Thursday, June 18, 2009

PeePs turns 4 and twittering your random comments! Fx4!

K-- Can I just say, Twittering your Random Thoughts yesterday was SO much FUN!!!

You guys are freaking hilarious! OH I LUBBED IT!

So I've decided that if you feel the need to say something random, PLEASE do it in my comment box, but be forewarned, I MIGHT Twitter it! :)

My daughter turned 4... FOUR people! That means NO MORE BABY... she's a little girl.

Here's highlights of her Birthday cause I KNOW you're on pins and needles to see what outfit she wore for her BIG party and her BIG day... drum roll....

That's right... her SWIMMING SUIT! Surprise surprise!!! Here are some of the presents she got!

Sleep wear...
Princess toys, that will be lost within the week...

And the ONE Thing she kept asking for, "A DORA that can go under the water MOM!"

At WalMart the NIGHT before her Birthday... guess who scored the last MERMAID Dora in the store! That's RIGHT ... ME!

This is her and cousin AFTER she opened presents. That's right folks, she CHANGED her swimming suit... again!

I also scored this cake order at WalMart, the NIGHT before her birthday, AND the bakery was suppose to be CLOSED. It's funny what running around nekked chanting, "I need a cake, I need a cake" will do for ya. Well I wouldn't know (we just happened to snag a worker as they walked by and they helped us), but that WOULD be funny.

I was actually REALLY impressed, not gonna lie.

That's cupcake under there guys. It's BRILLIANCE I tell ya. A CUP CAKE CAKE! AND it's shaped in a Princess crown, AND, It's got her 3 favorite princesses, AND it tasted delicious! (this was before I decided I hated bread, FYI)

She pretty much thought we rocked!

And when we were driving home from bowling there were fireworks going on for some festival the city was having. I turned around and said to PeePs, "Look PeePs! Look what Daddy did for ya! He got them to do fireworks on your BIRTHDAY!"

She got the biggest smile and then a shy little batting-her-eyelashes look and said,"Thank you Daddy!" little giggle.

Yea, he owes me for that one.


Now check out who else is playing Friday Foto Finish Fiesta!!!

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