Monday, June 22, 2009

What Would You Rather... LIVE!!!

I'm a game person.

I love to play games.

I LOVE games that challenge your mind. Like scrabble and trivial pursuit and CLUE... cause I rock at that game!

But I also love the game of chance, where even your 7 year old son can beat you when the cards are right!

My husband? Not a game player.

Sure he'll play them if I barter with him or if his kids ask him.

But normally, he's not a game player.

Right now we are sitting watching T.V. together... his choice of entertainment for a Sunday evening.
But he's always okay when I ask him questions that he can give one worded answers to... like, Would You Rather questions. Being the game person that I am... that game is HILARIOUS if you have the right people answering the questions.

So anyway... this is LIVE. I'm going to ask him some What Would You Rather questions and give you his answers.

1. Me: WYR (Would You Rather)- Suck on someone's toe who has worn flip flops all day or eat their booger?

MSM: Why are you asking me that?

Me: Just answer.

MSM: Eat the booger.

2. Me: WYR- Have a freakishly huge smile or a freakishly small nose?

MSM: Small nose.

Me: why?

MSM: Cause I don't want a big mouth!?!

3. Me: Would you rather lick an old man's stinky armpit or chew on a rotten yellow toenail?

MSM: Those are sick... that is SICK!!! Neither one... nuthin!

Me: You have to answer.

MSM: No neither one of those... that's sick, that's making me want to puke.


MSM: Stinky armpit... but that's SICK, not even FUNNY Sick Shelle.

On that lovely note.

So What Would You Rather???

These are great ice breaker questions when you need to cover awkward silence!!!

Your. Welcome.

Remember, I'm always up for a random thought-I'm a giver for all you non-twitter-ers!


P.S. Spydriana stole my Dance photo! hahahahaha!

P.S.S. Also I lost a follower over the weekend. May we all have a moment of silence while I prepare my VooDoo Doll... just sayin. :)

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