Thursday, June 4, 2009

Who is the fairest of them all??? My NEW BBFF!

***Make sure to click on the pictures below... my favorite charmer just taught me this new trick!!!

Once upon a time, in a far off land, there lived a spunky, sarcastic, red head... who called herself QUEEN.

This did confuse me much, because around here, in this neck of blog land, I WAS QUEEN!

So I did loathe her name much because I felt like I was talking to myself except that I was a spunky, sarcastic, and brunette...

Soon I found out that her kingdom was not far from mine.

She was the fairest one in her kingdom.

I, of course, was the fairest one in mine, and when I mean FAIR I mean WHITE. For her I mean gorgeous.

So we did discuss that we must meet up and see for SURE who was the fairest of us both!

So we did lunch.

And April, who is almost an empty nester in her land came to be our judge.

And April dubbed herself the winner.

The End.

Now let's review.

Queen, from Homer and Queen, is new around the blog land... but she gives some of the BEST comments ever. She's funny, sarcastic, and mischievious. And I liked her right off!

So when I found out she lived near me and she came up to my town often, we made a lunch date.

And if you add up how many times I've met a blogger in real life... you will concur that I am becoming a meet-a-blogger-in-real-life-prostitute... and I'm okay with that.

April came also and we had such a GOOD time. April was as cute and little as ever... and she's honest and smiles a lot and laughs even more. She's definitely someone you would want to hang around often. She's everything she seems!

Queen is a rockstar! I'm not lying. Gorgeous to boot to. In fact I think the first thing I said to her is, "WOW you're gorgeous!" She had me laughing from the moment we greeted each other. The waiter was eating out of her hands by the end of the meal.

Click the pic!

You want to know what she said to me? "You're photogenic"... which means in code... basically... you're prettier in your pictures. So I took off my princess mask and let her see the OGRE underneath. Ya know what? She did the same! Except that she PUT on her OGRE mask to make me feel better... she's a REAL friend that way.

I'm not allowed to discuss anything we talked about... "what's said at lunch, stays at lunch" she warned me, but I have definitely made a friend for life! I think April would agree, but I'm speaking for her so I don't REALLY know.

Queen agreeing? Not sure either, but I bet she's always UP for a free lunch and a Spit Free Diet Coke with lemon?

Next time guys... LUNCH's on ME!!! (I'll bring my princess mask)

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