Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm keeping my Brilliant ideas quiet next time!

We left our kids with their Aunt this week. WE thought it was about time they destroy someone else's house for a change.

In the mean time... I told my husband last week that I wanted to be more ORGANIZED.

I'm not even a LITTLE bit organized... I mean, I am one of those people that live in an organized mess but want to live more organized.  (Don't worry folks it gets worse)

So every once in awhile, usually when my organized older sister comes to hang out with me, I get a spurt of an idea... a sliver of confidence that I can tackle my weaknesses and become a more organized person.

If you wait point 2 seconds it usually goes away.

In which case it did.

Only MountainSport Man seems to feel that it was a GREAT idea and that we would actually FOLLOW through with it while the kids were gone!

I've tried EVERYTHING bar getting nekked and throwing myself at him to distract him, and stop him from going through with this COMPLETELY insane idea I had.

I am now preparing myself for the LAST resort people, mentioned above, because he has been a SLAVE driver!!!

MY GUY: Let's just start with the closet.

Me: How about we eat first, or pick our toe nails, or, or, or...

MY GUY: Just tell me what you want to get rid of and what you want to keep, ok?

Me: Fine... hmmph...

Then he proceeded to do all the work while I said "yea" or "nay" to different articles of clothing.

Me: Yes, I want to keep that.

My Guy: but you haven't worn it in 3 years.

Me: Yea, but now that we have found it under all the other clothes I have the perfect idea of what it will go with!

My Guy: But you didn't even miss it and you have 4 others shirts that look the same just vary in shades of Black.

Me: But they are all different cuts!!! You never know which shirt will got best with which pair of jeans!

It was hard work people. Let me tell you.

Here is just a sneak peak of our shoes we had to sort through...

...just so ya'll know, more than HALF of those are HIS. He's a collector of shoes WORSE than I am!!!

Just saying...

Tomorrow he wants to tackle the armoire!!! EEECCCKKK!

Someone dial 9-1-1!!!

(Okay really, anybody have a good organizing book for dummies laying around?  I know half of it is habits that need to be broken so we'll need like a 7 step program)


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