Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Serious Wednesday: Laughter and Cherished time

Since I first became pregnant with DCar I have had one person after another telling me, "cherish them now, they grow up faster than you think".

Life has tossed us some crazy things. We decided to better our lot in life by going back to school which brought me to working full time for benefits and other things while MSM went to school. For us, it was the best decision.

I went back to work when my little girl Peeps was just 12 months. I've been lucky that I have had my parents and other family there to help watch her for me while I have been working. I try to work REALLY early in the mornings or REALLY late at night so that I don't miss out on too much with her or my son, but I come home tired, burning the candle at both ends.

I'm exhausted. Even though I have everyday with them, I miss them. Weekends zoom by, our time as a family is short, especialy with my best friend off at work or at school or studying for school.

The other day I took stock of my two kids wrestling and playing around with each other, realizing that just an hour before my little four year old had made her self a PB&J sandwich. A SANDWICH while I was editing in my "dungeon".

When my little girl got tired of being tossed around by her older brother she came over to me and wiggled herself into my lap, like she knew I was feeling melancholy and needed her attention. I curled my arms and body around her and we just lay there cuddling. Did you know that there was a smell to innocence? Well there is, take my word for it, because my daughter was wrapped up in it and I just soaked it in and smiled. Even though I cherish every moment I have with my children, they still grow up to fast… they deserve to, they need to… it's not easy for me, but I wouldn't have it any other way it's kinda what we sign up for as parents.

They are happy, they are living life, they are good kids. I'm lucky and blessed that they are the ones that came to me… their souls are sweet and genuine and I don't deserve to be given so much but I'm not going to argue either.

This is my life, this is there life, they are just on loan to me for a while and so we deal with life the best way we can … through laughter and cherished time.

Sorry, was just remembering that I was a mom... :)

Have a good day guys…


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