Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving DAY...Before dinner

November 22, 2007

We ate Thanksgiving down in St. George with my Grandma Matesen, Mom and Dad, and Greta (a lady from Mom's work). It was so yummy and we definitely ate until we were bursting at the seems. Krystal, Mandi, and I went on a 4 mile run, walk, hike. It included Foremaster Ridge...if you are a fellow St. Georgian then you know what I mean when I say...MY BUTT HURTS! But it helped me not feel so guilty when I ate my apple pie! Thanksgiving Day turned out to be really nice!

Grandma Matesen and I look surprised...don't know why...but its a good picture of Grandma!

I'm mixing the pudding for the Banana Cream Pie that we HAVE to make because it's MountainSport Man's Favorite! He's so spoiled!

The funny thing about this picture is that I told Dad to smile and I caught him in mid-sentence saying, "Shelle I'm trying to cut the turkey!" See you can tell he's a little bugged with me! :)
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