Thursday, August 6, 2009

Random Thoughts Friday, Facebook Challenge, and New York pic 4

First off before I reveal my Favorite Friday Foto... I wanted to mention that today in my comment box I want you to come up with you BEST random thought... you'll see why later!!! Oh AND I may Twitter it... so you'll be FAMOUS!

I've learned that it probably isn't smart to challenge a competitive person...

And I was talking with a friend the other day. I told that friend that I hate when people are always trying to ONE UP me. So then I started to be annoying and was trying to find things to one up this friend with. So I asked them how many FaceBook Friends they had. They told me the amount... so I was like "GOTCH YA by 100!"

That friend said, "I could have a 100 by the end of the week"

So I called this friends bluff...

So now I am admitting that this friend is my NEW favorite person, they COMPLETELY proved me wrong, it was great!. No Seriously... they not only met their quota in 5 days... but they will easily surpass it by the time this post is up!

You should be jealous that they are NOT your friend... THAT is how cool this friend is! :) Thanks for playin... :) (And now the poor friend has 100 new people on facebook they probably wanted to keep in the past--it was worth THAT for getting proven wrong if nothing else!)

Moving along....

This is the reason why I traveled out to New York! Besides the NO KIDS get away... I went to go see my niece at the New York City Dance Alliance Nationals. (She's the one in the middle... I KNOW I look young hehehe)

She was my very first niece! So we have that special bond...

Yes... she is 11 and almost as tall as me and her MOM.

I love that girl...

Now write your RANDOM thought in my comment box!!!

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