what's on your mind and when I say what's on your mind, I mean ANYTHING on your mind... but I'm still just getting my feet wet with it.

I can't stop checking it... I'm a little OVER DEDICATED to it now.

And over dedicated and obsessive people LOVE company. So get TWITTERING right NOW!!!

Would it help if I told you, you could spy on Ashton Kutcher? The Pioneer Woman? Dooce? Jimmy Fallon? Martha Stewart? Ryan Seacrest? Southern Sage? Chelsea Lately? Kim Kardashian?

So... Follow me if you sign up... I'm on there as ShelleBlok. Everybody's doing it! :)

Okay, you GOT ME... I don't WANT help! I just want to spy on you guys. Humor me? (And I need new SPY recruits)

Oh, and go ahead and tell me about any and all teeny tiny obsessions you may have... I'm here for you, since you listened to me, it's the least I can do. (And leave your Twitter name in comments just in case some thinks your worth following! hehehe)



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