Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Anyone else have a dream about me?

"I have a prediction for you by the end of this year" my co-worker says with a smug smile, "I think you are going to get pregnant."

Co-worker says WHAT???

Stop playing around... cause I better NOT!" I said.

No, I had a dream... and we were talking in a cubical and you were here with THREE kids."

You had a what??? Are you sure it wasn't someone else's kid that I was luggin along?"

No, I knew it was YOUR kid."

Okay, if this by some crazy chance actually happens... I will personally come in here and drop kick you while punching you as hard as I can in the arm!"

Why?" he asks with a look of shock.

Because YOU will be to blame!" I stated.

He laughs, "
How will I be to blame??? I won't have ANYTHING to do with you getting pregnant!"

Oh yes you will! Because you've said it... you've put it out there in the Universe and now it's just out there... floating around... trying to figure out a way to make it valid, to jinx me... so it will be YOUR fault!"

So if I'm pregnant by the end of the year... (which
SHOULDN'T happen because I have an IUD birth control that has worked for the last 2 1/2 years)... but IF I am because the Universe wants to play a joke on me... the only way you will know is if you see in the National Headlines "Girl goes postal and takes down a Co-Worker (in a surprisingly technical UFC kind of take down) while shouting 'YOU NEVER SHOULD HAVE PUT IT OUT THERE!!! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!'"

Anyone else have a dream about me that they want to put out there???



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