Friday, August 14, 2009

Random Friday with Graphic Picture...

WARNING: THe Picture is graphic in nature at the end of this post... well if you look at it for longer then 3.2 seconds.

Well it's Random Thought Friday...

*Do you still need to wash you hands after you go to the bathroom if you are just going to jump in a chlorine filled swimming pool anyway??? I mean kids are peeing in it already like it's their own personal toilet! Why make more work for yourself?

*Does it make me old if my kid has the same teacher in 2nd grade that I did when I went to that school?

*Wait, don't answer that... I like living in my bubble.

*Do people ever dream about people wearing sunglasses really??? I can't ever remember dreaming usually, but when I do, I don't think I ever remember anyone wearing sunglasses...hmmm....

*I've found out that it's not okay for me to see movies like, SHOOTER, right before bed...because then I have weird feelings about creepy guys trying to touch me where I'm kept in mid-dream and mid-awake state.

*Sometimes I still get scared at night and make my husband go to the bathroom with me.

*The way my parents spelled my name confuses people. I get called the wrong name ALL.THE.TIME. So now I carry a boom box around on my shoulder and play this song whenever anybody attempts to say it that doesn't know me and then says the wrong name.

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*My Mom took this picture in New York people... let me repeat that MY MOM, by herself, saw this and thought..."No one will believe me so I need evidence!"-- see people, I am the way I am because of my parents... try not to judge me...

TOP THAT for Random!

So what's YOUR random thought for today???

Leave it in the comments or else bad things will happen to you today... don't hate the messenger...


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