Saturday, May 31, 2008

MeMe's-3 in one!!!

I have been tagged 3 times. So I bunched them all together and did 3 Meme's in one post!'s long! I am not going to tag anyone else! Then I am claiming MEME strike for awhile...these things take a long time because my brain can't remember yesterday!

There will be three sets of questions from three different MEME's. The first one is a Mom MEME, the second one is a High School Flashback MEME, and the third is a LIST 3 Things MEME...I ran out towards the end of the List 3 Things, but you'll know!

1. Typically, what time do you wake up? If I have to work...3:15am, If it's a stay with kids day...when they wake up, luckily it's usually 9:00-or 9:30 am!
1. If you could go back and tell your teenage self one thing, what would it be? Don't worry so much about what people will think. Do what makes you happiest!
1. List 3 Joys: MountainSport Man, Dcar, and PeePs

2. How long have you been a mommy? 6 years How old were you when you became a mom? 23Years old!
2. Did you do any extra curricular activities in high school? I was on the Drill Team, Jetettes. Health and Safety Council, High School Plays, Tech Crew for those Plays (I was the Wolf's Paw in, INTO THE WOODS---Yea, I was a BIG star!) The rest of my time was spent dancing...couldn't be involved in too much more!!!
2. List 3 Fears: Dying before my Husband. One of my children dying before me. Not living a good enough life to get into Heaven.

3. What is your favorite kids T.V show? Dora the Explorer, Signing Time, MickeyMouse Club House. What is your least favorite kids T.V. Show? Barney, Elmo, Gabba-Gabba-Abba or something like that!
3. What did you do with your free time in HIGH SCHOOL? Free Time? Hahahaha! Like I EVER had free time! But in the rare case that I did...baked cookies, read, chatted online, read, hung out with friends, read, Played games with my family, oh and READ!!!
3. List 3 Goals: To be a better Mother. To Be a better Wife. To Learn more about Christ and his Teachings!

4. What is your favorite chore? Is that a question worth answering? I hate all chores!What is your favorite meal to cook? Chicken Enchiladas What meal do you cook most often? Spaghetti or Manicotti! What is your kids favorite meal? Pancakes.

4. What was the craziest thing you did in high school? Let me be honest. I was hardly CRAZY in that sense. I would skip classes, but only when I was ahead and I had called my Mom for approval first. McKenzie and I did a lot of crazy things, like go to lunch and split a 20 piece of Chicken McNuggets when they were gross, except we LOVED them...ya know, when they grinded everything up regardless of what it was and deep fried it...before the All White Chicken and before the 30 days experiment called SUPER SIZE IT. We were dangerous!
4. List 3 Obsessions/collections: Blogging, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, Reading romance books...that's right, don't judge me!

5. What is your favorite thing your husband does with your kids? Everything he does I love. He is such an incredible Dad. With Dcar I love when he goes snowboarding and skateboarding with him. With PeePs, I love when he does girly things with her! What are 5 things that make you smile when you’re being a mom? When my kids laugh, when they call my name to love them when they are hurt, when they want to help me cook, when they copy things that I do but I don't realize I do until they copy me, when they dance!
5. Did you have a boyfriend in high school? No...didn't want to be tied down...for real, I was approached but always laughed it off!
5. List 3 Random surprising facts about myself: I don't like massages...I'm always so tense they hurt me! I have memory loss I swear because I have the hardest time remembering experiences, any experiences...People will say, REMEMBER WHEN, and to be I can't! I have never lived outside of Utah...wish I had, to grow and be a better human being, but I haven't!!! That is why I travel so much!

6. If you could take your kids anywhere, where would it be? DisneyWORLD and/or the Nickelodeon Studios place in Florida. When was the last time you went out without your kids? Last night What is your favorite pastime/activity to do with your kids? Travel!6. Songs that come to mind from High School? Macerena, Because you loved me-Celine Dione, Foolish Games by Jewel, and Say you'll be there by Spice Girls

7. Name one thing you said you would never say as a mother? I had you so that you could serve me and be my slave! Name something you do, that your own mom did? Read on her bed while chomping her gum!
7. If you could change one thing, what would it be? The only thing really I wish I could change is just worrying about what people thought and letting that effect my actions.

8. What is your favorite kids book? I love all the kids books that I buy—I have hundreds...but I love “Guess How Much I Love You”. What is your favorite advice for new moms? Sleep whenever you can so you can enjoy more of what they do...instead of being grouchy because you don't have enough sleep!!! What is your most heartbreaking moment as a mom? When I have to discipline them. What is your most joyful moment being a mom? When they tell me they love me!

8. What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a paralegal because I loved searching for things and figuring them out or proving someone wrong with proof! Or write books, become an author.

9. When was the last time you told one of your kids you loved them? Last night! When was the last time you were told? Last Night!
9. Picture of self in High School...

This is my Senior Picture...and yes that is chipped nail polish!

Now I'm on Tagged/MEME strike! Love ya all! Shelle

Thursday, May 29, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Week 2

After reading the new book by Stephenie Meyers called, "The Host", and putting a load of laundry in...I decided to be active and take my kids to the city pool. I squeezed into my new Hapari swimming suit, which I love, I wished it had a better body to adorn, but I love it nonetheless...It does make me feel like the shiz when I wear it!

Anyhow, I rushed home to get dinner ready so that it would be done before my husband and I went out on the town to scope out good photography spots! You thought I was going to say that I wanted to have dinner done before So You Think You Can Dance came on...silly people...That is why I have DVR!

Driving around was fun and the scenery is just beautiful where I live...I scoped out some fun places to take pictures and we lost our light so we headed home. I was like a little girl waiting to eat her first piece of chocolate cake anticipating tonights second night of SYTYCD.

So you will understand my going postal on my TV when I find out that our Dish Network was "experiencing technical difficulties" one hour of the 2 hour recorded show! That's right...I missed the first city tonight! I was SOOOOO my mind I was jumping up and down screaming and stomping like a teenager because I missed even a second of my favorite reality TV obsession!

The lady with the gray pants and the black shirt from SLC, UT should stick to her acting career or financial consulting...the mom with her four kids, I applaud your bravery, but you need to take a break from the kiddo's when you try out on National Television...just putting it out there! I know people don't agree with me or think I am very rude, but if you actually watch the would know how good you need to be--yes, yes, I know they put some of the people on there for the "Television" aspect of I'll shut up! I actually thought the guy that graduated from Juilliard in 3 years was amazing...yea he dances like a girl, but he is incredible! I understand why they didn't take him, his personality, but he IS an amazing dancer...just calling it like I see it, his dancing flowed so well into his acro-gymnastics! There is SO much more I could say, but I'll save it!

But here are my absolute favorites from the two days!

I loved this girl...I felt the same way with my older sister that this girl felt about her do put a lot of pressure on yourself...hers is by far on a grander scale, but DANG my sister is amazing and is recognized a lot for it!

She was so great! I also related to her, except I never did ballroom, which I totally regret now!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

1991-1992 FlashBack!!!

I know you LOVE these flash backs as much as I LOVE re-living them!!! :)

Now I warn you that you were my friend before you see these flashbacks...that you can't back out on me now...that you laugh and move on! But I wouldn't be eating anything if I were you! Now that I have warned you...I am going to relate a few stories and questions with these pictures...

I have to tell this story because I couldn't believe that we actually HAVE a picture of this car. This was Dance Masta's Car (my older sister). When she had this car she lived in Las Vegas, NV. She would drive back and forth at gut wrenching do I know this? I had the fear for my life pleasure of traveling in this said car to Las Vegas. I remember specifically my life flashing before my eyes and thinking that I hadn't done enough good in the world yet to die! I still haven't, but that is beside the point.

The story about this car is that my sister owned it, but my Dad had made a deal with her that he would either pay part of it, or all of it...I'm not sure of the specifics...anyhow, the car wasn't getting paid...we were going through a bit a of a stiff with money (not unusual) and I think either my sister had forgotten to pay the payment, or my Dad had...either way...

Christmas Eve of 1990, I believe, we had been out on our annual "Lights, Temple, and Nativity Tour". We have these traditions, which I will someday tell you in more detail, but one of them is opening new pajamas (I hope they were new...) from our parents. Then we would proceed to pile in a car and drive around and look at lights, stop by the temple to take pictures...yes we had our pajama's on...while looking at the Nativity that was set up in the middle of the Temple grounds. Totally fun as a kid, totally embarrassing as a teenager!

We get back from our TOUR and the bushes on the left side of our house looked like someone had bull-dozed over them. We were all shocked...wondering what in the world happened. We couldn't figure it Dad was totally upset about the bushes until the light bulb went off in someone's head...who's? I don't remember...but someone then realized that the YELLOW PLYMOUTH was gone! First reaction is that someone had stolen it...we were frantic and ready to call the police... until the other light bulb went off...they had REPOSSESED the car!

Let me just say...I will never forget that Christmas...I thought that it would totally kill the Christmas mood, that we would be in for utter depression on the part of my sister and parents...but the coolest thing about my family is, that in situations like this, where most people would flip and be irrational...we go crazy...we laugh, we make fun of ourselves, and we turn a situation that could ruin the rest of a holiday and make it into the funniest thing to ever happen to us!

But I wonder why we kept the picture of the car...

This picture goes along with the picture below...but I had to say that this is what a wore for a parade. I was in band, played the flute, and YES those pants are pegged...thought you would love that...and see the perfect 3rd on to understand why I stood like that!

These next two pictures I looked at and had to add in here because whenever my Mom took our pictures she was always harping on me to stand like they stand in beauty pageants! It was more slimming...or so she said. To appease her and get the picture taken, I would do it for her!

I could never understand why it was so important...and I always begrudged it just a tad...but there is no getting around my Mom when she has made up her mind!

Then I was going through pictures of my Mom when she was younger and I finally understood...

Her Mom made her do it also...although, I think she enjoyed it...she was a natural beauty queen...but in most of her pictures where she is by herself...she always had her legs like this...and I want you to be aware of it as I flashback now and will see my Mom with her legs like this...even now...

See the back pack on the ground there. These back packs we got from my brother Shane when he was on his LDS mission in New York City. They were pleather and totally cheap...I think they fell apart after the first month of school--I'm sure he bartered for them on Canal street or dug them out of a trash bin behind the apartments of an Italian Family...they just looked old time gansta if you know what I mean.

My mom was so excited that she didn't have to spend money on backpacks that we didn't have a choice in the matter...I pretended to be totally stoked about it also...but I can't tell you how mortified I was when I walked into my Jr. High on the first day of my first time ever attending that just wasn't cool...and yet I lived through it...but am forever scarred!

SideNote: My mom did my hair that I can tell is that it is curled...and I NEVER curled my hair if it was up to me...I don't know why that was the case, but in my mind, it wasn't cool to be girly...why.oh. why did I ever think that...because this next picture resulted....

After getting over the back pack embarrassment and actually feeling like I belonged in that school...I look back on this school picture and the heck anyone ever talked to me? I'm sure I showed up that day for school NOT knowing it was picture day...which makes this all the more confusing...Did I ever do my hair?

I know NOW that my mom was on the better track...that she knew what she was saying when she stated every morning before I walked out the door for school, "I would do you looks a mess!" to which I would run out the door...

Now you did silently promise that you would still be my friend before you read this can't go back now!

Song I wish I could play and sing: "Absence of Fear" by Jewel...the pioneer woman is having a giveaway to win a Zune and she asks you to comment on who your favorite artist is, which artist would make you stop in your tracks and listen...who would make you cry at 11:17 pm...Jewel is my artist and even more specifically is this song...has a long story and a lot of meaning behind it for go over to her site and enter the just have to leave a comment on her confessions tab!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


DCar is so cool! He just is...I don't know how that is, seeing how he came from me, but he's cool. What makes him cooler is that he doesn't see it in himself...but people and friends are always telling him so, to which he casually shrugs his shoulders, scrunches up his cute cheeks, and laughs!
I signed him up for a Hip-Hop class taught by a guy here in town. I initially signed him up for the class because I didn't want my kid to be one of those boys at dances in middle school and high school where they just sat by the wall because they were "too cool"...which translates into them not having any rhythm or being scared to get out there.

Not my kid...coming from my genes the boy was going to know how to pick a beat and bust a move...hence the hip hop lessons...because it still allows him to be cool without kids thinking he's a pansy for taking dance lessons!

He's actually loved the class...and would practice moves, such as the "worm" so that he could do more FREESTYLE during was hilarious...his rythmn and beat have a little to be desired but the kids is working on it! :)

This is his outfit or costume if you will...the sweatshirt was ordered at the first of the year...and DCar has sprouted like a weed and it barely fit...they wanted the LOOSE look, but we had to adjust to what we had been given!

This is one of those BY-Chance pictures...he is just way to pretty!!! lol! He wouldn't like me to say that...he likes to be thought of as ruggedly handsome like I call his Dad...but sorry are pretty...if I didn't know you were all this picture I would almost mistake you for a very pretty girl! SUCKA!!!lol!

DCar is the one to the left of the middle line!

An ability DCar DOES get from me is the ability to take himself away from the "REAL" world and daydream. Cocooning inside of himself to fall deeply into his "OWN LITTLE WORLD".

Here DCar is, minding his own business...enjoying his tube that we did not rent, but he somehow ended up with!

Then his friend Tony decides that DCar isn't paying enough attention and needs to be messed with.

Tony is dragging him into the shallow zone where the tube is NOT allowed so that DCar will get whistled at...instead of being a proactive Mom like most of you would be...I decide to keep shooting the camera...secretly I wanted him to get whistled at too...or to see what he would do about the unexpected attack! Look at DCar's eyes...he's slowly coming out of his lethargic, dream-like, state!

Tony is having a bit of trouble getting the tube over the barrier! DCar is using his body to an advantage and taunting Tony saying, "Can't you do better than that Tony? Look no hands!"
Then he gives the classic DCar grin and slowly pulls away...not even a challenge...

And swims blissfully off on his own to get back to what he was doing!

See...he's just COOL!

Remember what I told you I was going to do to retaliate on my Holiday-Day...I was going to go divulge in a HUGE, JUICY, ANGUS BURGER...custom made to my liking...

and I did just that...I turned off the computer, ran upstairs, drooled...and then ran back downstairs because I think of you guys always...I wanted to share in my ecstasy...oh yea I did...I took a picture just for you guys. That tells you how much I care...instead of thinking about my selfish need to eat myself out of my jealous-s-ness state of the Memorial Holiday, I paused to take a picture!

Now I didn't get to eat it was a lot of work opening my mouth that big, and my eyes were way bigger than my stomach...and there is also the small fact that I hate a hefty amount of tater tots and fruit before we sat down to actually eat the burger...but it was YUM!
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Seriously Can't Believe it

May 26, 2008
Did not take the picture above...but let me just tell you my wonderful day...ummm...not! Okay, I LOVE Memorial Day because it's a holiday, which translates into husband having work off and us playing all day together with the kids.
Remember the post below...the WOE IS ME post? Good I had hoped you had forgotten about it. Well remember how I mentioned a little bad habit I have of PROCRASTINATING everything? Yea...everything...MountainSport Man can attest to that!
For my job we are suppose to get Turn Schedules out for the next month at least two weeks out! My job is flexible...I procrastinated as I do...and so I had to get up and go to work on this day, this HOLIDAY, that I get paid for anyway!
I had every good intention of getting up REALLY early and going to work so that I would be done before my family decided to do anything. On Sunday my cute nieces asked if I would take their pictures so their Grandma Viv would have an updated pic of them! So, being how I LOVE my new photography hobby I immediately agreed. I decided that I would be fine...that my work could get done on Monday...there would be no problem!
A couple of hours of happily snapping pictures my battery died...and NO I haven't gotten an extra battery yet. So we ended our session...I seriously could have snapped for much longer...I's a sickness!
Then I HAD to edited some of them pronto...and plus they were excited to see how they turned out! So I spent the rest of the night and into the early morning hours editing and saving the pics to a DVD disk for them!

Here's just one...not bad eh? You can view the rest at my PlushMoments blog...they turned out great! Well at least I think so...

Well as you can probably guess...I got really was like 1 am when I got home...I should have just gone straight to work...but I was I went to sleep with every intention of getting up at 6 am.

I rolled out of bed at 7 something in the morning and headed to work...totally bugged that I couldn't get my lazy self up anyearlier...I must have pressed snooze on my phone but don't I had MSM (my back up alarm) grope, squeeze, and pinch me awake to get me out of bed!

I got to work and dug into it to finish and get the hubs their schedules. Yea, let's just cut this short and say that I worked all day until 4:30 pm while my daughter lay sick in bed, with her Mammy watching her, and my husband and son having an incredible time without me at the lake with his brother and family riding the new Sea Doo's!

I'm going to try and Salvage this Memorial Day by eating away my jealous-s-ness with a big fat Angus Burger! YUM...I'll hopefully burn it off tomorrow!


P.S. Why in the world does BLOGHER (the ads on the upper left hand side of my blog...I give you permisison to click on them as much as you'd like...there is some really cool stuff and you can win things give your pointer finger some decide to post my WOE IS ME article...I write some up beat funny stuff most of the time...that's how I roll...and they choose the Whiny Complainy Post! UGGGHHH! That's what I get I guess.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Woe is Me...1 hour in Heaven=1000 years on Earth

Since it's Sunday I thought I would tell you a little of what I have been struggling with lately.

OKay here it goes...I found out I complain about the stupidest things...trivial and stupid! Not NEW knowledge for those of you that know me well, but those of you that don't...this is a part of me and who I am...

I hate that I do this and catch myself one stupid, whiny, complaint too many! It's annoying, and unfortunate for those around me who have to deal with it on a somewhat consistent basis...I mean, why am I consistent in this? Why couldn't I be consistent in something more productive that could help us out as a family like writing children's books about uplifting or humorous topics or become an influential teacher to help the younger generation? Not in my genetic make-up I guess.

Anyway, I found myself complaining about dumb things like when is our life going to get started...this college hold period is really getting old.

Why I haven't made anything of myself...I know I was put on this earth to become better than I am, yet I tend to stick to being lazy and am one stick short of becoming great :)

All of it because of me and my dumb self doubt...who came up with allowing us to have self doubt...yes it makes one discover more of who they are, I understand that, yet I still hate that I do it...I still hate that I fall to it...I still hate that I am human. I know I want to be better, I know that I want to succeed in being all that I should be...yet, I find myself still being the ultimate procratstinator, still never being on time for things, still letting people down by not fulfilling promises like, "Let's do lunch or dinner" or "let's hang out"...okay so everyone says those things, but I really mean them, I really want to hang out or go to lunch...then I start my work week and I never call! So you wonderful, beautiful, friends...sorry, and hey we REALLY should get together! :)

Then I get on my Google Reader and I read some of my favorite blogs and I end up blog surfing and I hit on posts like this from We are THAT family and realize that I am one of those bloggers that use this blog as a venting session because it is my FREE therapy! I mostly like to laugh and share that with you guys, but every once in a while I realize that I vent...and it feels oh so good, then I feel bad that I DON'T feel bad for letting it all out there in BLOG world. Then I hope that I am NOT making a bad impact!

I also read this post and felt like a failure as a blogger...okay I don't...I may not get 30, 60, or even 100+ comments (I've topped out at like 11 whoo-hoo) but I have the best of friends and blog stalkers who read my blog and they comment, or I see them around and we laugh at my ridiculous overly dedicated obsession to blogging! hahaha!

Okay I'm getting off track...what I wanted to say is that I was feeling sorry for myself...and having a pity party, by myself, people tend not to want to join me...go figure...anyhow, I was having a Woe is Me moment and then I find this...on the recent earth quake in China:

and I instantly slap, 1-2 punch, and drop kick myself. What an ungrateful person I am...I am so ignorant...which to those of you who know me, know that I am okay with this. I don't like to dwell on sorrow and pain. let alone hear about it, so I don't DVR the news if you catch my drift...

I KNOW that there is life after this earth...that we are here to complete a test...that we will return to our Father in Heaven...I am grateful for this knowledge...

There is nothing like being reminded of what we have. Of being grateful for our husband reminded me that these parents and families in China who lost a child would be grieving their ONLY child because they are restricted on the amount of children they can have!

WOW...This is why I remain ignorant, it hurts my heart and feels me with remorse when I hear about things like this...for one who likes to remain light and upbeat, this is always an unwelcomed feeling...but on the other hand, on some days it's good to the other day at my pity party...these images and this news, were a buzz kill for my party, thank goodness it ended early!

It also reminded me to remain on a path in life that, when I am taken from this earth, I am ready to meet my Father in Heaven! I have recently had one of those ah-ha moments...where something you have heard many times finally clicks.

I have heard so many times...An hour up in heaven is equal to a thousand years on Earth. I started thinking, which is really dangerous, We live on average, what? 75 years. So we are gone from HIM (Our Father in Heaven) for...ummm...what? 5 minutes...maybe 10? I don't want to not be prepared if an earth quake comes along and takes me to meet HIM and HE says, "What? You couldn't be good for 5 minutes Shelle?" and then get the LOOK...the one I give my kids when I say the same thing to them! I want to be ready...I want to be better...I want to be like those of you who I look to as examples of what I want to become!

That's it...something different than I usually post...but like I said I use this blog not only for journaling and humor but also for Therapy! I yinged and I yanged about posting my feelings, which is why it is so last week news...but Wow...I feel better, thanks for listening!

I'm getting a dry spell of emails coming in about funny kids...I know you have them in your own home or know someone who does...or saw some at the local grocery store...

Have a funny kid story or an ahhhh cute moment? Write it as a comment or email me at and I will post them. You can remain anonymous or I can link you in!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Drama for the Mama almost 3 year olds

I know that it seems like I am always taking pictures of my almost 3 year old little girl...okay it doesn't seem...I am, literally taking pics of my little girl all the time! I also blog about her quite often because basically, she is my constant companion when I am not at work! Her world is wholly centered around me and what I can offer her in a day to amuse and entertain her!

Which is completely scary right?

With DCar...he's chill...I almost forgot he was around or existed when I was a stay at home Mom...okay not true...but I was trying to get your extremely smart brains to really get the difference of my two children...

DCar=chill, easy-going, NO terrible two's, 99% happy, and has always been able to entertain himself!

PeePs=fast to anger, frustration, yet fast to happy, content...screams when she doesn't get her way...makes up excuses of why she screams, "DCar touched my arm and now my belly hurts!" She can sleep longer than any bear during hibernation...nasty when she wakes up...yet she cuddles and says,"Mom, I wuv you" more than my husband and DCar put together!!! She like to got shopping and loves to try on every shoe available to her at her height range...yet will scream bloody murder if you try and move her away from said shoes...
(sidenote: people have stared at me while I have hefted her up and over my shoulder or into the basket to continue shopping...I'm surprised I haven't been called in for stealing a child, or that PeePs hasn't caught on to the fact that she can yell, "Don't take Me" and instantly someone Good Samaritan will save the day...Heaven Save Me if she EVER figures that one out!)
I'll give her credit and say that she DOES find creative ways to entertain herself...all of which end up making me get off my bum to clean it up or help her with this or's tough let me tell ya, especially when I am trying to work on my short stories (soon to be posted here on this blog for all of you to be my critics!!!)

So to say the least...the girl puts me through an emotional rollercoaster...where one minute I am wanting to rip my hair out, bury myself in my huge mound of laundry, and curl into a ball to sleep away my years of breeding and raising over joyed for the very fact that she brings layers to my life, makes me laugh out loud, and I can't help but feel extremely blessed that she chose me or I chose her to be her guardian and earthly example...

With all of this said....

Here is my PeePs...playing with her Dad in the water, showing off her slight flexibility and loving the attention of her most favorite person! She is happy...she is content...she is enjoying life.

Then we get out of the pool..."It's time to go PeePs, we have to get home..."
(I had innocently thought that my legs didn't need sunscreen, even though they are whiter then an albino's. What could be so harmful as 20 little minutes on front and back? It's like child labor on your brain...with time--fall, winter, and spring--my mind forgets that I burn REALLY easily...I was burned, toasted, fried...and it was already showing...which meant; get home pronto, rub aloe vera in skin for hours, take a shower, then repeat aloe vera rub, until sting and burn goes away...I.HAD.TO.GET.HOME)

PeePs decides, after we pull her out of the water and drag her to where our stuff was, that her "belwee hurts"...she can't leave.

See her can I not let her stay you say? and learn and learn...don't let the dramatics fool you. PeePs is extremely good at her dramatics, their believable to the naked eye, but I have caught on to her rythmn--I know the trick to pull her out of her achingly, painful, and tortuous belly ache...let me, LISTEN, and learn...

"Hey PeePs, we are going to Wendy's to get a vanilla frosty, but only happy smiling faces, with no belly aches get one...DCar do you think PeePs will be able to get a COLD Vanilla Frosty with us? I don't know DCar, she says she has a belly ache..."

And Voi-la ladies and gentleman...she is healed...
Have a funny kid story or an ahhhh cute moment? Write it as a comment or email me at and I will post them. You can remain anonymous or I can link you in!
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SYTYCD Premiere...Thoughts?

Okay, so I sat for two hours completely immobile, which is to no ones amazement...extremely easy for watch the premiere of MY favorite REALITY TV series (I DVR'd it, so it wasn't quite two hours)! So You Think You Can Dance!

This week is was audtions in LA...and "SEX" was back. If you don't know who that is then you haven't been an avid watcher like myself. He really is not worth video space on this post, but I mention him because its amazing what one person will do to themselves to get on TV, and because he's...well...gross (you can youtube him and put sex and so you think you can dance as your search terms)! Sorry, it's true though, unless you are into that, and NOT that I mind or judge you in front of your face, just don't let me know. Even though I would put on a smiling face for you, I would definitely judge you in my mind! lol...I kid...sort of

So here are my favorites from LA in case you were interested, which I'm sure you are not...but in case you are!

This guy is so good at what he does...he's a contortionist/popper...and he's amazing! He was MountainSport Man's favorite of the night.

Yes, MSM watches with me. I thought it was because he wanted to spend time with me and enjoy what I enjoy, like when I watch his old martial arts, he HAS to watch it because the ladies at his work, (he works with only ladies...he's the only guy) and they talk about the show and he doesn't like to NOT know what is going on...

so thanks to MSM's co-workers!!! :)

Since I love all things contemporary...I would much rather choreograph a lyrical than a fast jazz or character...I loved this girl from last night! Soccer and Dance...a girl from my heart...she actually reminds me of Lauren from last season...the energy and personality! Watch their exits after they get their tickets to Vegas!

Now here's Lauren from last years auditions:

***Have a funny kid story or an ahhhh cute moment? Write it as a comment or email me at and I will post them. You can remain anonymous or I can link you in!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sad...but true

May 22, 2008

No WORDLESS WEDNESDAY because I had extremely important things to do when I got home from my 12 hour day of eat--#1, and watch Dancing with the Stars FINALE--totally knew Kristie was going to take it from the get go...#2, and Finale of American Idol with the David' you see why I couldn't make the post...

then today DCar's Kindergarten graduation...which I will post of later, of course, and Results show for American Idol-Yea for David Cook--either one I was happy with!

Plus I had to catch up on all of your blogs...and I laughed, snorted, tried to breathe, laughed some more, almost fainted from loss of air, laughed...some where sad or had meaning...and my heart was with you, or you were angry and frustrated and I was right there on your boat, behind you on the venting podium--when I got overwhelmed with all the serious, frustrated, and sad...I jumped over to the ones that made me laugh again...I had so much fun blog surfing today if you couldn't didn't have time to work on MY blog...but now I do...


My mother...who is suppose to love me unconditionally, with all of my unique quirks, think about it...she had a hand in the way I turned out, but yet I see her not taking too much responsibility for it.

I wandered over to her blog and read this that she wrote about her Favorite Middle Child...can you believe the nerve?

She is lucky I deseperately need to live in her basement right now or I would give her a piece of my mind... :) Here's what she wrote:

L to R: PeePs, MountainSport Man, Shelle, & DCar. This is TRULY a MIRACLE for them to be EARLY to church!!! Shelle has developed the ROBINSON/WRIGHT ability to be late to church to a NEW LEVEL!!!

Every Sunday, Grandma M. calls me to ask if I am going to Church! Every Sunday, I tell her, "Where else would I go?" Then she asks if Shelle's Family is coming? I tell her, "Yes!" She then asks if they will be coming early and I LIE and say, "They will TRY!" I hope the Lord knows that I tell her that so she won't get upset! I know that they will be late but I am trying to save her sanity! Ha! Ha! I LOVE THEM!!

Sad thing about all of that is, it is totally true...I'm ashamed, really I am, but yet it doesn't seem to phase me come church time...oh well...I feel I am doing great if we make it to partake of the sacrament...that's most important right?

She posted this picture with takes time to look like this...see PeePs' curly sue hair...perfection takes time..ya know? lol!


So I told you about PeePs' Mini Chef Class...well here she is with some girls in her class...She wouldn't stand straight and still. The teacher kept saying, "PeePs, turn straight so your Grandma can take your picture" ( I was at work) and she said, "I no wanna stand that way I stand like this!"--oh that girl can be frustrating!

Pose it up PeePs...look how obedient the other girls would that be?

The other girls gave they joined in PeePs fun! So does that mean she was born to be a leader??? I hope that is what she has going for loves that "k-whass"!!!

Some times you do things for your kids and you are not sure if they are going to hate you forever for making them do it or they will cling on to it with joy on their faces and happiness in their hearts...okay a little OVER dramatic...but this class makes her happy and she likes yea...I patted myself on my back and chalked one up for being a FUN mom!!!

What do you have your kids doing this summer?

So far for me...I have swimming lessons, soccer and skateboarding camp, mini chef classes, cartoon drawing class, reading time...oh and lots, and lots of play time!
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

TimeLess Tuesday

May 20, 2008

A lot of COOL people have Flashback Friday...and I might go ahead and do that when I get cool...but I thought, what is more timeless than a picture? I know, as much as anyone that grew up in the 80's-- early 90's, that TIMELESS brings on a whole new meaning! What better way to blackmail someone than to capture them in a picture, especially if they grew up in the time era that I did!

Let's face it...our parents generation was classic and brought about a lot of our free thinkers if you will, but it started going downhill about the 70's...but then they make sitcoms like "That 70's Show" and it makes that era cool...and I'm all for the 80's movies back in the day...but come on, that generation will never be CLASSY,'s just how it is...but it makes looking back at pictures more fun, it brings joy to ones life by looking back and seeing how ridiculous we dressed and looked! I love it, and I have tons, if not gargantuous amounts of humiliating, yet funny, pictures of me growing up...

You may want to bring a trash can by your side...just in case...and especially if you are pregnant and prone to morning sickness...these images may disturb you and you may want to skip my Timeless Tuesday posts from now on...because I feel a need to document my upbringing...pointing out the good and the bad...
I mean...
What's a blog for, if not for journaling?

As much as I aspire to make millions off my blog so that I can sit and enjoy hours of computer time without feeling guilty, I understand that I am just not THAT interesting, yet, I still have hope. I understand that I don't live on a REALLY cool cattle ranch to document raising cattle and kids, or have a romantic love story like her; nor do I have crazy writing skills, like extremely good and funny, and a grudge against a certain religion which is to remain unamed, to write about (okay not sure if she has a grudge, but she is not for the religion by any means) as she does...
I know, I am just plain envious...
so I have decided that I will document my past, at LEAST once a week with really bad pictures, some good, of growing up; and the fun, scary, and humiliating experiences that come along with them! At least for my TimeLess Tuesday's, and when I'm cool, I'll throw in a FlashBack Friday...but I want to try and make that a VIDEO FlashBack Friday, because I also have A LOT of mom LOVED camera's!

Just remember when looking at these photos that this was the year of our LORD 1990 and I can't be blamed for things my Mom introduced to me as COOL! In other words, I didn't have a mom bought my clothes...LOVE YOU MOM!

This picture above is of Dance Masta, Suns Fan #2, and sisters...we were told to do a jazz number. Dance Masta made it up, and my younger sister and I had got to do it and perform it with her.

Let's just say, on average, that I tended to blank when out on the Dance Floor...and...if my body hadn't memorized the steps so that it could go into shut down mode...I always, always, messed everything up! Either by cracking up in the middle of the dance, because that's what I do, laugh at the most awkward times...or I would literally mess up by falling on my face, missing a step, or all together walking the wrong way...but that is NOTHING compared to me having to wear BIKER shorts, with my bangs feathered, and a pre-camel toe coming's embarrassin', and yet, I thought, at the time, that I was the coolest thing EV-A because I got to dance with my Older Sister...(Not my younger one because at that time in my life she was just plain annoying!) :)

This is Easter of 1990...and as you can see we ALL got swimming suits for EASTER. Where I grew up it was warm enough to go outside and swim or LAYOUT! I want you to look really close at the washed out perm I had and don't miss my "knocked knees", I wasn't cool like my older brother and sister who had space between their knees and where slightly bull, I was BLESSED with my knees hitting before my ankles... and note: when I was "in charge" of my hair forget about the feathering...I tried to phase it out slowly so I didn't hurt my Mom's feelings.

Having middle child is a syndrome you know, lots better people would go to counseling for it, but not me, I thrive on all that comes with being a middle child and as you can see from this picture...if I could step slightly away from the group to stand out, (seeing I had a chance), I would take it! lol!
Note: The shorts up to my waste...and the modesty preserved by the length no shorter than 6 inches above me knee! Again with the NO FEATHER approach on the bangs...I was letting them grow out...but it brought about another evil, that of me never looking like I did ANYTHING with my hair!

On another Note...I want to reinforce the talent that is coming out of our great state of Utah by this interview with Nigel Lythgoe!

And check out what they got during auditions in Salt Lake City, UT for "So You Think You Can Dance" which premiere's this THURSDAY don't miss it...if you do, then check back here because I will definitely be giving a voice to most, if not every, is my ALL TIME favorite Reality TV Show to watch...and I sit like a fly on a garbage can waiting for it every week when it's on!!!

Song I wish I could play on the guitar and sing too, "Where I stood" by Missy Higgins
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Great Grandma M., PeePs, and Church

May 18, 2008
Note/Update: MountainSport Man actually read my recent post about him...SHOCKER...because the guy hates to read anything over 2 paragraphs...he'd rather just look at's not that he's not smart...just the's that he would rather fill his time up with other things. Pictures is a quick fix and he can get the gist of the story.
Seeing how the post was about him, I guess he took the time to read it, because on Wednesday, before I left to fly up North for my GNO, MountainSport Man said, "Thanks for making me sound like a jerk on your blog"...
I was like, "Well the truth hurts mister!" no, I kid
what I really said was,
"Oh, I didn't mean for it to make you sound like a jerk, I was trying to get the point across that we both have different ways that we want to be loved and we love each other the way we want and not the way the other wants..."
He rolled his eyes and said, "well it still sounded like I was a big jerk, regardless of what you meant by it" then he nuzzled my neck, kissed my ear, then my cheek, and then my lips, and said, "I don't care...I know I'm not Mr. Sensitive" then he laughed.
After I caught my breath I said...
well never mind that...
my point is...
my husband is NOT a jerk...he's kind, does a lot of things for me, is an incredible father, and is getting better at loving me the way I want to be's a work in progress...and to be completely honest...I pretty much SUCK at loving him the way he would like...massages, scratching the back, and impromptu, always on the mind, guy stuff! But this blog is written solely by it's centered around ME, which is why I am obsessed OVERLY DEDICATED to it!
Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:
Every Sunday we get ourselves up, MountainSport Man being the sprite he is in the morning is usually up before any of us...although, DCar, sometimes is up at the crack of dawn like his Dad!
MSM begins the morning by making breakfast for's usually pancakes and they usually have some sort of food coloring in them...and he usually has pancake art out of more than one pancake, such as, Mickey Mouse, spiders, and snakes--Oh My! Sorry couldn't resist.
If I manage to wake my over tired body up at the same time as my husband, I get a say in breakfast, and I usually demand request French Toast! Since that is very rare, we usually end up with pancakes and over easy eggs.
Then we get ready for church. We shower, rush around like chickens with our heads cutt off, and run, trip, stumble, push, and shove, our way out to the car with "Church Bag" in tow (church bag: filled with silent things to play with or do during church...books, coloring, figurines...oh and snacks...lots of snacks...for the little ones of course, and an extra pair of underwear for PeePs, just in case!)
The kids leave with Mammy and Bampa because I am usually the last one getting hair takes longer...and my attention is always pulled here and there, so it seems that I am never ready when it's time to go. OKay, ALL justifications, but that is my story and I'm sticking to it!
MSM and I walk into church usually while they are singing and sit down at the saved sits that my Mom and Grandma have saved, with each kid taking a seat on one of our laps, or squished in right next to us. After opening exercises and sacrament, this is what I usually see, so I had to take a picture of it. I really wish I knew my Great-Grandparents as well as my kids are getting to know theirs! Such a tender sight!

PeePs' Great-Grandma M. drawing with her!

PeePs is looking up at Bampa on the stand.

But not for too long...she is back to watching Great-Grandma...who is an excellent artist!

Every Sunday this is what I get to see...Great-Grandma M. has always brought some extra paper and a pencil, and PeePs usually crawls off my lap after the passing of the sacrament, to sit by her Great-Grandma so they can draw together! So cute!

MSM was totally embarrassed that I whipped out my Verizon Wireless Chocolate phone to snap a picture of them...but hey, my mind works in Blog mode...if I see a moment, I want to capture it and share it with all of you!

Do you remember any of your Great Granparents?

Love, Shelle

This happened this morning...I signed PeePs up for a Mini Chef class. It starts at 9:00am. PeePs is my sleeper...if you wake her up before her body alarm goes off then your in for a whiny, very indepedent, and irrational little husband says she reminds him of me...rude...but true...

So I woke her up saying, "PeePs, you get to go to class just like are such a big girl! You have to wake up!"

She stretched and grunted and curled her toes and gave a little whine...then sat up from her "stink bug" position (face turned one way or the other with bum sticking up in air and laying on her knees) and looked at me through her hair over her face and said, "I not got to class Mom, I go swimming first...oh tay?...this is see-wee-us...I go swimming, then I go to c-wass".

I started laughing and said, "No you go to class first, PeePs, now get out of bed so I can get you ready!"

This is where she proceeded to throw herself on her bed, pull her covers over her head, and yelled, "I no get ready...I go swimming...O.TAY. MOM!"

You know I won...and she has gone to her Mini Chef class...but where they heck did she decide that swimming was the activity that HAD to happen first thing today?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

GNO Breath of Fresh Air

May 15, 2008

I was SO lucky to have another Girls Night Out...this time with my friends in West Jordan, or that I met while in my HOUSE...that is not my HOUSE anymore, but my OLD HOUSE now...only that I haven't replaced it with a new one what does that make it? Hmmm...the HOUSE that I lived in before our lives were knocked around and thrown upside down...that house.

I blog stalk my West Jordan Friends daily...unless my husband hides the computer...other than that...a daily blog stalk...I'm in love with their kids...They hang out with me even though they are all a class above me...they inspire me, make me laugh, make me think, make me feel normal, and oh...make me laugh!!! I love I attacked their blogs last month and asked them to meet up with me in May and have some fun together!

Not all of my friends could come...some I'm sure I forgot to invite...and others were busy, but the ones that came...THANKS...I had a blast and you were a breath of fresh air in my everyday ordinary and somewhat crazy life. Oh how I wish I could still go over to her house to watch "Grey's Anatomy" and string my fingers through her daughters incredibly gorgeous hair, which I'm totally envious of, and snort at her husbands dry and sarcastic humor...or carve pumpkins with her and her girls and husband while eating meatball sandwiches...or have a dinner and watch a U of U vs. BYU game while eating really fattening foods with them (and walk around the neighborhood venting to each other) and them! Or laugh with her about the most random events!

But life came at us...handed us an opportunity we couldn't pass up...and the earth, stars, and sun all lined up for us to pack up our secure and comfortable and perfectly blessed lives to venture to the unknown (at least to my husband) and enter in to COLLEGE life once again!

Here's the highlights!

The evening of the 14th I packed up PeePs and I, and we flew up North so that I could attend GNO!...Thursday the 15th started off with sleeping in...aaaahhhh, PeePs is a sleeper...blessing when I want to sleep, curse when I need to get somewhere in the morning...KT and I packed our kids up and went to the park...this shot was PeePs acting like her usual FUN self...

KT and PeePs...this shot was taken while KT was showing Beau (her daughter) how to do a cheek to cheek shot!

Knox...just waking around minding his business...and yes...he has a binky for every outfit!

PeePs and Beau...laughing at something I can't remember...probably me...I'm probably pulling and absurd face so they will both smile at the same time!

PeePs and I...two peas from the same pod as far as personality goes, curse my independence!

Beau...just because she's adorable and has the most beautiful color of hair!

Well at 4:30 pm it was Pedicure time and Kels, Minds, and Di came to enjoy in the fun...we had fun lauging at everything and, of course, we talked about blogging! Can't seem to have anything else on my mind...ha! Kels is so beautiful...but that is not the half of it...she is more beautiful once you get to know her because her beauty shines from within...I know how that sounds but it is honestly true!
Di...she is pregnant and you can hardly tell...she has such a beauty about her...and her skin is incredible...can you tell I'm envious...well, I am...I have a red head complexion as far as skin I have to work to get DI's natural skin tone it's hopeless to have such natural beauty as far as skin goes!

Minds...I kept blurring out her face with my camera and finally got one in...Never a boring moment with Minds...always something to talk about with her!

Final result...Yes all my toes look like fingers and practically all the same length except for the little one...but I still love them...they look nice all pedicured up!

L to R: Minds, Me, Dels, Apes, Kels, and Di...all eating at the Cheesecake Factory...that's right read and was de-lish...we caught up on all Reality TV and, yet again, blogging! Then we got crazy and attended an impromptu, last minute, movie...

Perfectly fitting and SO funny!!!

THANKS, THANKS, AND THANKS girls...I definitely enjoyed myself, for those I forgot to invite I'm sorry and definitely next time, WE MISSED YOU...for those who couldn't make it, WE MISSED YOU TOO!

What would be your favorite thing to do with your friends if you had a night out with them? Give me some ideas for next time!

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