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Flashback: So I found out something about myself!

This is my Flashback post. One of the first things I wrote about. I have been wanting to participate in ScaryMommy's FlashBack Fridays, but I'm already participate in something else, so I am writing this today and then linking up on FRIDAY for Scary Mommy's thing.

The smarts come all natural over here.

Published March 06, 2008:

I learned something about myself--

I was out to lunch with some co-workers (who invited me) and we were sitting there having a great conversation.

I commented how it was funny that sometimes when you talk to someone you see that person listening to you, but you know there mind is somewhere else, (growing up around my brother, Broadway, it doesn't really faze me all that much I was use to being ignored.) So I usually finish what I'm saying anyway and then ask them a question about themselves to bring them back into the conversation. (brilliant I know...)

I also said I hate when there is a lull in the's awkward to I usually try to become the HERO and fill in the gaps, ya know, cause I'M never at a loss for words.

You know what they said after I mentioned these little quirks of mine? One girl said, "Shelle it IS hard to get a word in edge wise when you talk", and "You can carry on a whole conversation just with yourself!" the other girl flings at me with a surprised look on her face.

Oh NO THEY DIDN'T just say that??? I seriously sat there and had NOTHING to say!

I mean heck, I don't care what people say BEHIND my back because I truly believe in what I DON'T KNOW doesn't hurt me, but come on...(tell me if you silently agree, or forever shut your mouth), but wasn't that a tad bit RUDE to say to someone? When did petty girls lose their tact? :)

Luckily I am not easily offended or I might have said something I later regretted...since I tend to talk before I think

Okay, all of my "FRIENDS" (and I'm using that word lightly right now), why did nobody say anything to me about this apparent problem I have!

I am telling you the truth when I say that I have never heard this before! I really would have rather heard it from someone that knows me, then hearing it from people that I'm not quite sure really even LIKES me.

Oh well *shrugs* I'll try harder not to dominate our conversations in the future but I can't make any promises!

I wonder if they will invite me back to lunch?

***Just so you know, they did invite me back to lunch with them, MULTIPLE TIMES, and I made sure I allowed each one of them to ask ME a question so that they felt like they were involved somehow in the lunch conversation! hehe!

QUESTION: Anybody ever throw a FAULT at you to your face like that? What would you have said? Just curious!


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