Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WIMTS: Somehow she re-designed me into something cooler than I am!

What I said was: Oh I love it!

What I meant to Say was: My Blog Design Makes me look cooler than I am AND I totally want that dress, purse, and lipstick I'm sporting on my header.

So as you may have noticed.

I got a makeover.

And I have to give myself NO CREDIT for it.

The genius of this design came all from Krista over at Rocky Run Design who has to be one of the best blog designers out there in my opinion. Look at what she did for my blog!? It's crazy beautiful.

But that isn't the best part about her.

She is SOOOOO incredible to work with.

I'm a blog designers WORST NIGHTMARE... I change my mind and/or can't make up my mind and say all sorts of things that would make any sane human being resort to pulling their hair out. Yet not only did she hold my hand and walk me through the process of making me into a whole new and beautiful blog... but she was PATIENT! I mean we are talking the patience of JOB here people!

So not just because she re-designed me into a super model of a blog and made me look more important than I am, but because I honestly am 100% being truthful when I say she is not only GREAT at what she does but INCREDIBLE in all areas of what she does. She just barely decided to do it as a business and start her own design blog even though (as you can tell) she has been doing it for a while, so you should check her out if you are need of a designer.

You won't regret it.

I feel so indebted to her and am SO very thankful for the whole experience that I'll probably just BLAB her name out once in a while right in the middle of a post... kinda like subliminal messages blog style.

She also blogs HERE and her twitter name is @KristaJa

Thank you Thank You THANK YOU Krista!!!

Oh and click on the cute WIMTS buttom on top and see who else is playing along!


P.S. If you have time to read two incredible posts you should read Sunday's Story. Click HERE. It's about her two marriages, her two boys, and one determined and incredible woman.

P.S.S. Oh and someone tell me how many times I was redundant in my sentences or used Tautology... not on purpose mind you I'm not smart enough for that... I am like Isaiah I repeat myself and you really have to think to make sense of what I'm saying :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wardrobe Malpractice

I'm over here today

Venus and Mars

Talking about my husband. You should come over and tell me what you think because you guys makes me happy!!! :)


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Creepy Crickets.

Challenge #6-HeeBee GeeBee's

We are suppose to let a creepy crawly bug on us for FIVE WHOLE seconds.

I actually freak out at bugs even though I'm not exactly "fearful"... I just hate the way their little legs feel on me... *shiver*

And I'm not gonna lie... right before I did this challenge I got really sick to my stomach.

AND I thought I was a bit tougher than I really am...

Here you go (please look past the re-growth that will be taken care of this week):

Creepy Crickets from Shelle Blok on Vimeo.

What's the creepest bug you've let crawl on you?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Me and a country song

All I'm asking for is to be the star subject of a country song… or have a country song written about me.

Let me just say I love romance, or the IDEA of romance. I do (I may react silly when someone 'hubs' tries to be romantic because I am just not USE to it… but I bet I could get over that quickly… I think…) and what better way to be romantic then have a SONG written about you?

That is why I love country so much. You have these portrayed GUYS GUYS--(cause hello they're country boys and country boys are tough-don't let Brokeback fool you) talking about how they love or what they love about the women they choose.

It's melting to the heart and I swoon and drift off to fantasy land everytime I hear one of those special songs.


Okay I'm back.

I understand it's really rare to find a Guys guy that is also truly romantic-or naturally romantic.

But is it TOO much to ask that I be the subject of a romantic country song? I say NAY!

Like "Good Morning Beautiful" (I might have to wake up every morning before the guy ever does and brush my hair and teeth and apply just a layer of mascara and pinch my cheeks and lips for that natural rosy color so that when he wakes up he THINKS I'm beautiful--instead of the monster my husband has to wake up to every morning and FORGET about kissing--if neither of us pops a tic tac before we turn to look at each other in the morning, neither of us is talkin or getting ANYTHING-if you catch my drift)

...or "Little Moments" where my hubs just laughs at all the scatter brained crap I do. I mean… he can pretend it doesn't frustrate him right? Like saying "oops" after "bumping" into something with a brand new car is way cute and hot right? It's at the point where he puts bets up about how long it will be before I dent or scratch our car somehow. Sigh.

…or "Invisible" where my hubs falls in love with me all over again just by watching me just be being naturally and simply me? (nice thought right?) Like when I'm singing out loud-off key in the van… or when I dance alone in my room because I still wish I was 21 again and dancing everyday? Or picking my dry boogs from my nose--but in a cute way--because those things will irritate me until I die from irritation!?

…or "I Want to be your Everything" come on now! Who did he write that for??? Gah! Lucky girl.

I'm just sayin… it isn't so much to ask is it?

So whomever would like to get on top of that right away and write a country song where I'm the star/subject, that'd be great!

I'm not asking for a ton just needs to be--

1) all about me
2) all about me and how cute all my quirks are that are really irritating but of course not to you because you could never think any of my quirks were irritating.
3) all about me and how you couldn't look at another girl ever again because I'm perfect and it would just boggle your mind to NOT think of me.
4) all about me and how you couldn't live without me.
5) all about me.

Of course add your own creativity into it-just don't waiver to much from my guidelines...

I'm okay if you're a girl and you want to write a song about me also just make sure your voice is husky… it will ruin the effect if not.

Okay… over and out. Get to work.

Picture taken from HERE

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Serious Sunday-Individual Worth of a Princess.

I sometimes feel afraid to post my serious thoughts, but they are a part of me, and a part I like about myself. So those of you new to my blog... this is the serious side of me, it doesn't come out often, but it's there and it's me.


I slowly walked through the aisles scanning books.

I wasn't going to buy, just look.

As I turned the corner I came into the Home Decor section. Not having a home of my own at the moment I usually walk quickly through these sections, because if I don't, then the pining for a home to decorate starts and I just don't want to do that to myself.

But that day I slowed down and looked. I don't know why? My situation has not changed and having my own home isn't going to happen tomorrow, but I just had this urge to slow down and look, so I indulged the urge.

Nothing was really jumping out until I hit upon a wood block that had been painted and then made to look like it had aged. On the wood block it said in BOLD bright pink letters, "PRINCESS" and right underneath that in small cursive black letters it said, "A Daughter of a Heavenly King". The first thing that came to my mind is, 'Hey! Validation that my little girl really IS a Princess, she's going to love that!' but then my mind started to wander more and think a bit more deeply.

It made me think of people and the worth they feel for themselves and how there isn't enough of it. Sometimes we do something we know we shouldn't and at first we know it's wrong and we feel guilt over it, but the more we accept it and do it the more it feels comfortable and okay to us and we become the ultimate justifiers! At some point we fall off our path that is so strait and narrow and lose our way. At that point is where you will find that person who has also lost their individual worth. As a parent our Heavenly Father cherishes each one of us and our worth to him is individual and great! No matter how much we fall off the path of trying to return to him there is a way for us to be forgiven.

People forget that, I forget that. They feel they have gone so far off and done so many wrong things that they could never be forgiven, that they aren't worth forgiveness. Or that they have been away so long that they feel uncomfortable calling out for help or redemption. That just simply isn't true. We are each royalty with our Father our Heavenly Father being the king of all. We are special and beautiful to him. He does not group us or over look us. If we call to him in prayer he will be there for us, that is how he works. No one is to far gone that he doesn't want saved or brought back to him.

Three Quotes I read that say it so much better:

"When we remember that each of us is literally a spirit son or daughter of God, we will not find it difficult to approach our Heavenly Father in prayer. He appreciates the value of this raw material which we call life. 'Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God' (D&C 18:10). His pronouncement inspires purpose in our lives." --Thomas S. Monson

"We are children of God. Each one of us is precious to the point of bringing the Lord God Almighty to a fulness of joy if we are faithful, or to tears if we are not."--M. Russell Ballard

and finally:

"Did you know that Heavenly Father knows you personally-by name? ... 'You may not have heard the Lord call you by name, but He knows each one of you and He knows your name'. Elder Neal A. Maxwell said...'I testify to you that God has know you individually...for a long, long time (see D&C 93:23). He has loved you for a long, long time. He not only knows the names of all the stars; He knows your names and all your heartaches and your joys!'"--Elaine S. Dalton

As I reflected on the aged wood block I realized that I'm lucky, I'm lucky that I know how special I am if not to anyone in this world, at the very most to my Father in Heaven.

PRINCESS--Daughter of a Heavenly King.

Have a good day guys!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Challenge #5-Scare Tactics!!!

Challenge #5 for Supah Survivor was to Scare someone.

You had to do a "sting" tell about it and then go through with it.

Well I'm usually the one getting scared, like, ALL OF THE TIME by my husband or kids. (it's not that hard to scare me, seriously, I'm an easy conquest).

This time I had to be the one scaring and let me just say I haven't laughed this hard in SOOOOOOOOOOOO long.

I see why they scare me. It's funny to do! Not so funny being the one getting scared though as my son and mother point out.

I'm an amateur so bare with me:

We do live in the basement of my parent's house while my husband is going to school, just wanted to clarify that. We are going to be done with school come May so YAY us!!! We can actually grow up and move out! :)

Now I just need an idea on how to get my husband... please post ideas in comments.


Because I love me some twitter friends...

Come join in the twitter fun.

This is #yotweeps and it's a group of people that want to find fun twitter followers and friends.

I'm joining in. Click on the twitter button on my side bar over --------------->>>>>>> the blue bird and it will direct you to my twitter home page and then just follow me! Or click on my icon here:

DIRECTIONS: To play along and increase your twitter twaffic do the following:

1. Follow the first 5 Twitter Twaffic hosts listed on the linky. Netiquette and courtesy! They'll reciprocate your love on twitter!

2. MAKE A BLOG POST LIKE I am doing. Copy and Paste these directions.

3. Grab the YO Tweeps Twaffic Exchange Button pictured below. Put him in your post. (He's so cute. Put him on your sidebar too if you're that kinda girl. Netiquette... not a hairspray lol )

5. Put YOUR OWN twitter icon / link on your blog post like I did. It should directly link to your TWITTER PROFILE.

6. Now link up your post below in the linky!

7. Visit some other #YOtweeps linkers on the list.
8. Follow them if you choose and shout out to them on twitter that you are following so they can instantly follow you if they're on. (Follow their blog as well if you're interested.)

Example: @personsname #yotweeps I'm following!

9. If someone follows you JUST reciprocate on twitter. It's that easy. Join in the fun and grab the code to paste the linky in your own site ! Spread the word. WE'LL BE BACK every THURSDAY TO DO THIS AGAIN! (starting again next week)

p.s. Tweetdeck.com is AWESOME and makes this game of twitter SO MUCH EASIER and fun.

So click on that picture above with the super hero cape and go link up to find others who are playing along.

Later today... my SCARE video for Supah Survivor!!! HA! So funny!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

House of Falling Cards and a Flash Back Picture... you've been warned.

Okay House of Cards!

OH MY H. E. Double ToothPICKS!!!

That took HOURS of my life I can never get back and I have SQUAT really to show for it.

Challenge 4 for Supah Survivor was to make a House of Cards!


Following is the proof. Please have trash can near you because this first picture was taken right before subject (me) went jogging, no one should have to see that... Trash can ready? Okay--here is your evidence!!!

That's me and the cards I'm using...

This is the proof that there is nothing in the middle of the cards... like a block base or whatever.

Level one...

Level two...

Level three...

And right when I got to take a picture of Lever four. It collapsed... the whole D.A.#.*. thing!


I got three levels. I already know I lost. But I want to say to the winner. I bow down before you... I have little patience as it is and to get more than the levels I got means you should be beamed up to Godhood or something.

The end.

No I'm adding a picture of me when I was like 11 or 12 for this weeks Birthday Challenge over at Amber's and Meg's! This is as close to the 80's as I get that I could find. No seriously. This is like 1990 or 91? Close enough right?

My favorite movie though was of course Sixteen Candles. Loved Loved Loved that movie ANd Girls Just Wanna Have Fun--DUH--that's a given!

My mom still did my hair at that age... anyone top that???

Monday, March 8, 2010

Random Thoughts-it's been a while we are due.

It's been a while since I had Random Thought anything.

But I'm feeling like we are due a Random Thought post. Just remember. After reading this you are required asked to put your random thoughts in my comment box. Some times I make you famous by posting them on twitter! Your. Welcome.


*My kids flew up with Grandma and Grandpa to their cousins. MSM and I have three whole days together just to ourselves. We have two VERY different idea on how we want to spend this time together.

MSM--He wants our house to now be a Nudist Colony. That's right. He wants to do everything with our clothes off. He wants to cook naked, watch TV naked, eat naked, sleep naked, play games naked, and do something I cannot discuss on my PG (sometimes PG-13) rated blog but he wants to do IT everywhere and you guessed it--NAKED, and etc... AAACCCKKK!!!

ME--Have a READ-A-THON!!! Go to the library and find a bunch of books, at least 10, buy a bunch of treats, and curl up, totally clothed (big sweatshirt and lounge pants) with a snuggie or down blanket, on our King Size Bed--him on one side, me on the either--and read. Read, rEaD, READ!!! Order in for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. After finishing a book discussing our ONE favorite part before we begin our next book.

My idea is totally better!

Okay. That's it. I think I better stop with my Random Thoughts and just make it a Random THOUGHT. Because I think I've shocked some of you by saying the word naked and I apologize.

FTR--we compromised. We read a children's book naked with pictures while doing IT.

HA! I kid, I kid.

We've been out to stores, seen a movie, eaten out a few times, cooked and eaten in a few times. Picked up and left somewhere just because we COULD, watched OUR shows during the day (caught up on DVR shows we've missed because DISNEY and NICK seem to have precedence in our house) went out with ADULTS for ice cream and talked about ADULT stuff!!! We've shopped at stores without kids hanging on our hands or crawling around in carts saying, "MOM! I need this!" or "MOM-DAD-so and so is touching me". We get to listen to the music in the car that WE want to listen to.

Just a few things.

We might even go crazy tonight and he's going to work on homework and I'm going to edit pictures... UNINTERRUPTED!!!

That's right... you heard it here first guys. I'll let you know how that goes.

Now leave your Random Thought or THOUGHTS in my comment box and maybe I'll TWITTER IT! YAY!


P.S. On more thought I just thought of. When you want to sound excited do you write--YAY, YEA, or YEAH? Let me know.

P.S.S. Over at Real World we are talking about homework. How does that relate to a relationship you ask? Go over and see!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

SciFi Dad interviewed me... over embellishes much?


First of all. Your. Welcome. for leaving that Marshmallow post up for TWO whole days!

If you weren't in LOVE with me before, you have to be now!

It's the HUGE cheeks that get me every time... and then when I take the Mallows out, the cheeks look the same size!

Anyway--one of the contestants Grasshoppa's husband gets on the end of hers and says something like, "I've never been more attracted to her in my life"! HA!

I bet that was what my husband was thinking while holding that backdrop for me and counting.

Sigh--It's that kind of love where people look at ME and then look at HIM and then think, "HUH!? Love IS blind". (I'll only admit this once, he's the hotter one!)

Princess Sarcasm won with 17 MALLOWS--17!!! (there is a joke there somewhere, but I'm not touching it).

Okay okay!

I got on to tell you I GOT INTERVIEWED by SciFi Dad. He totally mocks me guys. And let me say, FTR, he's one of those writers that kinda over flowers and enhances his writing-over embellishes! I know this because although the words I wrote on that interview were what I said, ... he twists them to his ADVANTAGE!

Typical male. AND typical interview-er.

It's hard to be famous. I'm just glad he recognized I AM famous (in my own mind) and interviewed me! He swears I asked to be interviewed...but it was more like I felt I needed to volunteer as a friend. I said something like, "If you have NO ONE else to interview, like NO ONE, like I am the LAST blogger alive... then SURE, I'll do it. Ya know, if you need someone...desperately."

What!? Are you accusing MUAH of overembellishing? PSHAW! Whatev.

You should go read it. And tell his readers that I'm NOT a crazy LDS girl! Go NOW--PLEASE! I'm BEGGING YOU! I've never needed the support of my peeps more than this interview at this time!

(hehehe, go if you want to.)


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Barfing up Farkin Marshmallows!

Supah Survivor Challenge Number 3!

Stuffin Farkin Marshmallows in our mouths!

This is unfair for those of us who have small mouths.

With that out of the way... I gave it my best effort.

And my son and BIL both attempted it also. Click on THOSE for a good laugh!

So. Here you go peeps! Stuffin my face with Marshmallows!!!

BTW--I did not steal this song form someone else's blog video... I did mine and then watched the others--but the song is killer for this!

ALSO--if you haven't seen CHIEF's GO--GO NOW.. it's HILARIOUS!!! Bwahahahahaha.

Did you hear how excited my hubs was when I got to 9!? LOL... and then some!

Gah, this challenge was sick. Sick and twisted. And I already know I lost.

So--How many Marshmallows can YOU stuff peeps?


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stick It Note Tuesday-Newbie

So I'm playing with Supah Mommy Today with Stick It Note Tuesday!

It's like Twitter but less words and very difficult for me! :)

But here you go:

So for real... hop over to Real World, give your opinion if you would like--but most importantly, agree with me! (Okay you don't have to... think VooDoo Doll)

Also... click on the Supah Mommy Picture above to see who else is playing!!!


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