Monday, August 31, 2009

To the Middle Aged Couple in the parking lot...

To the Middle Aged Couple strolling down the middle of the parking lot:

GGGGAAAAHHHH!!! WHY must you walk down the middle of the row of cars??!!??!! Walk on one side or the other so that those of us who are driving vehicles don't have the urge to teach you a lesson and bump your butt because you feel like you can take all the time in the world to walk to your car down the MIDDLE OF THE ROW OF CARS in the parking lot!!!

Do you not HEAR me behind you or at least my car?

Can you not FEEL the animosity shooting from every pore of my body???

I flipped you off in four different languages (in my mind because I do TRY to be a lady).

I know I pretend to KNOW about etiquette, but really I slink my way through it most of the time... I KNOW! GASP! You are shocked right??!!??

But it's true... I'm ashamed to say, I never attended an etiquette school, the closest thing I got to learning how to be a lady was when I tried out for our city pageant, and I spaced out on most of the lesson until we came to plucking our eyebrows, believe me when I tell you... it's DIFFICULT To space out when someone is picking at your UNIBROW!!! And A LOT embarrassing.

Wait... where was I? Oh yes, jerky jerks in the parking lot...

HONESTLY... SERIOUSLY... it's not Rocket Science here people.

There is a row of cars.

When walking your cart down to your car, or walking yourself into the store... PLEASE please please walk on either said of the row of cars... no need to be a prick and walk right in the middle of the lane.

Just saying...

Brought to you by Shelle's standard of etiquette.

Have a good Monday!

The winner for the Random Thought Amazon Gift card will be announced tomorrow... I need help deciding which one I liked best! So I'm forcing asking MSM to read them with me and help decide for FAMILY NIGHT! :)


P.S. SciFi Dad is Guest contributing and wrote about the first time he met his IN-LAWS over at Real World Venus vs. Mars today! You GUYS... it's SO funny! Go tell him what you think...

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