Monday, August 3, 2009

The Real Famous in Central Park...

Well one day I hit the park. To see what "real" celebrities I could find there.

I LOVE Central Park. I just want to get that out there.

And funny story. My husband and I walked there from our hotel and then I said, let's just walk up the one side of the park... so we began our trek. And even though I'm a native New Yorker (hahaha) I kinda headed right into the park and just started walking the way I thought was NORTH. So when we came out the other end... I thought, "well, that wasn't as big as I thought it was!"... I found out later that instead of walking the Length of the park... I walked the Width of the park... so I didn't even see a third of it! (Give me a break... they don't have mountains!!!)

But I did find something there that you guys TRULY need to know is the heart and soul of this park...See this picture below:

Lovely statue right? I mean COME ON... even though that body is made of stone... I still had to wipe a little drool from the side of my mouth, just sayin...

Anyway, you probably think I am telling you the STATUE is the Heart n' Soul of New York. BAH! Right! Even I understand you guys aren't THAT gullible! No No... look a little closer here...

See it now? The pigeon! It brings a tear to my eye just to see one of these beauties! I could be going out on a limb here (no pun intended) but these very well could be the state BIRD?! :) But don't take my word on that...

ALSO in the park... to my great JOY! I spied a dog walker...that's right! A dog WALKER people! This guy supports himself by walking dogs. And if you squint your eyes, cross them, and poke your eyeball... he kinda looks like Cesar the Dog Whisperer... no? The Dog walker is NOT the one with the Letterman Shirt... that would be MSM.

Speaking of Naked...

These guys claimed to be naked-something-or-other and I PPPPFFFFTTT...In their faces! "First of all" I screamed, "Your Not NAKED!!!" They have their SHOES on and let's not forget the towels...and the coordinating shoulder tattoo's... then I almost said, "Get a NEW idea"... the NakedUn-Naked Cowboy/Cowgirl already got the Naked bit covered.

People these days. *Shakes Head*

These are my questions... Look at the picture above... WHY IN ALL THAT IS HOLY are those UGLY 80's Sandals coming back into style??? And can you find Waldo in that picture? I've been looking all week!!! :)

Have a good Monday guys! :)

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