Monday, August 31, 2009

To the Middle Aged Couple in the parking lot...

To the Middle Aged Couple strolling down the middle of the parking lot:

GGGGAAAAHHHH!!! WHY must you walk down the middle of the row of cars??!!??!! Walk on one side or the other so that those of us who are driving vehicles don't have the urge to teach you a lesson and bump your butt because you feel like you can take all the time in the world to walk to your car down the MIDDLE OF THE ROW OF CARS in the parking lot!!!

Do you not HEAR me behind you or at least my car?

Can you not FEEL the animosity shooting from every pore of my body???

I flipped you off in four different languages (in my mind because I do TRY to be a lady).

I know I pretend to KNOW about etiquette, but really I slink my way through it most of the time... I KNOW! GASP! You are shocked right??!!??

But it's true... I'm ashamed to say, I never attended an etiquette school, the closest thing I got to learning how to be a lady was when I tried out for our city pageant, and I spaced out on most of the lesson until we came to plucking our eyebrows, believe me when I tell you... it's DIFFICULT To space out when someone is picking at your UNIBROW!!! And A LOT embarrassing.

Wait... where was I? Oh yes, jerky jerks in the parking lot...

HONESTLY... SERIOUSLY... it's not Rocket Science here people.

There is a row of cars.

When walking your cart down to your car, or walking yourself into the store... PLEASE please please walk on either said of the row of cars... no need to be a prick and walk right in the middle of the lane.

Just saying...

Brought to you by Shelle's standard of etiquette.

Have a good Monday!

The winner for the Random Thought Amazon Gift card will be announced tomorrow... I need help deciding which one I liked best! So I'm forcing asking MSM to read them with me and help decide for FAMILY NIGHT! :)


P.S. SciFi Dad is Guest contributing and wrote about the first time he met his IN-LAWS over at Real World Venus vs. Mars today! You GUYS... it's SO funny! Go tell him what you think...

Friday, August 28, 2009

THoughts Friday Random-Giveaway edition!

I know I know I keep mentioning Twitter. But for someone like me who loves to laugh, if you follow the right people, you can be laughing all day long! No joke!

Someone told me the other day after one of my tweets that I should be a motivational speaker!

OMGosh how did they KNOW that that was my life dream??? CRAZY!!!

So I was all sorts of flattered and thought I would share some of my twitter knowledge with you and then share some of the twitter names of those people that pretty much make me laugh on a daily basis with their tweets!

So what I'm saying is... don't twitter, it's of the devil, you'll HATE it.

What? ME use reverse psychology? You're trippin right now... I'd NEVER stoop so low! :)

My TWITTER BITS of KNOWLEDGE in which NONE of them are motivational or knowledgeable:

"A girl walked into the bathroom humming, should I say, nicely "excuse me, could u keep it down? I'm on the phone?" and see what she does :)

Sometimes I like to drive right on the side of another car and make my own roadblock just to prove a point that I am all powerful!

Have u ever been @ a stoplight and had the urge to slightly bumped the car in front of u and yell,"Bumper Car Tag! UR it!" neither

I'm listening to that song, "Indian Outlaw" by Tim McGraw makes me want to spit! Gasp! I know I'm such a rebel...

I ponder sometimes about the fact that if the world really DID revolve around me that everyone would be a lot happier! True story! :)

I like to run around and splash water all over my face so that when my hubs gets home he won't suspect I've been on the computer too long!

Why start ur day by saying"todays going 2 b a good day"? Sets urself up 4 failure! Start by saying"todays going 2 suck!" only up from there!

Isn't it my duty to call a guy a sissy if he sneezes like a girl? Or better yet that he sneezes cuter than me?

I have to hurry but they r making me get naked from the waste up for my facial!!! Is this normal? Gotta go they're coming!

After facial:

All of that and all they did was massage my face... I'm kind of disappointed!"

***I wonder about that person that feels I should be a motivational speaker... but everyone their own, right? lol!

Okay here are some of my favorite tweeters!

@sween example of a series of his tweets: "I like to make fun of orphans because their threats to tell on me are so adorably empty.

I'm kidding! I don't tease orphans. They're beneath me. Literally. They're really short. From malnutrition. ADORABLE malnutrition.

Seriously though ― orphans are sad. Tee-hee.

Come on, orphans! I'm just fooling with ya! Ya know I love ya! Who wants to get deloused? Yeah, I thought so. *Everyone* love delousing!

Thank goodness orphans have those cute little consumptive coughs so they can't sneak up on you. Orphans make horrible ninjas.

No orphans were harmed in the making of these tweets. Except wee Bartleby. Donations in lieu of flowers."

@DrZibbs some tweets of his:
"Whenever I see someone with like 30 followers I'm like, "What a nobody"...unless it's YOU of course.

if i had a legit massage parlor the tagline would be ... sad endings only.

I might have some of my best tweets embroidered onto pillows. Just so it's not too gay I'll man things up by filling the pillows with rocks"

One more @FatherKelly some of his tweets:
"Just got a call requesting that I bless a parakeet. I'm not making this up. I told them a 5th of scotch was usual payment. They bought it.

Sometimes in the confessional box I'll say, "You did what?! I don't believe you. Bring pictures to prove it". Some of them actually do.

My vampire fighting class starts in 15 minutes. Love the class but the instructor is a SUCH a know-it-all dick!

They say you can't throw a stick around priests w/out hitting a gay. So I throw a stick and I hit Father Brennan right in the nuts. Irony."

Okay last thing... the best thing about going to New York is they allow their Mentally Ill to go out and perform on time square! They say they are "magicians" and the thing is people WATCH and THROW MONEY at them they actually BUY it! But I know different so I just take a picture! :)

I mean what magician uses a old Halloween candy pumpkin bucket??? A real magician would have use a black floating TOP HAT... DUH!

So YOUR turn... put your Random Thought in the comment box!!! The person with the BEST Random Thought today gets a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card! If you are a tweeter... TWEET this AWESOME giveaway! lol!

I'm serious though, the person that makes ME LOL the most... wins!


P.S. Sage is talking flirting over at Real World Venus vs. Mars today... he has a thwarted sense of it all but go check it out anyway! :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Serious Wednesday: Laughter and Cherished time

Since I first became pregnant with DCar I have had one person after another telling me, "cherish them now, they grow up faster than you think".

Life has tossed us some crazy things. We decided to better our lot in life by going back to school which brought me to working full time for benefits and other things while MSM went to school. For us, it was the best decision.

I went back to work when my little girl Peeps was just 12 months. I've been lucky that I have had my parents and other family there to help watch her for me while I have been working. I try to work REALLY early in the mornings or REALLY late at night so that I don't miss out on too much with her or my son, but I come home tired, burning the candle at both ends.

I'm exhausted. Even though I have everyday with them, I miss them. Weekends zoom by, our time as a family is short, especialy with my best friend off at work or at school or studying for school.

The other day I took stock of my two kids wrestling and playing around with each other, realizing that just an hour before my little four year old had made her self a PB&J sandwich. A SANDWICH while I was editing in my "dungeon".

When my little girl got tired of being tossed around by her older brother she came over to me and wiggled herself into my lap, like she knew I was feeling melancholy and needed her attention. I curled my arms and body around her and we just lay there cuddling. Did you know that there was a smell to innocence? Well there is, take my word for it, because my daughter was wrapped up in it and I just soaked it in and smiled. Even though I cherish every moment I have with my children, they still grow up to fast… they deserve to, they need to… it's not easy for me, but I wouldn't have it any other way it's kinda what we sign up for as parents.

They are happy, they are living life, they are good kids. I'm lucky and blessed that they are the ones that came to me… their souls are sweet and genuine and I don't deserve to be given so much but I'm not going to argue either.

This is my life, this is there life, they are just on loan to me for a while and so we deal with life the best way we can … through laughter and cherished time.

Sorry, was just remembering that I was a mom... :)

Have a good day guys…


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blog Surfing Tuesday!!! I can only Imagine...

Blog Surfing Tuesday... This is where you write in the comment box either a post you think people should go read... or a BLOG you think we should follow. I will sporadically update this post with links to those that people suggest! Here are my suggestions! :)

And remember... put a life jacket on... SO WE CAN BE SAFE... as the ever knowing Dora the Explorer would say! :)

First--Check out Real World this week if you are an adult and like to talk openly about male and female companionship!

Second-- You NEED to check out this blog. 365 to Death. Seriously. You need to read it. I'm hooked and it's only 4 posts in. Follow it, embrace it... you WON'T regret it! If you are a reader and enjoy reading... you'll like this.

Thirdly... I just learned today on Bayou Belles blog about this families story. Read what she has to say. Support from friends as well as strangers always helps in this kind of situation. Do what you feel in you heart you want to do...

Like Bayou Belle's said, I can't even imagine. When Deyton passed away, I thought to myself, "That was hard...even for me as an Aunt... I'm okay with it being a one time thing."

This family is now enduring their nightmare for a second time.

One of the songs that comforted me during that time was the song below. It's incredible! :)


SCIFI Dad-- Native Born

Clan of the Cave Hair-- Hot Chicks with Douche Bags Read comments for warning about this site :)

Barbaloot-- Eric Snider

DaddyGeekBoy-- one ZenMom and Sorry for the convenience


Monday, August 24, 2009

We took her training wheels off!

My little Princess who doesn't, usually, have a brave bone in her body... was TOLD by MountainSport Man that it was TIME she took her training wheels off.

He's pretty adamant about our kids learning to ride their bikes on their own without the training wheels so they can move on to bigger and better things, like mountains... who am I to argue? As long as she gets to dance and I can live vicariously through her, who am I to tell HIM what he can do to live vicariously through his children? (or we are desperate for friends to hang out with us!)

I pretty much was terrified. You see, with DCar... I was like, he's a boy it's okay if he falls a few times, he needs to man up and take those training wheels off-- (I think he was 2 1/2 maybe 3?) With PeePs... I was like, "are you sure? She seems still so small... I don't want her to fall and get hurt"... WHY IS THAT do you think?

Anyway... she totally did it her first try! I have evidence.
I had a reason I brought the camera... so I wouldn't have to HUFF it after her! That's what Dad's are for anyway right?

Both of my kids stick their tongues out when they are concentrating! Weird...

Peeps didn't have stopping down yet... so DCar helped her stop by being a road block (Or I yelled at him, "Don't let her hit me!")...awww what a good kid..

She was fully stopped and then just kind of fell over... she's was laughing so we were good...

But then it was just easy peasy for her!

I shouted to him, "How are you going to catch her if she falls?" MSM said, "I'm not..." uuuhhh okay, I'll just keep shooting I guess...

I love how DCar always pretends he's interested in what she has to say. She was telling us all how she did it by herself... like we weren't there and hadn't seen it...

Okay... this pic is solely for me...

It was hot... and she was thirsty after showing us she was a pro at riding her bike... I'm not gonna lie, I was completely proud of her!

Okay all family out there that keeps harping on me to put up more pics of the kids! There ya go! And I'm going to go one step above that... here's a video of it all!!!

So how early do you guys start your kids riding their bikes???


Friday, August 21, 2009

Random Thought Friday--What does Elmo have in his back pack?

Thank Goodness It's Random Friday!!! TGIRF!!!

Okay first of all firsts...

I hope some of you have noticed that I put a new thing up there at the top of my blog... under the UNWORDS... Comment of the Day! I'm spotlighting those of you that make me LOL the most each day! I WUV you guys... aaawwww.

Okay onward and forward.

***Why is it that when you find the stall where the lock doesn't work that someone, WITHOUT fail, doesn't do the "look-for-feet" check and comes stormin in on ya doing your business???

***I think I'm going to start a new business where people can be hired to be tweeting assistants. Stay with me on this one guys. I LOVE to tweet and twat, but sometimes I have to WORK (yuck) or ya know, take care of the Famdamily... soooo a Random Thought will pop up in my mind and I'll say to myself, "remember to tweet that"... and then I'll forget. So it would help if I just could say it out loud and then my assistant tweeter would tweet it for me!

***I think I'm onto a billion dollar business here guys.

***Wait, better yet, what if there was a device that could just mentally BLUE TOOTH your thoughts from your brain, into a device and send the tweet? Can you imagine?

***That actually might get me into trouble, nevermind.

***Trying NOT to think about something is harder than it seems.

***Do you think wearing BIG sunglasses make me fiesty? Or dying my hair red makes me Fiesty? Hmmmm...

***Ya know how I have a thing for pistachios? Well I've recently adapted an obsession for Craisins. I think I need to check myself into rehab.

***I sometimes get on my husbands Facebook and write things about me. For example one of them I wrote was, "I love to watch my wife sleep, she's so sexy when she's sleeps." It never gets old! LOL! (and you KNOW he thinks that anyway... right?)

Okay so I think to end this... I need to get something off my mind... what the HELK do you guys think ELMO has in his backpack???

Let me know your thoughts on that in comments and leave you BEST random thought... you MIGHT get tweeted and become FAMOUS!!! Your.Welcome.


Thursday, August 20, 2009


Like I said last weekend we went to a family reunion on my husbands side!

I camped... that says a lot and re-iterates that it was my husbands side of the family... they are campers...(There's some fine print for ya!)

But seriously... it was a KOA, it had showers and toilets and a pool... I can't complain.

Anyway... I LOVE my nieces and nephews on both sides of the family and I never get to see enough of any of them. But today I'm highlighting one of the coolest little boys you will ever meet!

Meet my Nephew K-NOCKS...

the kid is a walking delight. There is no way you can hang out with him and not instantly crush on him... seriously, I'm hooked. Even when he screamed for a good 20 minutes because he didn't want to go to bed I still wuv wuv wuv him.

You dig?
So we took enough video of him that most would think he is our third child...but NO, we just think he's really cool! :)

Now look at what we captured during the reunion of the little guy...

Here he is swimming:

Here he is trying to knock down one of those punchy bag blow up things... at first the punch bag thing is winning, but K-Nocks wins in the end!

This video makes me laugh of my niece...she looks like one of those zero gravity videos you see the astronauts do... where they can't quite seem to control what's happening to them...


So this is my question for you guys today... did the way I "camped" (we were in a tent mind you) qualify as "roughing it" if I'm not a regular camper? Or do I have to poo and pee in nature? Just wondering.

Random Thought Friday for tomorrow... so get your best Random Thought out let's see whose thought makes us LOL and ROFL and LMBO!!! There were MANY last week... but if you're friends with me, there is an infinite number of random thoughts going through your brain, and it's okay if they all don't make sense... let them out in my comment box!

Until Friday!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Your blog is SO confusing!

I was at Target last night and ran into an old friend... Laura... love her.

Anyway, first thing she says after HI is... YOU ARE SO CONFUSING on your blog!

Laura(waves had vigorously! So glad to see you tonight).. this is for you and all of you that just happen on my blog...

Sometimes I don't even get MYSELF... those that comment do it because they feel sorry for me... :) My cousin once said, "Yes Shelle, I read your blog, I'm beginning to understand Shelle-ese!" Not a truer statement was ever said... (bows head)

But I actually have friends in Real Life... and sometimes those Real Friends give me a break and let me snap away at their kids. I LOVE when they let me do that.

Sometimes I get lucky and get that shot that makes my belly flutter and my smile get wider!!! I get THAT shot.

Seriously... look at how adorable this little guy is... GAH I love what I do!

So question--Does it trip anyone else out that people you know in REAL life actually read your blog???

Hey, I came full circle on this post... just answer the question all right!!!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Girl whose name I can't remember

Okay I need your guys' expert opinions... or better yet, your help.

I went to a family reunion this weekend for my husbands side of the family.

We had to DRIVE there.

I know, you can all feel bad for me. We could have hopped on a plane and flew to LA twice, for the time it took to get to the reunion... but whose counting.

Anyway... on our drive we had to stop at a gas station because one of the kids, DCAR, was a pansy and said he couldn't hold it another hour and a half!!! I'm failing as a mother.

SO... we stop at a Gas station that has a Dairy Queen, because I needed it and I walk into the bathroom and see someone I recognize.

Now the emphasis is on RECOGNIZE... okay? I knew by her face that I knew her... but I'm HORRIBLE with names.

No, like I suck at remembering names. I would have been a TERRIBLE teacher... when I taught dance, by the end of the year I finally got all their names down just for it to be done and then I would get new students to have to remember...

Anyway... I see her and it's too late not to say anything because I saw that "Hey I know you" spark in her eye... so I had to see this through.

Me: "HHHHEEEEEYYYY" cause it's so much more convincing that you KNOW them if you drag out the HEY like Fonz... "how are YOU doing?" I say with a 'I totally know you' smile.

Girl whose name I don't remember: "Hi SHELLE! Wow! How are you? What have you been up to?"

Me: "Just kids, and husband going to school, and work... ya know, LIFE! What about you?" hahaha-awkward laugh.

Girl whose name I don't remember proceeds to tell me what she has been up to.

I nod when appropriate.

Then we both go into our respective stalls to go to the bathroom.

I figure I'm in the clear cause I wait for her to finish, and I feel, give her ample time to wash her hands and leave.

So imagine my surprise, when I get out of the stall and open the door and proceed to the sinks, to see that she was standing there WAITING for me to continue our conversation.

I was good, no need to say her name, even though... she knew mine RIGHT out of the gate... we walk out and the GODS were against me, because who was there to greet me but my husband and kids who were standing in the DQ line.

Girl whose name I don't remember: "OH! Is this your family?"

Me: "Yes. This is Dcar and Peeps and my Husband MSM... guys this is..." awkward silence... "this is a friend from school!"

They say their Hi's and nice to meet you's and we separate.

Now this is where you guys come in... how do you ASK someone their name... when they already know yours... without either person feeling stupid???

PLEASE... help a sista out!

And everyone that participated in our Random Friday Thought post... OMGOSH I love you guys... I kept getting emails all weekend... each one making me laugh! I have the best blog friends EVA! Check it out if you missed it... it was hilarious! :)


Friday, August 14, 2009

Random Friday with Graphic Picture...

WARNING: THe Picture is graphic in nature at the end of this post... well if you look at it for longer then 3.2 seconds.

Well it's Random Thought Friday...

*Do you still need to wash you hands after you go to the bathroom if you are just going to jump in a chlorine filled swimming pool anyway??? I mean kids are peeing in it already like it's their own personal toilet! Why make more work for yourself?

*Does it make me old if my kid has the same teacher in 2nd grade that I did when I went to that school?

*Wait, don't answer that... I like living in my bubble.

*Do people ever dream about people wearing sunglasses really??? I can't ever remember dreaming usually, but when I do, I don't think I ever remember anyone wearing sunglasses...hmmm....

*I've found out that it's not okay for me to see movies like, SHOOTER, right before bed...because then I have weird feelings about creepy guys trying to touch me where I'm kept in mid-dream and mid-awake state.

*Sometimes I still get scared at night and make my husband go to the bathroom with me.

*The way my parents spelled my name confuses people. I get called the wrong name ALL.THE.TIME. So now I carry a boom box around on my shoulder and play this song whenever anybody attempts to say it that doesn't know me and then says the wrong name.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

*My Mom took this picture in New York people... let me repeat that MY MOM, by herself, saw this and thought..."No one will believe me so I need evidence!"-- see people, I am the way I am because of my parents... try not to judge me...

TOP THAT for Random!

So what's YOUR random thought for today???

Leave it in the comments or else bad things will happen to you today... don't hate the messenger...


P.S. Jump over to REAL WORLD today... you won't regret it! :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Party over at Real World Venus vs. Mars today!!! Cool people invited!


Hello, you have reached SHELLE at BlokThoughts and I'm not home right now.

I'm over hanging out at Real World Venus vs. Mars.

I'm LIVE and in COLOR talking about my first REAL date with MSM and how I embarrassed myself... what's new???

So come over there today!!!

It's 5 minutes you can't ever get back... but you can call me vomit girl after you watch it?! And if THAT isn't worth it, I don't know WHAT IS!!!

K... see ya over there! Oh! And can someone bring the chips and dip... I some how forgot those.

No need to leave a message after the beep because you can just jump over to Real World and talk to me there... but if you have a complaint then grab a quarter and a dime and call someone who cares or at least bring some Chips and Dip!

Okay, Until tomorrow!!! :)



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Co-Worker and the GYM--and CHIEF has a good toilet story!!!

I walk into work early today and sit down at my desk. Usually it's not long until someone wanders over to say, "Hi".

I have favorites though... the ones that make me laugh when I have one eye open and my body feels like lead because it's not quite awake yet.

For instance...

My friend, we will call him LAX, wandered over this morning and said, "I went to the gym yesterday Shelle!"

We had talked about this yesterday, him wanting to get back into going to the gym but saying that he always seems to find other stuff MORE important to occupy his time... like editing pictures,(we have that photography bond). :)

So I turn around and said, "Oh really! Good LAX!!! That is so great! I'm proud of you!"...and sounded exactly like a cheerleader!

Lax says, "Oh don't get too excited... on my way over there I snacked on to Hostess chocolate cupcakes and a bag of Doritos!"

I laughed and laughed and then said, "Well it IS a long drive... that 5 minutes can be excruciating!"

He smiled and said,"So when I got there I didn't feel like doing much... so it wasn't a real productive trip to the gym, baby steps ya know."

I said, "Well at least you got the feel of it... first step is always the hardest! :)"

But the real issue here is, ever since he has mentioned those Hostess CupCakes I can't stop thinking about them! It's pathetic!

On another note... I was actually getting to reading through my Google Reader when all of a sudden all of my blogs I follow disappeared!!! What the CRISS ANGEL??? I panicked and freaked and then just had to get off... But before all that happened...

I found a TOILET STORY friend. You guys this post made me laugh SO HARD! I am eternally bonded to CHIEF now because this story I can relate to!

So from ONE PUBLIC BATHROOM STORY freak to the NEXT... thanks CHIEF for THIS POST!!!

Anybody have a cupcake I can smell? That way no calories and I will still be winning the NO SUGAR challenge I am currently in... :)


P.S. ZENMOM wrote her first post over at Real World Venus vs. Mars today... it is SOOOOO good you guys, seriously, you need to go check it out!

Monday, August 10, 2009

If I only had a monkey...

When I was a young girl I had a friend that could climb trees like he was a monkey. He would wrap his arms and legs around the trunk and then grab and pull all the way up to the highest branch of our backyard trees.

Scared the crap out of me every time... but I envied him.

I wanted to be able to climb trees--I tried mind you, I tried, but all I could do is wrap my arms and legs around the base of the tree!!!

My Mom didn't like me to, she was scared I would get hurt or something... so my dream of tree climbing was crushed for the 1.2 seconds I dreamt it...

Then I was sent this video, go in about 5 minutes:

Which explains that I am right to blame my parents for not being a climber. If they would have done their duty and moved to Africa where I could have met a monkey that was my best friend and I followed around everywhere at the age of four, having no fear, and climbing where the monkey climbed, then my fingers would have developed into climbers fingers and I would now be a living spider woman, PLUS be in incredible body shape with 16% body fat.

I've never even been wall climbing... unless you count the one at the playground that is only a foot taller than me... I seriously smoke all the kids when we race on that one, and I free climb, meaning NO ropes for all you amateur play ground climbers.

So now that I am a parent... I feel it is my duty to live vicariously through my children... so I'm off to Africa to find a monkey...

Okay I kid... I kid...

But seriously, anybody have a monkey they can borrow me for like 5 years??? My daughter just turned four and I want her to have what I never did...


Seriously though... isn't that amazing!!! Had to share cause that's what I do. :)

So I got a new lens...

I got a new lens this last week and so I HAD to take it out and use it right when the mail guy dropped it off because I'm mature like that.

Give me a break... you already know I have zero patience so don't act so surprised!

But go ahead and be surprised at this... when I asked my begrudgingly loyal subjects (DCar and PeePs) to go outside with me so that I could experiment with my new lens they BOTH asked me, "How long Mom? We are watching TV!" and "Do we HAVE to?" and "Why me?"

PPPPPFFFFTTTTT! Can you BELIEVE that? Who doesn't want to get their picture taken? I mean people DREAM about becoming famous and having paparazzi camera's all up in their faces, right?

I mean, that's why I would want to become famous... it would make wearing my big baggy sweats around the house a little trickier and I would DEFINITELY have to pay for a new stomach before I went out of the house with my bathing suit on... but I can't BELIEVE my kids don't want to drop what they are doing so that I can take pictures of them???

So I compromised and said, "How long? Well NOW for the rest of the day! You can RECORD the dang TV... and as long as you live under MY roof the 'Do we have to?' question is a moot point because you're kids and so the answer is always 'YES, YOU HAVE TO' try and remember that... and YOU are the lucky and chosen ones... that is WHY YOU! Now let's go before I decide to dress you up!"

My kids didn't get a lot of features from me to identify that they are mine... my husband has NO DOUBT that they are his because they look so much like him! If I didn't birth my second one, I would wonder, because she looks almost identical to her dad's side of the family.

So SUE me if I like to take pictures of the one thing that stamps them as mine... their EYES--well, more like their eye color, but whose being technical...

Can you tell he tried to just HURRY and do what he was suppose to so that he could be done?

Or that she wasn't so HAPPY to be there?

And don't you DARE take away my THUNDER by suggesting that the eye color could come from someone on my husband's side of the family, that it might be a RECESSIVE gene???

Cause if you don't have anything nice to say... don't say ANYTHING at all! Didn't your parents teach you anything???

Well you all did awesome at the Random Comments on Friday! Sage was standing in for Kritta and Just Jules is more random then I first thought... learn something new everyday!

But April takes the cake on receiving my new honorary COMMENT of the day...which is a new feature on my site! I laugh everyday by something ONE of you says in my comment box... so I've decided that I need to start sharing your guys' wit with everybody else!



P.S. Sage wrote a post over on Real World Venus vs. Mars about finances... who knew rednecks had money, let alone know how to be smart about using it!!! GO Check it out!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

In front of the lens...

The whole week with Deyton I was the official, unofficial, photographer. I was the one always behind the lens, and that's okay, that's how I prefer it.

I know it usually doesn't seem that way :), but it's true, I like being behind the lens.

But in those 5 days, from birth to passing, I fell in love with the little guy. There was an incredible spirit around him, the kind of spirit that makes you warm, happy, and makes you feel like you want and ARE a better person.

I love him.

As I watched everyone hold the little guy with tears streaming down their faces to hit their humbled smiles, because that is what you felt while you held him, is humbled... I waited for my turn.

The day he passed away I was there in the room to share the experience with them and record it through pictures for them.

So I was so grateful that I got this moment in front of the lens instead of behind it, because THIS was my most favorite moment of that week!

I just remember thinking and feeling that I want to live everyday better so that I can see him again... and hold him in my arms, and thank him for reminding me what my end goal of this life is, and that is to return to my Father in Heaven.

Have a good Sunday!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Random Thoughts Friday, Facebook Challenge, and New York pic 4

First off before I reveal my Favorite Friday Foto... I wanted to mention that today in my comment box I want you to come up with you BEST random thought... you'll see why later!!! Oh AND I may Twitter it... so you'll be FAMOUS!

I've learned that it probably isn't smart to challenge a competitive person...

And I was talking with a friend the other day. I told that friend that I hate when people are always trying to ONE UP me. So then I started to be annoying and was trying to find things to one up this friend with. So I asked them how many FaceBook Friends they had. They told me the amount... so I was like "GOTCH YA by 100!"

That friend said, "I could have a 100 by the end of the week"

So I called this friends bluff...

So now I am admitting that this friend is my NEW favorite person, they COMPLETELY proved me wrong, it was great!. No Seriously... they not only met their quota in 5 days... but they will easily surpass it by the time this post is up!

You should be jealous that they are NOT your friend... THAT is how cool this friend is! :) Thanks for playin... :) (And now the poor friend has 100 new people on facebook they probably wanted to keep in the past--it was worth THAT for getting proven wrong if nothing else!)

Moving along....

This is the reason why I traveled out to New York! Besides the NO KIDS get away... I went to go see my niece at the New York City Dance Alliance Nationals. (She's the one in the middle... I KNOW I look young hehehe)

She was my very first niece! So we have that special bond...

Yes... she is 11 and almost as tall as me and her MOM.

I love that girl...

Now write your RANDOM thought in my comment box!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Anyone else have a dream about me?

"I have a prediction for you by the end of this year" my co-worker says with a smug smile, "I think you are going to get pregnant."

Co-worker says WHAT???

Stop playing around... cause I better NOT!" I said.

No, I had a dream... and we were talking in a cubical and you were here with THREE kids."

You had a what??? Are you sure it wasn't someone else's kid that I was luggin along?"

No, I knew it was YOUR kid."

Okay, if this by some crazy chance actually happens... I will personally come in here and drop kick you while punching you as hard as I can in the arm!"

Why?" he asks with a look of shock.

Because YOU will be to blame!" I stated.

He laughs, "
How will I be to blame??? I won't have ANYTHING to do with you getting pregnant!"

Oh yes you will! Because you've said it... you've put it out there in the Universe and now it's just out there... floating around... trying to figure out a way to make it valid, to jinx me... so it will be YOUR fault!"

So if I'm pregnant by the end of the year... (which
SHOULDN'T happen because I have an IUD birth control that has worked for the last 2 1/2 years)... but IF I am because the Universe wants to play a joke on me... the only way you will know is if you see in the National Headlines "Girl goes postal and takes down a Co-Worker (in a surprisingly technical UFC kind of take down) while shouting 'YOU NEVER SHOULD HAVE PUT IT OUT THERE!!! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!'"

Anyone else have a dream about me that they want to put out there???



Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Okay for REAL some famous people...

Okay... I actually DID meet some famous people in New York. It's inevitable you are bound to run into them!

While in the park I ran into Captain Jack. He was just frozen there... and had a box in front of him that said, "Feed the Box"... so I snuck this picture of him, cause I didn't have anything to FEED his box...

Next up is Minnie Mouse! Can you believe that I was there buying my Broadway tickets to Shrek the Musical and turn around to see her!!! I wanted a pic with her but she was holding a Santa Christmas sock that apparently wanted to be fed also with every pic taken... yea, so ummm... snuck this pic of her.

I walk around the corner wishing I had a few dollar bills to feed the sock of Minnie when I run into this gem... ELMO!!! Now who is jealous???

Don't play hate guys... it doesn't look good on you. When the kid in front of me asked for a pic... well to my utter disappointment and surprise I found out...

That Elmo has a backpack that needs to be "fed". SIGH... So I had to sneak another pic of him...

K this person is REAL... she really IS famous. I went out to watch my niece in the New York City Dance Alliance National Competition. If you know the world of dance... or watch So You Think You Can Dance, you should recognize Sonjia.

HA! hahahaha! HA! I AM A GIANT apparently! Like Sonjia's earrings are HUGE on her, but it looks like they would look perfectly normal on me!?! ( Not my best picture, my chin is even at an awkward angle, and I'm hunching my shoulders because one tends to do that when they are around short people, but I was nervous, not gonna lie)... and if you didn't laugh at how much taller and BIGGER I look than her... than you can no longer read this blog! I forbid it!

And I'm just saying... she pretty much is the size of a leprechaun... just saying...

***How long do you think I stood by Sonjia while she was hugging and consoling a dance friend to get this picture???

I am babbling about Make-Up s.e.x. over at Real World Venus vs. Mars today... so this is either a warning to NOT read it... or read it so you can give me some advice!!! :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Real Famous in Central Park...

Well one day I hit the park. To see what "real" celebrities I could find there.

I LOVE Central Park. I just want to get that out there.

And funny story. My husband and I walked there from our hotel and then I said, let's just walk up the one side of the park... so we began our trek. And even though I'm a native New Yorker (hahaha) I kinda headed right into the park and just started walking the way I thought was NORTH. So when we came out the other end... I thought, "well, that wasn't as big as I thought it was!"... I found out later that instead of walking the Length of the park... I walked the Width of the park... so I didn't even see a third of it! (Give me a break... they don't have mountains!!!)

But I did find something there that you guys TRULY need to know is the heart and soul of this park...See this picture below:

Lovely statue right? I mean COME ON... even though that body is made of stone... I still had to wipe a little drool from the side of my mouth, just sayin...

Anyway, you probably think I am telling you the STATUE is the Heart n' Soul of New York. BAH! Right! Even I understand you guys aren't THAT gullible! No No... look a little closer here...

See it now? The pigeon! It brings a tear to my eye just to see one of these beauties! I could be going out on a limb here (no pun intended) but these very well could be the state BIRD?! :) But don't take my word on that...

ALSO in the park... to my great JOY! I spied a dog walker...that's right! A dog WALKER people! This guy supports himself by walking dogs. And if you squint your eyes, cross them, and poke your eyeball... he kinda looks like Cesar the Dog Whisperer... no? The Dog walker is NOT the one with the Letterman Shirt... that would be MSM.

Speaking of Naked...

These guys claimed to be naked-something-or-other and I PPPPFFFFTTT...In their faces! "First of all" I screamed, "Your Not NAKED!!!" They have their SHOES on and let's not forget the towels...and the coordinating shoulder tattoo's... then I almost said, "Get a NEW idea"... the NakedUn-Naked Cowboy/Cowgirl already got the Naked bit covered.

People these days. *Shakes Head*

These are my questions... Look at the picture above... WHY IN ALL THAT IS HOLY are those UGLY 80's Sandals coming back into style??? And can you find Waldo in that picture? I've been looking all week!!! :)

Have a good Monday guys! :)

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