Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving DAY...Before dinner

November 22, 2007

We ate Thanksgiving down in St. George with my Grandma Matesen, Mom and Dad, and Greta (a lady from Mom's work). It was so yummy and we definitely ate until we were bursting at the seems. Krystal, Mandi, and I went on a 4 mile run, walk, hike. It included Foremaster Ridge...if you are a fellow St. Georgian then you know what I mean when I say...MY BUTT HURTS! But it helped me not feel so guilty when I ate my apple pie! Thanksgiving Day turned out to be really nice!

Grandma Matesen and I look surprised...don't know why...but its a good picture of Grandma!

I'm mixing the pudding for the Banana Cream Pie that we HAVE to make because it's MountainSport Man's Favorite! He's so spoiled!

The funny thing about this picture is that I told Dad to smile and I caught him in mid-sentence saying, "Shelle I'm trying to cut the turkey!" See you can tell he's a little bugged with me! :)
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The rugrats all dressed up for TURKEY!

Told PeePs to say cheese and she just didn't feel like it!

I curled PeePs' and my hair for fun to make this dinner more special then others!

I don't think the rugrats really wanted to smile...

But I talked them into faking it!
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During Thanksgiving Dinner

I love taking close ups with the rugrats and I, just never know what they are going to do!

Mammy wanted her pic with the rugrats and MountainSport Man was being funny by poking his head up at the last minute!

Told MSM to smile and he CHEESED it! lol!
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After Thanksgiving Dinner

Dad's in his usual spot!!!

Mom's in her usual spot!!!

I'm in my usual spot! :)
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Then we visited Kreg's and fam

November 22, 2007

After Thanksgiving dinner we went over to the Kreg's to visit and look up the ads for Friday Morning Sales!!! Sweet! Love it!

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Crazy Hair

November 17, 2007

Okay so MountainSport Man took a shower and was cold so decided to blow dry his hair! It was hilarious because it started to look like Ace Ventura pet detective! So I snapped a couple of pictures of him!

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November 17, 2007

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Messing around at Marv's with the Family!

November 17, 2007

We went to DCar's last soccer and flag football games and decided we wanted to go to Marv's to eat lunch. We got bored and messed around with the camera!

PeeP's learned this funny face by going to Kreg's house. It's Curious George's funny face!

That's suppose to be our sexy faces!

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Temple Night with The Hansens

November 16, 2007
The Hansen's and Us have decided to start going to the temple once a month together, make it sort of a date night! So I had to record the starting of this by blogging it of course! It was fun going with them! It always makes me feel more focused after attending the temple!

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Video: at Art with Heart Tae Tae Dancing

MountianSport Man got Laser eye surgery!

November 9, 2007

So we took the plunge and MountainSport Man got laser eye surgery on Friday. These are pictures of us and him right before he went into the surgery room! He wasn't nervous, but they made him keep his eyes closed while he waited and that was boring for him, so right after this check up he had to go into the waiting room and sit with his eyes closed...he almost came undone!!! But the update now is he can see so well and he doesn't have to wear his glasses!!! yea! So far he is happy with the outcome and thus far totally worth it! I was his designated driver.

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Dilated Eyes

November 9, 2007

MountainSport Man's eyes were pretty dilated! I thought it would be fun to show you guys.
So funny when he was laying on the surgery table to get his eyes done, they had him hold a monkey! The plastic shields by far were the worse part of the surgery! Sexy!

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Tae's Benefit Concert

November 10, 2007

TaeLor my oldest niece on the Wright side of the Family was in a benefit concert that helps Shriner's Hospital raise money. Three dance studios are in it and all proceeds go to Shriner's Hospital. I am going to load the video I took at the concert later but enjoy the photos!

Art With Heart is the name of the concert!

Me, TaeLor, and Lisa

We went to dinner afterwards with Lisa, Troy, Kevin, and Heidi! Kevin and Heidi are recently engaged!!!
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