Thursday, August 13, 2009

Party over at Real World Venus vs. Mars today!!! Cool people invited!


Hello, you have reached SHELLE at BlokThoughts and I'm not home right now.

I'm over hanging out at Real World Venus vs. Mars.

I'm LIVE and in COLOR talking about my first REAL date with MSM and how I embarrassed myself... what's new???

So come over there today!!!

It's 5 minutes you can't ever get back... but you can call me vomit girl after you watch it?! And if THAT isn't worth it, I don't know WHAT IS!!!

K... see ya over there! Oh! And can someone bring the chips and dip... I some how forgot those.

No need to leave a message after the beep because you can just jump over to Real World and talk to me there... but if you have a complaint then grab a quarter and a dime and call someone who cares or at least bring some Chips and Dip!

Okay, Until tomorrow!!! :)



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