Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Co-Worker and the GYM--and CHIEF has a good toilet story!!!

I walk into work early today and sit down at my desk. Usually it's not long until someone wanders over to say, "Hi".

I have favorites though... the ones that make me laugh when I have one eye open and my body feels like lead because it's not quite awake yet.

For instance...

My friend, we will call him LAX, wandered over this morning and said, "I went to the gym yesterday Shelle!"

We had talked about this yesterday, him wanting to get back into going to the gym but saying that he always seems to find other stuff MORE important to occupy his time... like editing pictures,(we have that photography bond). :)

So I turn around and said, "Oh really! Good LAX!!! That is so great! I'm proud of you!"...and sounded exactly like a cheerleader!

Lax says, "Oh don't get too excited... on my way over there I snacked on to Hostess chocolate cupcakes and a bag of Doritos!"

I laughed and laughed and then said, "Well it IS a long drive... that 5 minutes can be excruciating!"

He smiled and said,"So when I got there I didn't feel like doing much... so it wasn't a real productive trip to the gym, baby steps ya know."

I said, "Well at least you got the feel of it... first step is always the hardest! :)"

But the real issue here is, ever since he has mentioned those Hostess CupCakes I can't stop thinking about them! It's pathetic!

On another note... I was actually getting to reading through my Google Reader when all of a sudden all of my blogs I follow disappeared!!! What the CRISS ANGEL??? I panicked and freaked and then just had to get off... But before all that happened...

I found a TOILET STORY friend. You guys this post made me laugh SO HARD! I am eternally bonded to CHIEF now because this story I can relate to!

So from ONE PUBLIC BATHROOM STORY freak to the NEXT... thanks CHIEF for THIS POST!!!

Anybody have a cupcake I can smell? That way no calories and I will still be winning the NO SUGAR challenge I am currently in... :)


P.S. ZENMOM wrote her first post over at Real World Venus vs. Mars today... it is SOOOOO good you guys, seriously, you need to go check it out!

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