Thursday, June 4, 2009

One hair cut is NOT like the others...

I want to blame my kids sense of humor... his quirky, ridiculous, need-to-make-people-laugh sense of humor on my husband.

But that
TOTALLY comes from me.

DCar has had his cousins down here this week.

They are all attending a soccer camp.

YES, for those of you who have been with me for that long... the BRITISH SOCCER CAMP... the same one I stalked last year because it was necessary for me to soak up their wonderful accents. This year I didn't stalk though... I was twittering, working a real job, and blogging... my life is HARD! :)

And so on Tuesday they come home and announce that it is CRAZY HAIR day the next day.  So my older sister gives them the brilliant idea of shaving their heads however they would like.

My son thought this was the coolest thing EVER.  She pretty much walks on water to him now.

So I told my husband he was on Crazy Hair Shaving duty and I sat and watched So You Think You Can Dance.

And then out walks my little, sweet, crazy-nut, boy... and his two cousins.

Which one is NOT like the others???

Z (on the right) wanted a lighting bolt... E. (in the middle) just a mohawk. But my guy... just wait...

wait for it...
DCar's brilliant idea:  "Dad, I want to look like an OLD MAN with a Mohawk... ooohhh yea" he says as he swings his hips around and circles his arm over his head like a cowboy!

I couldn't see through the tears I was laughing so hard!  I probably should be very afraid for the future of that kid... but I'll think about that after I stop laughing!

Join Candid Carrie this week and see who else is playing in Friday Foto Finish Fiesta!!!


P.S. Check me out THE REAL WORLD VENUS vs. MARS today also... and I DON'T want to know if your husband isn't like this, it wouldn't be nice.

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