Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blog Surfing Tuesday!!! I can only Imagine...

Blog Surfing Tuesday... This is where you write in the comment box either a post you think people should go read... or a BLOG you think we should follow. I will sporadically update this post with links to those that people suggest! Here are my suggestions! :)

And remember... put a life jacket on... SO WE CAN BE SAFE... as the ever knowing Dora the Explorer would say! :)

First--Check out Real World this week if you are an adult and like to talk openly about male and female companionship!

Second-- You NEED to check out this blog. 365 to Death. Seriously. You need to read it. I'm hooked and it's only 4 posts in. Follow it, embrace it... you WON'T regret it! If you are a reader and enjoy reading... you'll like this.

Thirdly... I just learned today on Bayou Belles blog about this families story. Read what she has to say. Support from friends as well as strangers always helps in this kind of situation. Do what you feel in you heart you want to do...

Like Bayou Belle's said, I can't even imagine. When Deyton passed away, I thought to myself, "That was hard...even for me as an Aunt... I'm okay with it being a one time thing."

This family is now enduring their nightmare for a second time.

One of the songs that comforted me during that time was the song below. It's incredible! :)


SCIFI Dad-- Native Born

Clan of the Cave Hair-- Hot Chicks with Douche Bags Read comments for warning about this site :)

Barbaloot-- Eric Snider

DaddyGeekBoy-- one ZenMom and Sorry for the convenience


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