Friday, August 21, 2009

Random Thought Friday--What does Elmo have in his back pack?

Thank Goodness It's Random Friday!!! TGIRF!!!

Okay first of all firsts...

I hope some of you have noticed that I put a new thing up there at the top of my blog... under the UNWORDS... Comment of the Day! I'm spotlighting those of you that make me LOL the most each day! I WUV you guys... aaawwww.

Okay onward and forward.

***Why is it that when you find the stall where the lock doesn't work that someone, WITHOUT fail, doesn't do the "look-for-feet" check and comes stormin in on ya doing your business???

***I think I'm going to start a new business where people can be hired to be tweeting assistants. Stay with me on this one guys. I LOVE to tweet and twat, but sometimes I have to WORK (yuck) or ya know, take care of the Famdamily... soooo a Random Thought will pop up in my mind and I'll say to myself, "remember to tweet that"... and then I'll forget. So it would help if I just could say it out loud and then my assistant tweeter would tweet it for me!

***I think I'm onto a billion dollar business here guys.

***Wait, better yet, what if there was a device that could just mentally BLUE TOOTH your thoughts from your brain, into a device and send the tweet? Can you imagine?

***That actually might get me into trouble, nevermind.

***Trying NOT to think about something is harder than it seems.

***Do you think wearing BIG sunglasses make me fiesty? Or dying my hair red makes me Fiesty? Hmmmm...

***Ya know how I have a thing for pistachios? Well I've recently adapted an obsession for Craisins. I think I need to check myself into rehab.

***I sometimes get on my husbands Facebook and write things about me. For example one of them I wrote was, "I love to watch my wife sleep, she's so sexy when she's sleeps." It never gets old! LOL! (and you KNOW he thinks that anyway... right?)

Okay so I think to end this... I need to get something off my mind... what the HELK do you guys think ELMO has in his backpack???

Let me know your thoughts on that in comments and leave you BEST random thought... you MIGHT get tweeted and become FAMOUS!!! Your.Welcome.


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