Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Your blog is SO confusing!

I was at Target last night and ran into an old friend... Laura... love her.

Anyway, first thing she says after HI is... YOU ARE SO CONFUSING on your blog!

Laura(waves had vigorously! So glad to see you tonight).. this is for you and all of you that just happen on my blog...

Sometimes I don't even get MYSELF... those that comment do it because they feel sorry for me... :) My cousin once said, "Yes Shelle, I read your blog, I'm beginning to understand Shelle-ese!" Not a truer statement was ever said... (bows head)

But I actually have friends in Real Life... and sometimes those Real Friends give me a break and let me snap away at their kids. I LOVE when they let me do that.

Sometimes I get lucky and get that shot that makes my belly flutter and my smile get wider!!! I get THAT shot.

Seriously... look at how adorable this little guy is... GAH I love what I do!

So question--Does it trip anyone else out that people you know in REAL life actually read your blog???

Hey, I came full circle on this post... just answer the question all right!!!


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