Wednesday, May 28, 2008

1991-1992 FlashBack!!!

I know you LOVE these flash backs as much as I LOVE re-living them!!! :)

Now I warn you that you were my friend before you see these flashbacks...that you can't back out on me now...that you laugh and move on! But I wouldn't be eating anything if I were you! Now that I have warned you...I am going to relate a few stories and questions with these pictures...

I have to tell this story because I couldn't believe that we actually HAVE a picture of this car. This was Dance Masta's Car (my older sister). When she had this car she lived in Las Vegas, NV. She would drive back and forth at gut wrenching do I know this? I had the fear for my life pleasure of traveling in this said car to Las Vegas. I remember specifically my life flashing before my eyes and thinking that I hadn't done enough good in the world yet to die! I still haven't, but that is beside the point.

The story about this car is that my sister owned it, but my Dad had made a deal with her that he would either pay part of it, or all of it...I'm not sure of the specifics...anyhow, the car wasn't getting paid...we were going through a bit a of a stiff with money (not unusual) and I think either my sister had forgotten to pay the payment, or my Dad had...either way...

Christmas Eve of 1990, I believe, we had been out on our annual "Lights, Temple, and Nativity Tour". We have these traditions, which I will someday tell you in more detail, but one of them is opening new pajamas (I hope they were new...) from our parents. Then we would proceed to pile in a car and drive around and look at lights, stop by the temple to take pictures...yes we had our pajama's on...while looking at the Nativity that was set up in the middle of the Temple grounds. Totally fun as a kid, totally embarrassing as a teenager!

We get back from our TOUR and the bushes on the left side of our house looked like someone had bull-dozed over them. We were all shocked...wondering what in the world happened. We couldn't figure it Dad was totally upset about the bushes until the light bulb went off in someone's head...who's? I don't remember...but someone then realized that the YELLOW PLYMOUTH was gone! First reaction is that someone had stolen it...we were frantic and ready to call the police... until the other light bulb went off...they had REPOSSESED the car!

Let me just say...I will never forget that Christmas...I thought that it would totally kill the Christmas mood, that we would be in for utter depression on the part of my sister and parents...but the coolest thing about my family is, that in situations like this, where most people would flip and be irrational...we go crazy...we laugh, we make fun of ourselves, and we turn a situation that could ruin the rest of a holiday and make it into the funniest thing to ever happen to us!

But I wonder why we kept the picture of the car...

This picture goes along with the picture below...but I had to say that this is what a wore for a parade. I was in band, played the flute, and YES those pants are pegged...thought you would love that...and see the perfect 3rd on to understand why I stood like that!

These next two pictures I looked at and had to add in here because whenever my Mom took our pictures she was always harping on me to stand like they stand in beauty pageants! It was more slimming...or so she said. To appease her and get the picture taken, I would do it for her!

I could never understand why it was so important...and I always begrudged it just a tad...but there is no getting around my Mom when she has made up her mind!

Then I was going through pictures of my Mom when she was younger and I finally understood...

Her Mom made her do it also...although, I think she enjoyed it...she was a natural beauty queen...but in most of her pictures where she is by herself...she always had her legs like this...and I want you to be aware of it as I flashback now and will see my Mom with her legs like this...even now...

See the back pack on the ground there. These back packs we got from my brother Shane when he was on his LDS mission in New York City. They were pleather and totally cheap...I think they fell apart after the first month of school--I'm sure he bartered for them on Canal street or dug them out of a trash bin behind the apartments of an Italian Family...they just looked old time gansta if you know what I mean.

My mom was so excited that she didn't have to spend money on backpacks that we didn't have a choice in the matter...I pretended to be totally stoked about it also...but I can't tell you how mortified I was when I walked into my Jr. High on the first day of my first time ever attending that just wasn't cool...and yet I lived through it...but am forever scarred!

SideNote: My mom did my hair that I can tell is that it is curled...and I NEVER curled my hair if it was up to me...I don't know why that was the case, but in my mind, it wasn't cool to be girly...why.oh. why did I ever think that...because this next picture resulted....

After getting over the back pack embarrassment and actually feeling like I belonged in that school...I look back on this school picture and the heck anyone ever talked to me? I'm sure I showed up that day for school NOT knowing it was picture day...which makes this all the more confusing...Did I ever do my hair?

I know NOW that my mom was on the better track...that she knew what she was saying when she stated every morning before I walked out the door for school, "I would do you looks a mess!" to which I would run out the door...

Now you did silently promise that you would still be my friend before you read this can't go back now!

Song I wish I could play and sing: "Absence of Fear" by Jewel...the pioneer woman is having a giveaway to win a Zune and she asks you to comment on who your favorite artist is, which artist would make you stop in your tracks and listen...who would make you cry at 11:17 pm...Jewel is my artist and even more specifically is this song...has a long story and a lot of meaning behind it for go over to her site and enter the just have to leave a comment on her confessions tab!

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