Monday, September 17, 2007

Jaksyn and Mom just messing around with the camera!

Sept. 16, 2007

PeePs and I decided to mess around with the camera!

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Sports Day

Sept. 15, 2007

DCar's first soccer game! He had so much fun.
They play 3 on 3 and there is 6 on one team so the kids
get a lot of playing time! I am so proud of DCar. I told
him that we would pay him for each goal he made! So he
made 4 GOALS!!! Sweet! He was worn out, but loved
it! I am going to put some video of him playing later so look
for the links later!

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Haylee's Volleyball

September 15, 2007

After DCar's Soccer game we went to see Hay Play some Volleyball!

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Thursday, September 13, 2007


DCar and the other boy cousins with Kent and MountainSport Man
went fishing! They all caught one or two fish, but Kyler's was the
biggest! (Picture below)

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MountainSport Man's Family Kampout 2007 Maplegrove

Sept. 7, 8, and 9 2007

Grandma Viv have a homemade rootbeer made by the Kreg Family
Friday evening just settling in!

Nothing like sitting around the campfire! Making everything you are
wearing smell like SMOKE~but it is fun to talk and catch up! Can you believe that
we did not once make smores? What???

DCar striking a pose!

Beau needed to put one down to relax before a weekend
full of cousins!
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Crafts, bathroom breaks, and injuries...

Always exciting at the MountainSport Man's Family Kampout...

PeePs and I needed a bathroom break!

Karly, PeePs, Hay holding Beau! Cute girls!

DCar somehow has gotten hurt the last two years...each time
it dealt with a bike-Katy too...hmmm...that gravel is tricky!

We did magnet board crafts and these bucket stools for the kids!
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Katy playing Lighting Reaction!!


Just Hangin'

MountainSport Man's Family Kampout...

Kyler and PeePs showing some moves!

Kalli and Grandma Bib love the shirts!

Who's Cha??? :)

Apparently Beau didn't want her picture taken!
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VIDEO: PeePs, Beau, and Kent Shake your Groove Thing

Munching and Snacking...

On saturday during our campout we always skip lunch, but
most of us snack our hearts out and usually have little
or no room for dinner...oh...but the snacks are so good!

PeePs loves her cheetos!

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Dirty Faces, Eating, and Pictionary!

Sept. 8, 2007 MountainSport Man's Family Kampout

PeePs and Beau liked the dirt!

Alesha, Kaela, and I had a potato peeling race...Kaela and I
against Alesha-We didn't stand a chance!

We had fun playing pictionary! Somehow we ended up
tying! hmmm....

Can never start to early when becoming a Cheerleader!
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PeeP's Challenge

Sept. 4, 2007

While we were at DCar's Soccer Practice PeePs was playing on the playground! Well I look over and she attempting to cross that chain thing (picture below)...My heart skipped a beat. It took her 3 tries to get all the way across, I was terrified the first time she fell, but she caught her self and climbed back up and tried again until she got across. The first picture is of her almost across and the second picture is her after she got done and was sitting down. It was a little hot outside if you couldn't tell!!!

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Kreg and MountainSport Man Boxing-watch, laugh, and enjoy!

Labor Day WII Challenge!

September 3, 2007
The Kreg family came over for a BBQ at our house! We ended up
playing some WII sports and also played some Family Feud! Is a tomato a fruit
or vegetable??? Hmmm...somebody please let us know!!! :) Make sure
to watch the link of Kreg playing some boxing with MountainSport FUNNY!

Mindy and Hay were crying laughing!

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The Wright sisters run the 5K!

September 1, 2007
So Suns Fan #2 calls Dance Master and I up and convinces us to run a 5k with her...okay so it is only 3.10 miles. I thought well I'll do it if Dance Master will...let's face it I knew Dance Master wouldn't go for it...but she did and so we all entered the race! We trained the best way each of us knew how and before we knew was race day!!! (Also the day of Maria Dopp's the way you looked beautiful!!! Congrats! All the Nelson girls looked gorgeous!) Anyway...these pictures are of the race!

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