Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WIMTS: Somehow she re-designed me into something cooler than I am!

What I said was: Oh I love it!

What I meant to Say was: My Blog Design Makes me look cooler than I am AND I totally want that dress, purse, and lipstick I'm sporting on my header.

So as you may have noticed.

I got a makeover.

And I have to give myself NO CREDIT for it.

The genius of this design came all from Krista over at Rocky Run Design who has to be one of the best blog designers out there in my opinion. Look at what she did for my blog!? It's crazy beautiful.

But that isn't the best part about her.

She is SOOOOO incredible to work with.

I'm a blog designers WORST NIGHTMARE... I change my mind and/or can't make up my mind and say all sorts of things that would make any sane human being resort to pulling their hair out. Yet not only did she hold my hand and walk me through the process of making me into a whole new and beautiful blog... but she was PATIENT! I mean we are talking the patience of JOB here people!

So not just because she re-designed me into a super model of a blog and made me look more important than I am, but because I honestly am 100% being truthful when I say she is not only GREAT at what she does but INCREDIBLE in all areas of what she does. She just barely decided to do it as a business and start her own design blog even though (as you can tell) she has been doing it for a while, so you should check her out if you are need of a designer.

You won't regret it.

I feel so indebted to her and am SO very thankful for the whole experience that I'll probably just BLAB her name out once in a while right in the middle of a post... kinda like subliminal messages blog style.

She also blogs HERE and her twitter name is @KristaJa

Thank you Thank You THANK YOU Krista!!!

Oh and click on the cute WIMTS buttom on top and see who else is playing along!


P.S. If you have time to read two incredible posts you should read Sunday's Story. Click HERE. It's about her two marriages, her two boys, and one determined and incredible woman.

P.S.S. Oh and someone tell me how many times I was redundant in my sentences or used Tautology... not on purpose mind you I'm not smart enough for that... I am like Isaiah I repeat myself and you really have to think to make sense of what I'm saying :)

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